A chainsaw is great for taking down entire trees in your backyard and also for cutting it away from your home after it falls on it, but for simply pruning thick tree branches and overgrown hedges without destroying everything, there's a better and safer solution. You may want to throw in 2 Replacement Filters  to reach $50 or other Black & Decker participating products! Copyright 2016 LadySavings, LLC privacy policy — LadySavings, LLC is not employed, compensated, endorsed, authorized, or in any way connected with Giant Eagle, Walmart, Kroger or any of their affiliates.
The LDX112C is 46% less powerful than average and ranks in the bottom 40% of Compact-class drills for torque and power.
This Black and Decker cordless drill is 45% slower than average and ranks in the bottom 40% of Compact-class drills for maximum RPM. It is 20% heavier than average and ranks in the bottom 40% of Compact-class drills for higher weight. This Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery has a 12% lower than average run-time with an amp-hour (Ah) rating that ranks in the bottom 20% of Compact-class drills.
Black and Decker's 2-year limited tool warranty is about average for the cordless drill industry where the standard is 2-3 years.
100 in-lbs - The LDX112C is 46% less powerful than average and ranks in the bottom 40% of Compact-class drills for torque and power. 1 Setting 0-600 RPM - Does not include the standard low and high speed range settings that are available on most drills. 600 RPM - This Black and Decker cordless drill is 45% slower than average and ranks in the bottom 40% of Compact-class drills for maximum RPM.
11 Settings - The Black and Decker LDX112C has a below average number of clutch settings, but is probably still adequate for many DIY jobs. This cordless drill is not equipped with a hammer function that can deliver several thousand impacts per minute.
Non-Metal Parts - Some of the Black and Decker LDX112C transmission components are made of non-metal materials that are more susceptible to failure.
Plastic Sleeve - Chuck sleeves made of tough plastic materials save on weight, but they are more prone to cracking than metal sleeves. No Brush Access - The entire drill usually has to be taken apart in order to access the motor brushes.
2-Year - Black and Decker's 2-year limited tool warranty is about average for the cordless drill industry where the standard is 2-3 years. Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) 0 - Newer technology rechargeable battery that provides higher capacity and longer run-time with less weight, but are more expensive than the older NiCd and NiMH batteries. 1.1 Ah - This Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery has a 12% lower than average run-time with an amp-hour (Ah) rating that ranks in the bottom 20% of Compact-class drills. 180 min Black and Decker Charger - Battery charge-time is longer than average for this class battery. No Battery Fuel Gauge - Not equipped with a battery charge indicator that alerts you to remaining battery life or if the batteries are running low. Only 1 Battery Included - Having just one battery can be frustrating if it runs out of power during the middle of a job.
3 lbs Tool Plus Battery - It is 20% heavier than average and ranks in the bottom 40% of Compact-class drills for higher weight. 7.5 in - Cordless drill length is a personal preference, but shorter is generally better to help you in close quarters such as under a sink, or drilling in-between studs. Integrated LED Light - The Black and Decker LDX112C illuminates your work area and allows you to clearly see your bit position and depth while you're drilling or driving. No Belt Hook - There is no provision to hang the drill on your belt and free-up both hands to perform other tasks. No Side Handle - Side handles are a great safety feature and should be considered if you plan to drive at higher torque levels.
No Bubble Level - This feature is only available on a few drills and can be helpful in situations where precision holes are critical for alignment.
Keyless Chuck - Nearly all cordless drills are now equipped with keyless chucks that can be tightened with both hands (double-sleeve) or just one hand (single-sleeve) without the use of a key. VSR - Most cordless drills are equipped with variable speed capability that can be controlled with simple trigger pressure.
When you want to perform a wide variety of daily tasks, then you are looking at the right model. With a 11 Position Clutch and a two speed with variable speed, this particular model allows you to be highly precise, and fast, since you can choose the amount of speed that you want. With so many features, and a good price, along with portability, and the fact that it is quite lightweight, this model is absolutely perfect. There are certain tools, which provide you the basic deal, but when you are looking for something extra, then you may choose this particular model, manufactured by Black and Decker. With such a wide array of benefits, which include portability, comfort and an ergonomic experience, complete with accuracy, why should you even go anywhere else? Black and Decker has certainly outdone itself, because it provides a wide range of features on this particular machine. The biggest advantage is that you can work on most surfaces because of this machine, which means that you are able to drill holes into wood, metal and plastic, as well as screwdrive into these surfaces. Black and Decker has provided you with a machine, which is able to work on most surfaces, and is able to provide you with a superb working experience. When you want a range of multiple features on a particular driller, and you want it to work on most surfaces, such as wood, plastic and metal, then this is the ideal model for you. A number of features ensure that you will have a wonderful experience, when you are using this machine.
