Angle Grinder 5" BOSCH GWS 15-125CIĀ  Model : GWS15-125CI Maximum performance and a high level of user protection. BOSCH AKE40-19S ELECTRIC CHAINSAWBOSCH AKE40-19S Chainsaw- superb performance with Bosch SDS for easy, precise, tool-free changing of the chain. The hammerhead compact laser measuring tool is the world's first laser measuring tool that's compact, accurate, and intuitive.
Circuit Saw MAKITA 5806BCircuit Saw MAKITA 5806B Sawdust and chips hardly ever come near operator.
Long life, high quality aluminium oxide and silicon carbide wheel accurately sharpens drill bits.

Sealey Drill Bit Sharpeners - Sealey SMS2008, A manual drill bit sharpener from Sealey which offers a fast, simple and effective way to sharpen your drill bits.
Easy, quick and precise sharpening for example drills, knives, scissors, chisels, axes, scythes, lawn mowers and a lot more. Either way, you should have the information you need to buy on your new Hand Tools items on this page.
Easily fitted to any electric drill and suitable for all types of Hover and Rotary steel blades. Other features include an integrated rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and micro USB charging port.

It's ideal for interior decorating, remodeling, floor and wall coverings, real estate estimation and appraisal.

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