You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Fully hardened, expertly tensioned tool steel bodies absorb impact, remain flat and true, and resist excess heat build-up. Inserted tooth design on some models greatly increases the body-to-tip braze area for greater support and tip strength. Each Sommerfeld's saw blade is built on a precision-cut body of the finest Japanese plate steel. If you want precision and accuracy when cutting woods for your home improvement projects, you definitely need a miter saw. Compound Miter Saw is ideal for cutting woods that requires angled cuts in two planes such as for crown molding corners and picture frames. Sliding Compound Miter Saw with horizontal sliding arms is ideal for cutting much wider boards. If you will use it to cut metal, use only the appropriate metal blade for the right type of metal.
Besides choosing the most appropriate type for the job, you should also consider a lot of important factors before buying one. Dust management – Some models have their own dust bags, while others have a port where you can easily connect a vacuum cleaner. Some manufacturers added special features for safety purposes, user convenience, and to produce better results. Blade guard – A curved piece of metal to cover the teeth, keeping you safe during the cutting process. Electric brakes – Reverses the flow of electricity of the saw motor once you release the trigger, which quickly stops the blade, much faster than those without this feature. Digital display – Digital LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) provide easy-to-read bevel and miter setting data. First of all, this factory-reconditioned (or refurbish) Ryobi ZRTS1142L sliding compound miter saw might have some cosmetic blemishes.
But then, you will be surprised to know that it has a lot of amazing features that you can also find in expensive brands.
The Repeat-A-Cut marking surface that allows you to mark fence for repetitive cuts is also a great feature, while the tool-free Blade Depth Adjustment always stays set unless you release it. The saw was designed to offer end-users a greater cutting capacity with more accurate cuts.
One of the best parts about this particular saw is that it features a powerful 13-amp soft-start motor.
This minimizes micro-chipping along the sharp edge of the blade and results in a sharper, longer-lasting edge. But because the name “miter” means “angled,” they are ideal for both straight cuts and angled cuts. Although much better than a handsaw in terms of making precise straight crosscuts, it does not offer any bevel option.
For safety and health purposes, it should have an efficient and reliable dust collector system, especially if you are working in a confined area. Horizontal handles are best for making long, straight cuts, while the vertical type is easier to maneuver.

This includes having Laser Trac guide system that provides a laser beam, allowing you to check where the slice will go before you do the cutting. Equipped with a 15-amp heavy duty motor with a no-load speed of 4,000 RPM, it can go from 0 to 61 degrees for miter cuts and from 0 to 4 degrees for dual bevel cuts.
The work clamp can easily be tightened and is also a great safety feature when cutting small pieces of wood. I looked over a bunch of different products and I ended up going with the Makita LS1018 miter saw.
This was sufficient for my needs, but for someone that needs a cut closer to a wall during usage might want to opt for a four rail system saw.
It didn’t wow me with huge amounts of features or any crazy bells and whistles, but it did exactly what I wanted it to do. Whether it's on a contractor's saw or a cabinet saw, you'll love the performance of a Sommerfeld's saw blade. The carbide teeth that are "autobrazed" on are made from the finest micrograin(Sandvik Carbide, a Swedish company). Therefore, you can only use this type for simple woodcutting applications that require angled horizontal cut.
Single-bevel compound miter saw tilts in one direction only, while the dual-bevel type saves you time because you don’t need to reposition your work for cutting in the opposite direction. On the other hand, cordless ones provide convenience if you frequently travel with the tool. Nonetheless, some special compound ones are designed to cut wood, metal, and aluminum using the same blade. Obviously, one with higher RPM can finish a job faster than that of a lower RPM, and the longer it will last. On the other hand, some of them even have adjustable handles, which is better because you can easily move repeatedly anytime.
Although the small size can be an advantage, this single-bevel saw might be too small for some cutting works such as crown molding. Equipped with a 9-amp motor that can generate up to 5,000 rpm, the molded handle is effortless to hold and control, while the motor brushes are easy to clean or replaced. Not to mention its dependable dust collector system, slip-resistant rubber feet, and a project ruler. The 12-inch blade is being guided by adjustable laser system, making sure that you will have a perfect cut.
I went with this saw based on its reputation and a bunch of recommendations from some close friends. What I really liked about this saw was that it was straight forward, accurate, versatile, and lightweight. This means that you will ultimately get a power transfer of 100%, along with very smooth start-ups.
It performed with no hiccups and provided me with a surprisingly light machine that gave me very accurate  cuts.
The TENRYU PT SERIES goes on to include thin kerf wood cutting blades designed especially for smooth cuts on miter and slide-compound.
You can find tons of miter saw reviews online but you might still end up buying the wrong one.

Dual compound one is heavier and more expensive than the single-bevel, but add convenience and produce faster results, and therefore is more practical to use if you are a frequent user. But because the additional sliding feature narrows the range of the pivot mechanism, this limits the ability to cut thicker wood. You can be sure that the adjustable laser guide can perfectly help you follow cut marks, with the help of the 7.25-in diameter blade. You can either set the machine to 45 degrees or simple select from any of the nine miter stops. Below I will discuss my initial impressions and my personal recommendation regarding the saw.
You will also get constant power, and due to the omission of belts, you won’t have to worry about replacing them.
Overall, I would recommend the Makita LS1018 miter saw to anyone that is looking for a miter saw with good performance and accurate cuts. A non-stick coating is then applied to help your blade avoid corrosion, clean up quickly, and give you many years of service. So before you waste your money, we strongly suggest you first read our own buying guide below. With Laser and Stand Hitachi C12RSH 15 Amp 12-Inch with Laser4.4$$$Have carbon brushes and a dust bag.
The horizontal handle provides added comfort, besides the fact that it is lightweight at 19 pounds. In addition, the expanded table is huge enough and provides excellent support for the wood during cutting.
The saw itself offers a transparent blade guard and an oversized trigger switch that also contains a safety button for more easy operation. Another thing I loved about this particular saw is that it did not come with any gimmicks which would do nothing but increase the price of the product. It was incredibly easy to carry and maneuver with its newly designed handle which incorporates two separate rubberized grips.
Not to mention, the design of this saw allows for a powerful, yet efficient operating process that will be able to produce both; smooth and accurate results in various materials. If you are looking for a miter saw with tons of features and a four rail system, be prepared to keep looking and cough up a lot more money. As with most miter saws, this saw is heavy, but in comparison to others in its category weighing in at 43.7 pounds, it is a lot more manageable.
The nice thing about the actual saw is that it features a rear handle bevel lock which allows for simple and easy accessibility for adjusting the bevel. However, it wasn’t meant to replace it because this is just a miter saw, whereas its predecessor is meant to serve different needs.

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