Charging takes several hours, and if you’re doing a lot of drilling the NiCad batter will drain very quickly. The 9099KC provides about 60 in-lbs of torque, which is good for doing light work, but it will fail at doing more complicated DIY tasks. There are better drills available out there, that are smaller in size, weigh less, and are more powerful.
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Add instant curb appeal to your home with this modern address sign filled with lush plants and flowers. Drive more screws flush the first try with a lithium cordless drill that powers through wood, metal, and plastic. You cannot remove the battery from this drill, so to charge it, you plug the drill into the wall via a cable.

It does offer a keyless ? inch chuck – but then again, this isn’t really a differentiator.
Don’t expect much from it, but if you’re looking for something inexpensive, basic and no frills, this is probably the drill for you. Just in case if it’s already sold-out, simply visit us at a later time or try to search again the categories on the right sidebar and look for other options.
You can try to explore on our category on the right sidebar and find them depending on voltage. These indispensable scissors feature an ergonomically-shaped handle with no-slip grip to ensure safe and comfortable handling and guarantee up to 70 hours of continuous use on each full charge. Now B&D has re-positioned their own power tool product line with a focus on the occasional power tool user, or the beginner DIY. This is consistent with the product branding of many older B&D products, and this is where this drill inherits its features from.

You can select two reversible speeds on this drill 325 RPM or 650 RPM, for basic driving and drilling.
Because the battery is not removable, this drill is suitable for really one off type small jobs around the house. There are actually other manufacturers who are also marketing the exact same model and quite often they are for sale at a lower price. Many 3.6 Volt batteries are offered in NiMH or Lithium Ion that can store up to six times more charge than Nickel Cadmium.
Or you can just obtain a Nimh or Lithium Ion wall charger to avoid any injury or damage to the unit.

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