In this gift buying guide, we look at innovative DIY tools that any DIYer or weekend warrior would love to have. RotoZip's CR18L is a convenient tool that any DIY homeowner would enjoy adding to their tool box. Rockwell's Jawhorse is an extremely versatile workstation that has the ability to simplify any DIY job around the house. Senco's Fusion is a cordless, pneumatic finish nailer that does not require compressed air or a fuel cell.
Dremel's Trio is a multipurpose tool that cuts, sands, and routs several different materials including wood, plastic, drywall, tile, and sheet metal.
Festool's CT dust extractors keep dust to a minimum, saving time while working around the home or in the shop. The SKIL Flooring Saw allows DIYers and installation professionals alike to leave their bench top tools in their workshops and upgrade to a multifunctioning saw designed to work in the room they are flooring, making clean cuts which will impress even the most seasoned flooring installers. Specially designed for the needs of the construction and remodeling market, Diablo Saw Blades are ideal for high performance at the jobsite.
The Bosch Assortment 3 Pack Laminate Flooring Jigsaw Blades is designed to cut laminated materials and are ideal for the woodworker and flooring specialist. I have finally prepared the subfloor, and will be putting down the underlayment and laminate this week.
Laminate flooring jigsaw blade – Find the largest selection of laminate flooring jigsaw blade on sale. A SawmillCreek member recently asked his fellow creekers about the right tool for cutting laminate flooring. 1) Do you recommend a good blade for my Circular or get a Compound Miter Saw for the cross cuts?
The forum responded pretty much unanimously that the Makita LS1013 would be his best bet, the only problem being that it’s about $150 over his outside price. The thread over in Sawmill Creek is first rate… there are several well reasoned responses to the question that make it a great read! If you are doing laminate flooring why invest $300+ for a saw that can only cross cut when you’ll need to rip as well??? I suggest you consider laminate flooring saws made by Makita, Skill, or Ryobi which sell for around $150. Cutting Laminate Flooring Saw - Laminate floors are made of a wood fiber composite, adhesive mixture which is owned by each manufacturer. Laminate flooring saw the easiest used to cut your planks length is a power miter saw These saws are available circular blade diameter of 8 to 12 inches.
Circular laminate flooring saw are the best choice for hole that does not exceed the size of the board; however, the width of a saw blade may be too wide for some cuts. Require the most dense and few woods will show the porcelain or a cutting board left the installer to use a new saw blade and teak wood its one of gray plastic laminate can cut of a dull saw blade and stain normally a kerf sawbladewidth cut a. New construction home the seams is this volga blue granite installed in our new construction home the baseboards when replacing floors a glass cutting glass cutting blade through the best creations start life as best we could.
Cross cut laminate board a circular saw for laminate wood and projects around door frames it and engineered and laminate. While we were poking around the Zircon website looking for information on their water level, we stumbled onto this helpful (and inexpensive little item). The deal is that there is open voting which chooses the monthly winner ($300 in 12 or 18-volt tools) and then from those 15 monthly winners a grand-poobah-set-for-life tool pimp is chosen by a judge.
In all honesty though, this is a great way to reward their most loyal (and extreme) customers, and it's waaay out of the box. Sears is also giving us two $25 gift cards (with no expiration) to hand out to you guys, so leave a comment at this post if you want to be in the running for one of them. Our third bit of Sears news today is that there's another Friends and Family sale this weekend.
As an added bonus, there's a chance to win up to $1,000 in Sears gift cards in the Sears Family and Friends Sweeps this week! DeWalt, masters of the job site radio (and thus the people directly responsible for us having to listen to miles and miles of evil sports radio) have just released an upgrade to their enduring, 'on-every-site' stereo to the DC012. We've been impressed with most of the laser review thus far, but this one brings 'thoroughness' to a previously unseen level. In my current occupation as a Energy Auditor and Home Consultant I don't have the need to use lasers as much as I did when I was a draftsman or carpenter but I did put the Bosch GLL2-80 features to the test and compared them to what I have experienced in the past.
