The Bosch 5312 is one of the very few compound miter saws out there that has presets for crown, and that means that you can use this saw to add crown and baseboard just about anything with right angles with almost no thinking whatsoever. If you’ve got a straight-forward job cutting thousands of dowels or something like that, this machine is really overkill.
First of all, the Bosch 5312 has a 15-amp motor, which is usual for a 12″ saw, but the difference between this saw and others is that this one generates a whopping 3,800 RPM. The Bosch 5312 uses widely-spaced dual rails to completely eliminate wobble on sliding cuts.
The Bosch 5312 has earned 5 out of 5 stars at Amazon and 4.5 out of 5 stars at other online retailers. You can find the Bosch 5312 for as low as $450 refurbished, but if you’re going to buy new then they cost a little more. The Milwaukee 6955 has superior precision along the length of the entire slide, maintains rpm's under load, and also has a digital miter adjust that will lock in to an angle up to one tenth of a degree.
Experienced contractors who need the best of the best don’t have a lot of models to choose from.
The Milwaukee 6955-20 has so many enhancements that it’s hard to keep track of them all.
One of the features that really makes the Milwaukee 6955-20 stand out from the crowd is the ease and precision with which both miters and bevels can be set. The bevel adjustment, while not digital (which is a little disappointing), is easy to reach from the front of the saw. In the video he talks about not being able to slide the right-hand guide, and that’s why he removed it. There are integrated work lights on the saw as well, one on each side of the blade, that can be turned on or off.
The Milwaukee 6955-20 is a pricey power tool, and only those contractors who need the very best usually go for it. The Milwaukee 6955-20 is a top-of-the-line saw, and prices vary wildly on this model, but Amazon carries it for one of the lowest prices. If your corners are dead-on right angles, just throw a pre-made corner post in there and cut the crown to length. In addition, with the ability to set bevels on either side, doing symmetrical work is a breeze.

You’re working in three planes and having to monitor the length of the piece, side-to-side miter, and bevel tilt. Adjust the bevel with a turning knob and a separate lever lock that engages without bumping your bevel out of place. That’s 10 preset miter detents that require nothing more than a squeeze-slide-release of the swivel handle. It needs little assembly out of the box, and you can haul it around with very convenient side handles.
The only complaint that owners have about this miter saw is that it’s large and heavy.
There are plenty of mid-range models, but there aren’t too many that have really outstanding features that set them apart from the others, or top-notch performance above and beyond what the best mid-range model offers. Every aspect of this model has been designed to be better than standard, and you’ll appreciate the end result.
The locking lever has three positions – all the way up for free angle selection, halfway up for stop selection, and down to lock. The solution to this is to grind off the tab that is preventing the guide from sliding – too easy! There are plenty of features that would put this saw in a class of its own even without the stellar performance. Lots of users prefer these lights rather than lasers because lasers can track as you pull the saw down, cover your pencil marks, and be difficult to adjust.
There’s an adjustable screw that controls cutting depth so you can use your saw for dados, grooves, and rabbets. For a quick pick-me-up without the hassle of painting, wash down the walls and add crown – bam!
Fortunately, the designers at Bosch worked to give this saw one of the easiest user interfaces possible. Additionally, the extensions on either side slide out on dual rails with a quick flick of a lever, also positioned squarely in the front, and the included clamp works on either side of the table. The Milwaukee 6955-20 12-Inch Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw is an exception to that, however. Finally, the side handles have rubber grips for carrying (although at 65 pounds, hauling it back and forth still isn’t going to be a cakewalk).

So even in a cramped work space, you can make all the adjustments you need to make without ever having to reach around. Not only is the base over two feet wide by itself, but the saw also has dual rail sliding extensions with square, steel-plated surfaces that your pieces will glide over.
The tick marks on the miter gauge are even printed on an angle so it’s easy to find positions between whole degrees. This saw not only has superior precision along the length of the entire slide and maintains rpms under load, but it also has a digital miter adjust that will lock in to an angle up to one tenth of a degree over and over again. In addition to the stops, the miter swivel arm has a digital readout that reports the angle precisely to the tenth of the degree.
Milwaukee claims it catches 75% of the dust; customers report anywhere between 50% and 90% (but most are closer to 50%). This allows you to get closer to your material and eyeball your marks better before starting your cut without damaging your stock.
It does have a hole drilled for one, though, so if you already have one on hand, try it out. But there’s a downside, one that strikes fear into the heart of anyone who struggled all the way through high school geometry without ever figuring out how to use a protractor. The miter marker is an easy-to-read red metal arrow on the left of the swivel, rather than a difficult-to-see window in the swivel arm, and it’s adjustable in case your gauge ever gets out of whack. With the extra thought given to these little design considerations, someone on the Bosch design team ought to get a gold star.
The result is a sharp cut with a smooth face and no tear-out, which is absolutely essential for trim work. You could save so much time and frustration – and wasted crown – if it just came with a bunch of preset stops at those tricky little angles that boggle the mind.
You can remove the upper part of the fence entirely, but then you hardly have anything to clamp your work on. With a steady blade speed, your saw is going to slide smoothly with less chance for deflection to either side.

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