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While this may not be the absolute best circular saw on the market, it certainly holds its own with other cordless saws out there today. Let me start by saying that this cordless circular saw proved to be exactly what I was looking for, except for the fact that the blade was on the left. When taken out of the box, this best circular saw breed (I regret not buying a kit with the L-Boxx) feels sturdy.
This best circular saw breed has an alignment screw to adjust the angle to an exact 90 degrees.
The baseplate has a guide rail cutout in the bottom and a hose adapter screw hole in the back. I have 2 of the older versions of the saw (ni-cad) but after talking to some of the pros in the forum on the saw, and now hearing your thoughts. If they wanted the battery gauge visible that would mean that either a) the battery had to be mounted sideways, which would ruin ergonomics and balance or b) they would need to create a battery with the gauge on the other side. For the most part, outside of a professional setting, you will likely be hard pressed to deplete if fully, and the Lithium batteries are full power until they die, so there is no performance hit.
For those who expect to kill the battery often enough to need the battery gauge always visible, I suggest a worm drive or plug in sidewinder.
Yesterday I noticed Ryobi is the only one from all the brands that makes a right-bladed 18v cordless saw.

Great review, I haven’t used a battery powered circular saw since I owed a rigid set. It has to be at least a couple of hundred crosscuts of a 2X4, or a few dozen rips of a full plywood sheet. The one comment you made that seems buried for how important it is, would be that you can’t see the battery gauge when the battery is installed.
I’ve built several decks with it and never got my corded saw out, even to cut stairs.
A lot of framing and woodworking had to be done and I kept borrowing table saws, so I wanted a circular saw that would get the job done right. As a “how is the manual” test, I let my wife install the blade (without battery, of course).
I had to consider whether an electric brake was worthwhile, but I really consider it important to have. When sawing certain material you can easily cut slight corners without bending the blade or engaging a kickback reaction.
The versatility and power makes it my number two power tool (my drill being first of course).
The most important thing I know to keeping long battery life and a good cut is a good sharp blade, I prefer the Diablo by Freud.
From a cordless tool perspective, it really is the best circular saw – an excellent and versatile saw with professional features.

When I would trip and fall and drop the saw, the blade would stop almost instantly preventing further disaster. This 0” is very exact, you could place the saw on a table (guard retracted) and the blade would touch the table, but not lean on it.
I’m looking forward to using my saw a little more with some forms and cutting ply with this review in mind. Some of these ideas are not fit for a battery powered saw, but there are a few things that are just plain easy to solve.
For people that don’t have L-Boxx’s, like me, this is an excellent feature to store the saw. It is placed pretty high on the handle, but it accessible both for left-handed as well as right-handed people. Also, I regretted seeing a riving knife on the saw; this feature is more common with high-end saws. It can easily be used for two or three hours straight, depending on operation and application.

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