He was almost through the part of the pipe we want off when he got the angle wrong and he cut through my petrol tank !! So for at least an hour I was stood under my car using as many plastic containers as he had at his garage to get all the leaked fuel into. The annoying this is my mate runs a private local business so he should have known better, thankfully it's all sorted now.
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Bosch GWS7-115 Angle Grinder for 115mm grinding and cutting discs built round a tough 720w motor giving the trade professional grinding and cutting capacity, GWS7-115 Grinders offer one of the smallest grips at only 176mm compared to other 115mm angle grinders in it's class plus the power to weight ratio allowing fatigue free working periods when using these Bosch angle grinders.
The specially developed air inlets ensure optimum motor cooling for longer working life plus the anti-rotation protective guard plus Bosch safety switch ensures controlled switching-on of the machine assures high levels of user protection.
Telephone conversations with the staff before purchase, and after, were done in a very helpful, and polite manner. The driver was very well packed and was delivered very quickly, even though on the webpage it said up to 3 days for delivery, I got my tool next day.

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