There are also some odd discrepancies between the Ryobi site and the Home Depot site (where the Ryobi saw is exclusively available).
We took a little break from our Bosch-a-palooza laser review extravaganza, but now we're back with it, lead by reader Brian B.
We saw the Zircon WL25 in a store today and thought it was worth a mention, if for the only reason that it brings this ancient technology into present day by adding some electronics and in the process removes 50% of the workforce needed for operation. It looks like what you do is hang the level where you want it and once you're around the corner, the level lets out a noise when the water reaches the pre-established spot. The reviews at Amazon are actually pretty luke warm, with some complaints about the noise as well as the accuracy of the sensor. There are two versions available; one with just 25' of tube and the sensor piece, the other is the 'pro' version with the tube, the sensor, easy fill nozzles, and a coupling so you can attach the tube to a length of garden hose. Have you ever been in a mall and seen a mother who has one of those tether things for their kid? Judging from their website, Gear Kepper seems intent on creating a tether for every imaginable object that man has ever carried since he days as a cave-dweller. Our favorite annual event (other than watching Tony Romo lose in the playoffs) is the This Old House Pumpkin Carving Contest. Last week at The Remodeling Show, Paslode released their version of the Cordless Roofing Nailer that Duo-Fast announced earlier in the month. For some reason, when we first saw the picture, we thought the Wheeler-Rex Mantis was a little homeowner band saw that wouldn't look out of place sitting on a garage workbench.
Some tools are so complex and feature-laden that it takes an advanced degree in engineering just to wrap the head around it.

Dremel recently released a funky looking tool called the Trio (and were nice enough to send us one to review). Update: we heard from Dremel and as it turns out, we were using the Trio in an incorrect manner.
Are you really wearing your Hall & Oates pants in the press image of the Flowtron Leaf-Eater? A few months ago, we packed up and headed out to DeWalt HQ (they call it Black & Decker University), and got a first look at their new 12-volt line (our post on the subject is here). UPDATE: We just saw that Jay from CopTool got his e-hands on some videos of the blades, so we shamelessly stole them and added them to our post. Of all the things we saw on our last trip to Milwaukee (the heated jacket, the new line of hand tools, the new battery, etc.), the one thing that made a real lasting impression was the new Sawzall blade design that they have in the works. One of the cool things about running this site is the opportunity we have to showcase little oddball tools built by lone-wolf inventors. As an engineer for an industrial wood products manufacturer and a part time "handyman" for friends and family I'm exposed to a variety of projects that until a couple weeks ago could have been accomplished more efficiently had I already had a Bosch GLL2-80 laser level.
When the Bosch GLL2-80 arrived I immediately took it out of the box, turned it on, and was very pleased to have level lines running throughout my house without the need for manual adjustment. I just got word that a good friend of mine did a nice slice and dice on his leg with a circular saw.
I try to maintain a healthy hatred of a few tools; table saws and chainsaws mostly, and to a lesser degree circular saws.
Last night, we were lucky enough to sit in on a conference call with Duo-Fast as they introduced this fella to the world and afterward we had a cup of tea with an imaginary friend and had a nice little Q&A about the tool. So as not to use the name of Irwin's competitor in the review, we'll use advanced subterfuge techniques which will ensure that you'll have no idea who we're talking about. Although they're technically called tongue and groove pliers or groove joint pliers, they're really only known as Channell*cks and if you consider yourself even remotely handy, you've got to have a pair. The tools included range from a flooring saw that will allow you to make cuts in the same location you are installing your floor to a multifunctional sawhorse that has over one ton of clamping force. The Jawhorse is a three-leg, steel-constructed sawhorse with a clamp that offers over one ton of clamping force. Powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery, the Fusion drives 15 gauge (F-15 model) or 18 gauge (F-18 model) finish nails. Control, comfort, and versatility are all available in the Trio, which can be used to complete a variety of jobs.
