Heritageaā€˛? Large Art Tool BoxA large, durable plastic tool box with two heavy-duty, locking metal clasps to safely secure the box during transport.
The Big Red Hand-Away 19 in.Tool Box is a perfect place to store your tools at home as well as an ideal accessory for the professional mechanic. I needed a lockable metal container to transport some heirlooms on a flight and the lockable toolbox was just the right size, weight and price to fill the bill. This box features a comfortable grip handle, heavy-duty gauge steel construction for years of durability and a large storage compartment for your tools.

The top tray inside width is 18 inches, the metal toolbox inside width is 18.75 inches This box was perfect and the price was competitive with the cheap tool store (Freight?).
This box is large enough to carry a variety of tools, and other smaller size components.This product was added to our catalog on August 20, 2012.
Tool box features all-welded seams (no spot welding) and laser cut steel socket pegs for maximum strength and durability.
After looking at all of them, the quality of this box was much better (I wouldn't fill it with wrenches and throw it in the back of a work truck though).

The tool box is designed 1" taller to hold longer combination wrenches and is much more complete in holding deep and regular sockets.

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