One of the major advantages of this particular machine is the fact that it is cordless, which means that you do not have to bother with wires. With such amazing features, which provide you the ultimate control, why are you even thinking about your decision anymore? Black and Decker prides on itself to provide people, especially experienced do-it-yourself people with amazing technologies, so that they can work around the house more effectively.

Apart from that, you can perform a wide variety of applications, which is what makes this perfect for any house.
For a better and efficient work experience, this machine has two speeds, which includes the rounds per minute of 325, as well as 650.
If you have some home repairs that need to be done, or assembling tasks that need attention, or even if your wife wants you to install window treatments, cabinetry or shelves, you can definitely do it, with this machine. If you compare this dynamic model with the others in the range, which are 12V drills, then this model wins the game, because it is able to have two times the speed to drill holes and drive screws. Black & Decker is coming out with a cordless glue gun (BDCGG20C) that works with their 20V Max Li-ion battery packs. It seems that the new Black & Decker 20V Max glue gun is a true cordless glue gun, one that uses battery power to fully heat and melt the glue. The new Black & Decker cordless glue gun heats up and is ready to go in just 90 seconds, which is quite fast. They say that corded heat guns can take up to 4-7 minutes to get up to working temperature. The glue gun features a high 125W thermal output, which is indeed considerably more power than all of the corded glue guns I just checked.
Black & Decker says this is an industry first solution that merges hot melt convenience with cordless mobility.
The heck with household installations and repairs, I want this for prototyping and various small projects. Looks like their 20V platform is shaping up pretty nicely, with decent cordless tools at a decent price. I have the 20v B&D platform for some garden tools and cheaper power tools, so this is awesome cause I already have more than enough batteries.
The cool new Black & Decker Alligator Lopper is a powerful cordless chainsaw with innovative clamping jaws that easily grab and cut through branches and logs up to 4" in diameter in a single motion. It can only run at top speeds that are 485 RPM less than the average 1085 RPM drill in its class. Having just one setting will limit your ability to match the appropriate speed setting to a wide variety of tasks. Hammer drill drivers are usually a little heavier and costlier, but they are effective on tougher jobs such as drilling into concrete. Motor brushes wear-out and must be replaced periodically, but repair costs can sometimes be prohibitive.
If you are a serious DIYer or professional, it's important to have at least two batteries with one always charged for back-up. Black and Decker has been renowned for providing one of the best electronic supplies in the market, suitable for a wide range of applications. The tool also uses Lithium Ion technology, which has been proven to be better for the environment.
The 11 position clutch and 20V motor allows you to have better power, and also makes sure that you do not strip or overdrive screws, which will give a bad look to your work. The driller has two speeds, making sure that you make use of the SmartSelect technology, which allows you to simply turn the dial, whenever you want to change the speed, making your work simple, efficient and of course highly accurate and precise.
With a 11 position chuck, you can easily work on different speeds, which allows you to be more precise.
The 12V motor is able to deliver 150 inch-lbs of torque, which can deliver a great amount of power, allowing you to work quite better. However, you are also able to screwdrive into metal, plastic and wood, which means that it provides you with a great deal of versatility. This particular model XD1200K works as a driller, as well as a screwdriver, which can work on a variety of different surfaces, including wood, plastic and metal. If your wife has been complaining about a frame, which needs hanging up, or some other loose work, then make sure that you do it with this extraordinary machine. This allows you to have a both forward and reverse button, so that you can work on your tasks in a much better way. We recently posted about the Surebonder Hybrid, which works with Ryobi 18V battery packs, but there will soon be one more cordless glue gun soon hitting the market, by Black & Decker. Glue sticks are normally used in low-load positioning applications, nothing where a lot of strength is required.
Like a pair of scissors, just grip a branch or log in the patented alloy clamping jaws, squeeze the 2 handed switch and it quickly saws right through cleanly and safely.
Privacy Policy5573 Cool New Items Discovered Since The Beginning.Proudly Made From Recycled Pixels. This particular model utilizes different technologies, which make this model extremely outstanding.