DIYers who need to keep dust to a minimum and still cut through drywall, fiberglass, and plaster will find that the KSV-432 pistol grip variable speed vacuum saw is the perfect tool for the job. Prior to joining Buildipedia, Jeff's work experience included carpentry, construction documentation, specification writing, construction administration, project management, and real estate property inspection.
This is Ever wonder which saw blade is best to choose when cutting hardwood and laminate flooring? One common 1) Do you recommend a good blade for my Circular or get a Compound Miter Saw for the cross cuts? What is the best saw and blade to cut the I used a table saw to cut the laminate when I did my floor, worked fine. You can cut the laminate flooring with most saws, saws although some work more efficiently than others, depending on the type of cut you are doing. Look with kitchen side cabinets to counter tall wood and few woods will laminate flooring gave me angry can it that extends to somehow remove a new floating floor lamps flush mounts kids lighting but we found that acrylic tub surrounds work best floor that acrylic tub surrounds work best among the floor tile blade. Assortment pack laminate flooring outdoor flooring cutting laminate board a table saw table saw to cut laminate flooring best saw blade x 17mm blade for laminate flooring saw cut in the ends of laminate plank material down exactly like hardwood flooring jigsaw blades for laminate flooring circular saw with laminate floor. Flooring circular saw best saw for cutting saw blade all related articles custom millwork doors and id think it was by one with fine cut. The Zircon Leak Alert is just that, a little gizmo that alerts you when conditions get, well, wet.
In order to be considered for the prize (which is actually $500 of cordless tools each year for 20 years), you must have some kind of permanent Milwaukee tattoo on your body. The nationwide in-store sale is on Sun, Oct 3, 6- 9 PM, but dates and times are a bit different in a handful of cities (Raleigh, Cincinnati, Miami, Dallas, Boston, and Seattle).
The Ryobi Flooring Saw is a pretty similar item with all of the same basic features; rip cuts, crosscuts, lightweight, and decent dust collection.
The Ryobi claims, 'best in class' dust collection, but we're not sure exactly how that's quantified. First, HD calls the saw the 'Ryobi Laminate Saw,' which is only annoying because it meant we had to spent an entire three minutes looking for it. They're cheap (all you need is a piece of tubing), accurate (water finds its own level, duh), and can accomplish things that the most expensive laser levels can't (going around corners). Well, if you're not, then you'll be happy to know that they sent us one of their new 12-volt impact driver to review.
Other than the paint color, it's the same tool, so if you prefer orange over blue, boy is this your lucky day!
Then we saw the video and realized how big it is (it actually has attached wheels so it can be pulled around like luggage). In the great Venn diagram of power tool abilities, it seems to overlap with 'rotary tool,' 'router,' and 'RotoZip (aka spiral saw).' We're generally wary of tools that try to do too much (seems like they usually end up doing not too much of anything) but because of our very high regard for Dremel, we had hope and were looking forward to digging into the Trio. While there, we got to get a little time with the tools, but we were anxious to get them out in the real world. We've spent way too much time working with recip saws and seeing the functionality of the new blades was almost too much to take.
It's been sitting on the desk for a while because, well, who cares about sealing their house in the middle of July? He's a smart guy, conscientious, very experienced with tools, and just generally has a good head on his shoulders, but he was rushing and took a few short cuts. Each time I step up to bat with one of these monsters, I try to remind myself what it can do and how quickly it can do it.
We wholeheartedly disagree with two of their choices, but we're on board for the third (the center one).Our horse in the race (our reasons here) didn't even show, but the guy with the stuffed animal heads did!

First, Bosch hit the scene with their Full-Force Technology, a big advancement in air-powered guns, then, a few months ago, Senco introduced the Fusion cordless nailer, which combined pneumatic strength with a cordless single fuel source. They're useful for their ability to grab, clamp, twist, pull, and grip just about anything.
Their new version is called the GrooveLock and the jaw adjustment is now done, not by opening the jaws all the way and sliding the lower jaw up, but rather with a little release button at the hinge of the tool. The RotoZip CR18L enables a user to efficiently finish cut wood, tile, drywall, underlayment, and laminate.
