Battery or petrol?4 good reasons to switch from petrol to Bosch battery for your professional garden tools.
Unbelievable: Did you know that reducing the sound power level by 3db halves the sound power noise emission? Why Bosch battery?The first Bosch series of cordlessgarden tools that meets the needs of professionals. Petrol performance:The unique Bosch battery gives you equivalent performance to petrol-driven tools.
The new Bosch professional battery features innovative ‘cool pack’ temperature management via the aluminium cooling fins. Bosch offers a wide range of tools reflecting the variety of different mowing, trimming, cutting, vacuuming and cleaning jobs all with easy and safe handling and ergonomically shaped ensuring effortless working in the garden.
For the best Bosch prices and delivery options, please call us on 01932 353 232 or visit our showroom in Woodham, Surrey where we will be happy to help and advise you on the best tools and equipment for your garden.
We have a comprehensive garden machinery spare parts department and a fully equipped workshop for lawnmower servicing and carrying out warranty work.

Batterie ou essence ?Quatre bonnes raisons de passer de l'essence a la batterie Bosch pour vos outils de jardin professionnels. Incroyable : savez-vous que baisser le volume sonore de 3 dB reduit de moitie la puissance des emissions de bruit? Les outils de jardin sans fil professionnels Bosch sont moins chers a entretenir que les outils thermiques.
Pourquoi choisir Bosch sans fil?La premiere serie d'outilssans fil qui repond auxexigences professionnelles. Performances des machines thermiques :La batterie Bosch PRO permet une utilisation identique a celle outils thermiques.
La depense constante de grandes quantites d'electricite conduit rapidement a une surchauffe et a l'arret des batteries.
To cut the lawn 1 hour, energy required is 650 ml fuel or 2 battery recharges (= 2 x 216 Wh), cutting conditions: dry grass, height 6-4 cm. To cut 1 hour, energy required is 1 litre fuel or 1 battery recharge (= 216 Wh) Calculated on 200 working days in a calendar year.

6 times the size of a tennis court) in the same time as an equivalent 53 cm petrol lawnmower. Comparaison entre la tondeuse Bosch GRA 53 d’un cote et l’un des principaux fabricant de machines thermiques de l’autre (conditions de coupe : herbe seche, hauteur de coupe comprise entre 6 et 4 cm).
Seul Bosch propose la technologie CoolPack : avec ses ailettes de refroidissement en aluminium, elle transfere la chaleur a l'exterieur de la batterie. High flow rate and powerful pressure together combine in significantly reducing the water consumption when compared to the traditional belt driven pressure washers. In contrast to typical batteries, the cooling of the battery allows for constant higher energy transmission to the motor, as the battery does not easily overheat. Cela permet la transmission constante d'electricite pour une utilisation hautement efficace.

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