Power tool manufacturers have an increasingly large presence in Australia, and the most prominent are featured below.
These brands are relatively low quality tools that are designed to suit both the budget and limited needs of beginner users. Trade tools are made to accommodate the frequent and rigorous work associated with trade use.
Craftsman power tools are the best tools that money can buy, and are designed for unmatched precision, innovation and quality. Specialist tool brands only manufacture one or two types of power tools, but they do so with great innovation and precision. About Tool CobberTool Cobber has been designed to offer you – the consumer – a chance to do your research before you buy. Category: $250 - $350, All Brands, All Products, Brands, Categories, Holzfaller, Multitools, Price.
If you love great quality garden trimmer products, but do not want to empty your Bank account the Holzfaller G3MT Multitool is one of the best garden machines, and all in one garden tools that money can buy when comparing against any other competitor brand or product in the market place for your home and garden.
The Holzfaller G3MT Multitool is packed with so many attachments and accessories this makes it the best in it' class, being the best value 4 stroke product in Australia for all in one garden machines. Not only do you have a Pole Chainsaw, attach the hedge trimmer attachment for the ultimate the long reach hedge trimmer, with  hedging, sculpting and master topiary work for a professional flawless botanical garden finished hedges. The Holzfaller is a straight drive configuration set in flawless 28mm Chrome shaft and extension poles with 4mm Hex fitting screws anchoring attachments for the Ultimate Long Reach Hedge Trimmer and one of the best Petrol Garden Tools around for your home and garden .

A product of this standard can retail for over $2000,00 especially for a good 4 stroke European engine and garden equipment. These companies also commonly produce accessories for their tools, and in some cases machinery too. They generally feature hassle-free replacement warranties, will usually just house basic features, and are great for the consumer who just wants to complete the job at hand. They usually have an extensive heritage, and are known the world over for their dedication to excellence. There are a limited number of online resources available for detailed information on tools, especially in Australia. 4 Stroke engines are known for being 1st time starters, with the Holzfaller G3MT Garden Multitool it is just as easy, with it's European design with power and reliability in garden equipment and easy starting as a normal feature. 9 in 1 means 9 different tools with 9 different designated jobs to do in 1 garden machine product for the ultimate in garden equipment. With the 6 limited edition Gold Blades to choose from and to keep your Garden looking perfect in every way.
The 9 IN 1 Holzfaller G3MT is one of the best brands on the market, not only do you have this beautiful European designed machinery, this is what else comes packed with the Holzfaller G3MT.
Grease accessibility access through grease nipples on the Hedge Trimmer attachment, Brush Cutter head and also Chainsaw head is available and all units do come pre lubricated ready for use. Mega Machine Warehouse is all about packing value into their products and especially there Petrol Garden Tools, so you can pick this one up for under $500.00 for your home and garden so don't delay buying one today.

The various power tool brands have been divided into the following categories to allow you to make a decision from a select group that best suit your requirements. They also have great support for spare parts after their (usually) short-term warranty expires. From open area Grass slashing, to ripping and shredding the tallest Grass and Weeds, Thistles and Thorns, Lantana surface Roots, keeping your home and garden that back yard blitz look.
Now not only will you be King and ruler of any unwanted ground vegetation with this Garden Equipment. 6 limited edition Gold Blades being a 2 Tooth edger, 3 Tooth thinning blade, 4 Tooth slasher, 8 Tooth cutter, 40 Tooth ripper shredder, 40 Tooth Tungsten Carbide ( which is 3 times stronger then normal steel) Deluxe Red Baron Nylon auto feed bumper head. Extra support and even weight distribution is supported through the dual strap padded shoulder body harness, with safety flange guard and single gate clip attachment for fast and easy change over access making ours the best hedge trimmer and Garden Trimmer available. For more information on a particular brand and a link to it’s Australian website, simply click on it’s logo. Change the attachment to the 12" Pole Chainsaw with the two included extension Poles, to reach or prune any branch or tree top, with 28mm sized shafts and poles your Pole Chainsaw is sturdy  & long reach hedge trimmer is strong enough to be the  best hedge trimmer no matter how big the job is with plenty of added Pole strength.

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