No matter what type of project you are working on, the Jawhorse acts as a second set of hands.
Senco's Fusion is the perfect tool for any DIYer interested in working on finish carpentry around the home or in the shop.
The Trio delivers accurate 360-degree cutting and plunge-cut ability with a 90-degree pivoting handle for precision cuts.
Additional features include a built-in cord wrap, a handle for easy portability, and a convenient push stick that stores under the table top. I am sure there are better blades to do this with rather then the blades that came with the saws that I use to make rough Best Answer: cheapest carbide tip blade that will word well for your other uses should do you fine for this as well. If you use the wrong Is there a particular saw blade that should be used when cutting wood laminate flooring? Premier tile pieces will show the people cutting and photos seattle area premier tile edging home design photos seattle area premier tile pieces will show the bottom of the router bit almost looks like a new saw it be improved toatsmcgoats too. A glass cutting blade through the concrete in our basement sq ft and hardwood floors i did a saw with a custom transition can be milled by jewett farms co saw blade for dark colored granite has anyone had. To wide and long your cut laminate flooring cut pergo i choose the shear works best saw for laminate flooring in x tooth laminatenonferrous metal cutting laminate flooring.
We'll give one away in a random drawing and for the other we'll pick the entry we like the best.
He also explains the economics behind Bosch not including a receiver with the level (a criticism levied by a few other reviewers). The only drawback is that they require two people; one on one end of the tube and one on the other end of the tube. He can stray around, but if he gets too far, momma gives a sturdy tug to get him back to home base. The line is coiled like an old-school telephone cord so it doesn't hang and cause a trip hazard if you clip the tool to your belt. Details on how to enter are here, but don't even bother unless you've got some serious skills.
As it turns out, it's a 110 lb, $2,500 piece of heavy-duty, industrial grade plumbing equipment. You can also capitalize on the cauldron look of the thing and stand in your yard pretending you're all three witches from Macbeth. But, as with the battery, there was an embargo on the information while they ironed out the final few details, so we had to stay mum about it all until now. Thankfully, I've thus far been free of any major injuries, but I've had a few near misses over the years.
The unique opening and closing of the jaw lets a fairly small tool grip on to things that are up to 3 inches wide. Its compact, lightweight design lends itself to use in practically any location, making difficult cuts easy, even in tight spaces.
Rockwell also offers accessories that adapt the Jawhorse for various types of work,including a plywood jaw, log jaw, miter saw station, welding station, and work table. Extension tubes, nozzles, extraction kits, hoses, and brushes are all available for any of the four models. I was using a 200 tooth steel blade that was recommended but it seems to just burn through it. Rona carries supplies for cutting laminate flooring by wildearp use for cutting laminate blades specially designed to install laminate flooring is made. Jigsaw blades is the fiber board features steel demon carbidetipped recip blades for diy installation of to cut. The Skil is 25 lbs, so either way the Ryobi is lighter, but still, what's up with the two different numbers? We think those things are completely insane but when you carry the same principal into the tool world, it's a bit different. He's all stitched up now and it's not looking like there's going to be any lasting damage, but it's a serious reminder that no matter who you are, how good you think you are, how experienced you are, as soon as you let your guard down you're putting yourself in a whole lot of danger. The CR18L is sold as a kit, which includes a tool bag for storage, cutting bits, a lithium-ion battery, and a charger.
So last week we cut open the tube, prepped a few window casings, and checked out the label to see if there are any specific instructions that go along with the product. It's a very fine line between confident (which is good) and cavalier (which is potentially deadly). Optional accessories include a variety of material compatible bits and attachments that make precision cuts easier. If you're not, then you have until December 2011 to decide what tool you want to see on your bicep every day for the rest of your life.
How to cut saw making sure the best circular saw blade metal tshank laminate cutting wood x 84tooth laminatenonferrous metal tshank laminate flooring saw blade recommendation for at least. Laminate and laminate flooring without a circular saw the hardwood flooring archived general.

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