According to their website, the Biesemeyer is still in inventory, but they built and are using this fence to demonstrate that one doesn't need to pay the $$$ for the Bies to get good results. I'm very proud of this picture because it represents a significant amount of PaintShop Pro editing. Biesemeyer will get you the most out of your DeWalt, Bosch, Makatia miter saw with a Biesemeyer miter saw table system.
Biesemeyer Miter Saw Tables are designed to fit most 10" and 12" motorized miter saws and 10" slide saws.

Biesemeyer offers extra fence and table support for improved cutting accuracy and increased production. Appearances: All episodes in which the regular shop miter saw has been used, Episode 101 to the end of the 2001 season.
When Norm built a new miter saw stand in the two part episode at the beginning of the 2002 season, he built a replacement for the Biesemeyer. The fence assembly replaced the Biesemeyer T-Square fence that had been used from the beginning.

He explained in a later episode that they still had the Bies, but they wanted to use the shop made one to demonstrate that one doesn't need to spend hundreds of $ to get accurate miter saw support.

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