Just like there are a variety of different types of drills, there are also many different drill bits from which to choose. High Speed Steel (HSS) drill bits are used in drilling holes in softer metal like aluminum. Two drill bits stand out as the sharpest and best: carbide steel and diamond-infused metal tips. If you would try to consult an expert, you will eventually learn that there are hundreds of types, kinds, and styles of drill bits available on the market. As mentioned above, there are hundreds of kinds or types of drill bits for metal available that would still go next unto the above list.
For the best drill bits for metal, you should rather go for the cobalt or titanium plated ones for a longer lasting drilling performance.
With the numerous kinds and styles of drill bits for metal, they usually have the same functions or uses, mainly to drill or create a hole in almost all types of building and crafting materials like wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, aluminum, etc. Drilling holes in wood can be done with just about any type of drill bit, but drilling holes in metal requires special bits.
Cobalt drill bits have a copper finish and they are generally more expensive than other metal bits.
Just like knives, blades, and razors, the drill bits should always be sharp and pointed to fulfill its tasks of drilling holes or breaking through material surfaces. They are generally distinguished according to their make, the type of holes they make, the materials they are intended for use, their point or sharpness, and few other determinants.

The Titanium and the Cobalt drill bits for metal are improved versions of the HSS drill bits. This kind of bit features a spear-like tip and is designed to cut through the fragile tiles and glass surfaces. The reduced shanks are shorter bits but larger in diameter and are used to drill larger holes of up to 16 millimeters. The rivet drill bits are used to create holes on metals, aluminum, and other materials where rivets are intended to be placed. Your building or construction project certainly requires a specific size or diameter including the depth of the hole created.
Among the secondary or accessory purpose is to create initial holes or fits for screws, nails, securing bars, rivets, and others. Harder metals like stainless steel and iron require even more specialized drill bits that can withstand more friction and pressure. Cobalt bits are the best choice for drilling holes in stainless steel and harder metals because they are stronger than HSS bits. These bits features a diamond ground tungsten tip that is ideal for use to almost all types of materials like wood, concrete, plastic, ceramic, and also serves as drill bits for metal. Cobalt drill bits also stay cooler than HSS bits, which makes them a better option for drilling hard metals.
They are needed in construction, home building or improvement, heavy industries, or even in simple crafts and projects.

Titanium nitrate according to experts extends the cutting or boring sharpness of the bits while the Cobalt coated ones are resistant to weathering intense temperature changes or pressures, abrasion, etc. HSS drill bits, which are usually black in color, can withstand more heat than other metal bits. Drilling into hard metals can take longer than with softer metals, so a drill bit can become hot. Metal drilling often requires more torque on the drill, which can put stress on the shaft of a bit. The good thing about mechanical drills of today is that the bits could already be replaced when the tips or points worn out or when a particular bit is required for a certain material or drilling requirement. HHS drill bits are the least expensive of the metal drill bits because they are not as durable and need to be replaced sooner than cobalt or titanium bits. A drill bit becomes weaker as it heats up, so keeping a Cobalt bit cool increases its strength.

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