The Razer Naga Hex features 6 large mechanical thumb buttons specially optimized for MOBA and action-RPG user interfaces.
In action-RPG and MOBA games, intensive clicking is necessary to deliver relentless blows on one’s enemies.
Surround Sound describes the method of channelling sound that envelops the user in a 360 degree arc, positioning sound sources accurately in relation to the user.
Using multiple speakers in a system or multiple audio drivers in each ear cup of the headset, positioned at different angles, discrete surround sound lets gamers hear audio in realistic 3-dimensions as they would in real life. Discrete surround sound makes for immersive gameplay as it accurately represents how your character perceives the audio of the game world. Virtual surround sound can be found primarily in headphones that use only two drivers and complex audio processing algorithms to simulate the effect of having multiple audio drivers. These headsets utilize internal or external amps and software engines to divide surround sound audio into distinct, separate segments, effectively reproducing a surround sound spectrum with just 2 drivers. The guttural screams you hear are not from the sight of a vampire, a werewolf, or an overdone Freddy vs. The realism of the Hex House is a large part of what makes it really stand out as a haunted attraction. Another major point that sets the Hex House apart is that the inhabitants are allowed to touch you.

An over-the-top group of actors, who go above and beyond for the scare, are wonderful, but it would be hard to pull off a haunted attraction of this nature without a ton of work behind the scenes too. Ask any haunted house buff why attractions end up failing to achieve a real scare, and they will most likely tell you this: predictability. Holmes adds that he hopes to do a third haunted attraction in the future and foresees a change of location, due to the fact that they have maximized the space they currently occupy. The Hex House and Rise of the Living Dead are located on the southeast corner of 71st and Memorial in Tulsa, next to Incredible Pizza. Cryptozoic Entertainment just launched a kickstarter campaign to fund their in-development Massively Multiplayer Trading Card Game (in short MMOTCG). Enter your email address to subscribe to MMOpage and receive notifications of new posts by email.
The Best of the Howling Hex can be ordered in LP, CD, MP3, and Flac formats now from Drag City Records, via THIS LINK!
Every pro-gamer can map their 6 favored spells, abilities, and items to these buttons for rapid actuation.
Specifically for the Razer Naga Hex, Razer Synapse 2.0 capabilities will be expanded to store settings for a custom Razer in-game UI designed just for MOBA and action-RPG players. This is especially useful in multiplayer first person shooters where proper sound placement can help you identify friends, foes and situations within the environment.

It is obvious to anyone who has visited that the staff does their best to bridge entertainment with truly scaring you and removing your comfort zone. According to Holmes, ninety-nine percent of the attraction is built in-house and the decorations are antiques and actual household items giving it a totally realistic and original feel. Eventually, you’ll know what will pop out of where, and who will scream when, and which door the monster is behind. It also accurately registers up to a whopping 250 clicks per minute, perfect for those with lightning fast reflexes. They are the creators of World of Warcraft TCG and board games based on popular franchises like The Walking Dead board game, Lord of The Rings deck building game and many others.
The actors have the freedom to roam throughout different rooms and tailor their scares to fit different groups throughout the night.

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