Furthermore, with a Lithium Ion battery, which charges quite fast, and especially with the 30 minute fast charger, your work will literally never stop. Many people prefer compact and lightweight design, when it comes to electronic screwdrivers. The soft grip handle allows you to have an ergonomic work experience for long hours, as well. The fan-cooled motor ensures that you can work for long hours, without the battery heating up.
Furthermore, with four times the torque, you can easily drive screws and other fasteners with perfect ease and optimum control. It was probably a dummie test, if those two guys can figure it out than we’re everyone can!
A great way to prune branches, cut them into manageable pieces or clear them away after storms without a lot of hassle or accidentally cutting yourself in two like a traditional chainsaw would. With a powerful 12V motor, this tool will make sure that you will be able to do your do-it-yourself activities at home with complete ease.
You will be able to have the perfect and optimum control that you want, when you are performing your drilling and screw-driving tasks.

This model has a compact design, and it is also extremely lightweight, so you can easily carry it around the house. The technology will automatically set the ideal power and speed, which is required for a particular job. Additionally, you can choose the type of speed, according to the surface that you are working on. The 24-position clutch is able to give you a better operation, and pave way for a comfortable user experience.
Furthermore, the mid-handle design allows you to have better control over the task that you are performing, and it also gives you a comfortable working experience. If you look at the size of this particular drill, you will notice that it is quite compact, if compared with others in the range.
The added advantage being that you can work in small, compact areas, and make holes in tight areas, thanks to the ?: hex shank.
Furthermore, this tool can be used on a variety of different surfaces, which includes wood, metal and plastic. Furthermore, it is able to provide durability, so you do not have to worry about the long-term advantages of this machine.
The soft grip promises you an ergonomic experience, even when you are working for long hours on this particular machine. The keyless chuck allows you to work efficiently, and is also able to make changes quite easy.
The additional and outstanding feature on this machine is the fact that it has a Stud Sensor.
User fatigue is also decreased, because of the three-finger trigger, which allows you have to have optimal comfort and control, when you are working for long hours. Why use any other machine except from Black and Decker, which is recognized for its superior performing machines. Be sure to sign up for FREE Email Updates so you never a miss a deal, freebie, or coupon!Sweet. If your wife is complaining and the budget is a little tight, then you can surely be the man for the job. With the Lithium Ion battery, which can hold up a charge for 18 months, you can make sure that whenever you get the tool out, it will be ready to work. The Lithium Ion batteries are environmentally-friendly and last longer, making the machine more durable.
Along with that, the quick-connect system allows you to easily change the bits, in a much quicker manner.
The Matrix Quick Connect System allows you to easily and quickly change different attachments. You can also choose the amount of torque that you want, which will allow you to have maximum control over your work. One of the additional features of this particular tool is the fact that it has a LED work light, which allows you to perform drilling tasks in areas, where it is extremely dark.
The LED work light ensures that you will have illumination on your work space area, which allows you to work even in dark spots.
You can choose the speed according to the type of task that you are working on, since it can deliver 0-400 rpm, as well as 0-1200 rpm. With the push of one button, the spring-loaded batteries are easily installable and removable. You will have no kickback issues on this machine, because of the impacting blocks, which delivers a high torque, which comes to 800-in-lbs. Additionally, the machine uses a lithium battery, which can have a charge for around 18 months, which is quite exceptional. Even if you have not used this machine for a long time, you can still just take it out, and you will be able to use it immediately. The battery can easily be removed and installed because of the slide pack batter style, so that you do not have to waste time. You can choose the right speed for the required job that needs to be done, which allows you a great deal of flexibility and versatility. It ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.50% more reach than the previous Dustbuster design for less bending and better accessibility. However, one of the advantages of this particular model is the fact that it is extremely lightweight, and compact. This machine can hold a charge for up to 18 months, which means that it is always ready to go, whenever you want to work. The soft grip handle allows you to have an ergonomic work experience with minimal user fatigue, even if you are working for long hours. Furthermore, the handle has soft grips, which allows you to have the maximum comfort and control, so that you can work better and effectively. You can store it anywhere around the house, and you will not have problems working for longer hours. You can now perform drilling and driving tasks, with complete ease, even in small areas of the house. Brush and crevice tool accessories are located on-board so there are no loose items to misplace. Removable, washable dirt bowl and filters allow for a thorough, hygienic cleaning.I’ve heard amazing things about this dustbuster, and I have some friends who use it to vacuum out their minivans! It seems like a great buy.Amazon prices are subject to change without notice, so be sure to verify the final price at checkout.Don’t miss out on these HOT offers!
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