Compared to the lowest price I could find for the same components purchased separately, you save $165. I actually came across this deal yesterday, but it slipped from my mind until a reader wrote in about it this morning. It’s a bit messy figuring out the true valuation of this kit, since Bosch offers a couple of other great value L-Boxx and 12V combos. During proofreading, it seemed to me like I was promoting and pushing this combo a bit hard.
Just for the fun of it, I thought I’d break down the cost of the individual components, as they come in this kit. Assuming no one is losing money at these prices, it shows there how much progress has been made in tool engineering and manufacturing cost reductions over the years. It is possible that margins are so slim, or that the tools are even being sold at a loss, in order to attract additional users to Bosch’s 12V compact power tool line and L-Boxx tool storage system.

I’ve been wanting to upgrade to a brushless drill, but I found this kit for $189, with an additional $40 mail-in rebate.
Looking back at past deal posts, this combo kit was priced at $129 back in mid-November 2012. There’s no indication about when the deal price will end or how Amazon is able to price it so low. Bosch's 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 3-Tool Combo Kit is a dream for the handyman looking for a drill and impact combo kit because of the added benefit of having a durable compact radio. But you can think of it this way – the (2) L-boxxes and radio are valued at about $199 by themselves, and the non-L-Boxx PS31 and PS41 combo kit is valued at $169.
ToolGuyd does receive a small commission for any order placed via the above Amazon link, or this one, but that’s not the motivation behind this post.
I have found that transparency is a highly effective motivator for me to keep things in check.

I have a feeling that we’ll see $200 or sub-$200 pricing again once the holiday season rolls in.
The PS41 12-volt max lithium-ion impact driver is small and powerful, meeting a wide variety of professional demands for the jobsite.
In this case, given my exceptionally positive attitude towards the deal, I just wanted to provide an easy go-around in case anyone found my motives to be questionable. The Bosch PB120 12-Volt Compact Radio provides the best combination sound performance, size and weight.
The Bosch CLPK33-120LP 3-Tool Combo Kit includes the LBOXX-1 and L-BOXX-1A with 6-piece exact-fit accessory tray inserts which allows for complete organization, storage and mobility solution for professionals on the go.

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