Having a handy and helpful Dad, it didn’t take him long to wrangle me up some spare tools from his garage. A basic mechanics toolkit usually includes an assortment of sockets, wrenches, a ratcheting wrench, and screwdrivers.
I finally broke down and purchased one of these after a hubcap popped off my Stude and hit a brand new Mercedes. Of course, if I had the room – who wouldn’t want this ginormous behemoth of a toolbox!? Vintage TorqueFest 2014 — Dubuque, Iowa Fairgrounds May 2 – 4 Hot Rods Driven Hard… The Way It Was Intended!!
Personally I have the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Champ and this is my favourite and, I think, the best multi tool knife – it is quite thick containing some 32 different tools, but fits snugly into my hand and feels very solid. One of the very good things about the Swiss Army range is that for most of the multi purpose tool they manufacture, they also have a very good quality knife pouch available as well. All the pouches are riveted together and very strong, just slide onto your belt and they are very secure. The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Champ has a main knife blade that can be closed and is under 3″ long, which means it is a legal knife to carry on you. This multi tool pocket knife is just about the right size to carry – fits nicely into your hand and has a lot of tools on it. ACDelco –  In this day and age you see a lot of companies selling out and branding their name to cheap chinese crap,  not ACDelco. 161812930 We’ve all heard the phrase “content is king” but constantly finding interesting new content to put on our websites or share on social media is often much easier said than done.
After all who’s to say which is the BEST content marketing strategy or the BEST way to write a blog?
Before we get to the list however I would be remiss not to mention that here at Talkwalker our social data intelligence platform can also give you key insights you can use for content sharing through a combination of comprehensive data crawling and powerful analytics.
Swayy uses a mix of keywords, profile analysis and interest groups to find the content that best matches your needs.
Klout has a variety of content curation options based on topics and keywords and sharing can be done directly from the tool. BuzzSumo is a great way to find the top performing content around a particular keyword as a quick search will give you the posts that have generated the most shares, or produced the most links. Connecting our minds and bodies—by sleeping, stepping away from the keyboard, and breaking a sweat—might be the best way to get through a creative block.
I’d love to have a toolkit that promised me great, creative ideas every time I sat down to work. Even if you’re not a fan of analog tools, you might be surprised to know there are some proven benefits to going back to basics.
When compared to paper, reading or writing on a screen requires more effort and makes us tired faster.
Lots of studies have compared reading and writing on screens and on paper over the past 30 years, looking at metrics like comprehension, speed, and accuracy. I prefer having a clean, tidy space to work in but research suggests I should get comfortable with disorder if I want to be more creative. A 2013 study published in the Psychological Science journal found that a messy environment increases creative thinking.

In one of my favorite talks about creativity, John Cleese makes a great analogy, saying that creativity is like a tortoise: It pokes its head out nervously to ensure the environment is safe before it fully emerges. If you have a messy, disorderly space for your creative work, having it removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life could be helpful. The capacity to bring old elements into new combinations depends largely on the ability to see relationships. Although finding relationships is an important part of producing ideas, we can’t do that until our brain is full of existing elements to connect together.
As Young points out, we often shirk the responsibility of building up this mental inventory, and wonder why we struggle to find new ideas. To grease the wheels of creativity, we need to collect bits of information and observations so our brain has material to work with. This process helps to kickstart creative thinking in our subconscious, which is part of the series of brain states and processes that lead to a final "Aha! Research from the University of Chicago shows that ambient noise at a moderate level is the best sound environment for creative work. While moderate noise levels do increase the effort required for us to process thoughts, this is beneficial because it promotes abstract processing, which increases our ability to come up with new ideas. The cool part of this is that you can bring on the hypnopompic state to help you access those crazy connections and scenarios that your subconscious throws into dreams. It keeps me from losing important tools and is small enough that if I can pack it up and take it along for jobs away from my own garage.
The reason a multi tool is widely accepted as a high priority item by survival preppers is the fact hat they can be so versatile, offering a wide range of tools that are ideal in a survival situation.
The basic model will set you back a measly ?3, whereas the top of the range is knocking on the door of ?700…! There is a toothpick, pen and a pin that are built into the sides at each end of the multi tool which have hard plastic heads with allow you to pull them out – you definitely need dry hands and good fingernails to get these out.! As much as we may know that we need to share a variety of content to keep things interesting, with so much content covering similar topics finding those nuggets of content gold can be time consuming. But all is not lost, content curation tools abound to help you on your voyage to uncover the best content for your audience – those articles, blogs and tweets that will get the online public flocking to your website, social channel or blog. With our dedicated Content Analytics IQ App, you can easily find the type of content that works best for your audience – a great tool for your content marketing strategy. You simply enter the keywords for the type of content you want to find (the more accurate the better) and then DrumUp quickly gives you a list of potential content to share and even schedules it for sharing in the tool.
You can also keep a careful eye on how your content sharing is affecting your Klout score with charts measuring changes in your score over time. The handy topics pages also give you an insight into what content other Scoop.it users are finding and sharing, giving a community sourced feel to the suggestions. The new trending feature adds yet another string to their bow showing you a snapshot of trending topics from a variety go categories over the last day or just over the last few hours.
Although technology continues to improve, it still hurts our eyes to look at it for too long.
Even expert writers have been shown to write 50% slower when using a computer, compared to paper. For both children and adults, writing on paper has been shown to improve the strength and length of memories of new shapes, such as symbols used in music or the letters of a new language.

Instead of working systematically at the job of gathering raw material, we sit around hoping for inspiration to strike us. Young suggests using index cards, which will force you to be concise in your notes, or a file so you can index everything and find it all again later. Studies from both MIT and the University of California Davis have shown that having more bad ideas also means you’ll be likely to have more good ideas. Exercise allows your conscious mind to access fresh ideas that are buried in the subconscious.
Although silence can be just what we need when we’re concentrating on a difficult task, ambient noise will get our creative juices flowing and open us up to new ideas.
Once the noise levels get too high, we lose this advantage to pure distraction as our brains get overwhelmed.
A floor jack can set you back a nice amount of change, but the money will be well worth it. My old cheap pair hurt my hands and the plastic handle coverings would slip off – but this GearWrench set is a really great! My tool collection is beginning to outgrow it though, I would love a smaller rolling-cart toolbox. Here is a list of 5 of the best content curation tools with recommendations from some industry experts to help you become a one stop shop for great content. The content suggested is based on the authority of the source and relevance to your keyword search. Sharing is simple and easy to schedule, and you can even get an idea of why each piece of content was chosen for display.  The analytics tabs gives you some information about the effect that your new found content sharing prowess is having on your social performance. It also uses more of the brain, as you need to make several strokes for each letter, so your working memory gets activated, as well as brain areas used for thinking and language. That period of coming out of sleep is known as the hypnopompic state, and often happens as we come out of the dreaming stage of sleep, called REM.
That thing’s the greatest to light up small nooks – and is battery powered so helps out on roadside brakedowns too! This 1960 Ford Falcon manual is the very first thing I bought for my Falcon restoration job. On a keyboard, one tap creates an entire letter, so your relationship with making the letter is shorter and more superficial.
As you fall asleep, you’ll drop the spoon onto the plate, making a noise to wake you up. Sometimes it helps me raise up my car just a little bit more and comes in handy for numerous uses. DrumUp is still in beta but its real strength seems to lie in its simplicity and ability to provide good, relevant content with minimum fuss. If all goes well, you’ll have the lingering images from the start of your dream state to help you conjure up new ideas.
Wrenches of the most often used sizes (again in both metric and SAE sizes.) And a multi-use screwdriver with both straight and phillips head combinations.

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