Copyright © 2016 Carpal Tunnel Gadgets - Gadgets and Gears for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Electric lawn mowers are increasing in popularity as people become more aware of how gas-powered equipment can produce environmentally harmful emissions. The Black & Decker MM875 Lawn Hog electric lawn mower is an excellent choice for those people who require a reasonably powered lawn mower in an electrically-powered package. If you have a lawn up to a quarter acre in size and you have concerns about the environment, then you should consider this versatile Black & Decker machine. As long as you are prepared for the cord management, the MM875 could be the ideal machine for you and your lawn.
Like most corded electric mowers, the MM875 is best suited for smaller lawns up to a quarter acre in size.
This machine is built to handle fairly flat and debris-free yards, so it is ideal for smaller residential lawns.
The fact that it is able to bag, mulch or discharge is appealing to many users since each function can come in handy depending on the situation.
Even though the included bag is not especially large, it is big enough to handle the clippings from smaller yards. One important feature of this and other electrically-powered mowers is that they run very quietly. Also, the fact that the machine produces no emissions means that it is a valid option for areas with strict emissions regulations. Like most electrically-powered lawn mowers, the Black & Decker MM875 features a 12 amp electric motor. This size is ideal for lawn mowers since it supplies adequate power for grass cutting in an efficient package. Power is supplied to the mower via an extension cord which must be plugged in no further than 100 feet from the machine. Even though you must push the machine, its light weight makes (52 pounds) it easily maneuverable.
The fact that the Black & Decker MM875 is so quiet, easy to start and effortless to operate makes it incredibly simple to use.
However, as long as you operate the machine on relatively flat surfaces and you stay near the electrical outlet, operation of this unit is a breeze.
The deck is made from heavy-duty, but light materials and it is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty against defects or workmanship. It comes with a bag and mulching insert so you can bag or mulch your grass right out of the box.
As long as you are plugged in to an outlet, you will have the power you need to cut your grass and operate this machine’s cutting functions effectively. The power cord is plugged in near the unit’s handle so you can always have access to it. Since cord management is so important, users will be pleased that Black & Decker has engineered this machine to make the process as easy as possible. One advantage of purchasing an electrically-powered lawn mower is the fact that very little assembly is required. Once you remove the MM875 from its box, all you need to do is fold up the handle and tighten it into place. The included grass bag requires some initial assembly, but it only takes a moment to complete. One of the major benefits to owning an electrically-powered push mower is the fact that there is very little maintenance required. Gas-powered mowers require you to change the oil periodically in addition to fueling and they also require tune ups and spark plug changes from time to time.
Of the 502 reviews 240 people gave the MM875 a five star review, with 159 reviewers giving the machine four stars. The positive customer reviews cite the machine’s power and ease of use as major benefits.

Negative reviews seem to indicate that many people are purchasing this machine with higher expectations than it deserves. With the bag empty – cut for about 2-3 minutes, stop the mower, take off the bag, shake the accumulated contents to the rear of the bag and put the bag back on the Lawn Hog.
This is a very affordable lawn mower, but you must be sure you are ready for an electric machine before you buy. Buy the Black & Decker MM875 Lawn Hog 19-Inch electric mulching mower with rear bag at Amazon and you should get free shipping too. What this means in practice is that where you see a link to a product or service, then it is likely that we will be paid a commission if you click on the link and go on to buy a product or service from that provider or take some other positive action (like sign up for further information). For the sake of simplicity, please assume that a link that takes you to a page where you can buy or sign up for a product or service is an affiliate link. Electric Weed Eaters are lightweight, usually cheap and also not limited by fuel or battery life. This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 6th, 2011 at 1:30 pm and is filed under Types. Whether having arthritis, CTS or none at all, everybody hates the moment they come across a jar that won’t open. If you live in an area with noise restrictions, this is a very valuable aspect of the MM875. If you live in California, CARB compliance is a crucial concern, but when you operate a mower like the Black and Decker MM875, you need not concern yourself with such compliance issues. Most users find that the 12 amp motor, while not as powerful as a typical gasoline-powered engine, supplies enough power to cut most grass types. If you want the maximum range, it is recommended to purchase a heavy-duty 12 gauge extension cord. Starting the machine is simple and relatively effortless – all you need to do is plug it in, stand safely behind the unit, engage the starter switch and you are ready to start cutting grass.
Beware that the simplicity of operation will be negated if you attempt to use the mower on terrain too rough for it. All you need to do to adjust the cutting height is squeeze the deck height adjuster and pull up or down.
It is also able to simply discharge the grass clippings with a side discharge chute, which is sold separately. Also, there is a hook located near the plug that prevents the cord from becoming unplugged during use. Users must maintain a sharp cutting blade, plus they should clean the underside of the deck regularly to ensure effective use. The mower comes equipped for bagging and mulching, but you must purchase the side discharge attachment to discharge the grass to the side. Reviewers love the ease with which the deck is adjusted, and they are generally pleased with the mower’s cutting ability.
Some people have noted a lack of power, but they may be more accustomed to gas-powered mowers and some are not impressed with the polymer deck. It is largely plastic, and prone to breakage if you use it as though it is of the old, all-metal construction.
With an electric model there’s not much that you can check yourself other than cord, fuses plugs etc. However you have to take an electric cord wherever you want to use them so they are most effective when used near your house.
The Black & Decker Electric Jar Opener is the gadget the revolutionized hands off jar opening. Especially those jars just bought straight from the grocery… man, nothing can be locked any tighter than those.
Hence consider checking #2 on the Carpal Tunnel Gadget Product Features before purchasing this electric jar opener. Therefore, if you are considering the purchase of an MM875, you should make sure that you have conveniently placed electrical outlets that you can access from your yard.

Though the spinning blade produces some noise, it is not nearly as loud as a typical gas-powered machine. Using a high-quality cord ensures that the electrical load is handled properly between the outlet and the mower. Users are also very pleased with the machine’s quiet operation and need for very little maintenance. Other reviewers have expressed dissatisfaction with the bag’s inability to store clippings without spillage. It IS a two-prong input into the handle of the Lawn Hog – I already had that type of cord. In fact, between the time we took delivery on our second unit and my dropping the first at the dump, we had to cannibalize a part from the prior unit.
That said, we prefer an electric model, and when used judiciously it will plow through and handle long, thick grass and mulch up leaves, to boot.
Just be sure not to run it over hard objects, which one shouldn’t do in any case, but the plastic construction really comes clear when you might do so. No work from your hands are required, unlike the EZ Off and OXO jar opener which may still require some little bit of effort. The Black & Decker Electric Jar Opener is recommended for people with arthritis or severely injured wrists. It cuts the grass with the cleanest cut out of any mower I have ever owned and does no damage to the lawn sprouts (as long as you do not set the height adjustment to scalp your lawn). 3,795 More Quick view Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Black and Decker Electric Kettle JC 120 JC120 Rs.
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