Once I set my mind to recessed pulls (also called campaign hardware), I turned to Pinterest. I think your pulls and the whole house, really, are going to be gorgeous – I’ve been loving your Instagram updates! Huge white kitchen design with butcher block kitchen island counter top, white glass-front kitchen cabinets, white carrara marble tiles backsplash, farmhouse sink, double ovens and Restoration hardware clemson kitchen island pendants. Top Design 2 - Love the dark wood walnut stained butcher block counters counter tops, countertops! Amazing kitchen with white floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets with marble countertops, white kitchen island with walnut butcher block countertop, small sink in kitchen island, La Cornue Range, glass tiles backsplash in herringbone pattern and industrial pendants. Beautiful kitchen design with crisp white kitchen cabinets with soapstone counter tops, modern square kitchen island with butcher block counter top, marble subway tiles backsplash, farmhouse sink and modern white bar stools. Beautiful kitchen features white cabinets paired with black countertops and subway tiled backsplash. Dream kitchen design with white glass-front kitchen cabinets, marble tiles backsplash & counter tops, gooseneck bridge faucets, white kitchen island with Scandinavian walnut butcher block counter tops, blue walls and sink in kitchen island.

Clean, crisp white kitchen with butcher block island countertop, white carrara marble countertops, white yoke pendant, white kitchen cabinets, white appliances and white subway tiles backsplash. Gorgeous traditional kitchen design with off-white glass-front kitchen cabinets, subway tiles backsplash, soapstone countertops, off-white kitchen island with butcher block counter top and farmhouse sink. White open kitchen design with tons of storage, creamy white glass-front kitchen cabinets, calcutta marble counter tops & backsplash, double farmhouse sinks, white kitchen island, butcher block counter top and pendants.
Huge open kitchen design with white kitchen cabinets, glossy subway tiles backsplash, Viking range, white carrara marble countertops, white kitchen island with glossy butcher block countertops and polished chrome drum tapered kitchen island pendants.
Gorgeous open kitchen design with creamy white kitchen cabinets, butcher block island, kitchen island with shelves and stools. Lovely kitchen with white glass-front kitchen cabinets, butcher block countertops and subway tiles backsplash. My husband and I ripped out and rebuilt our (1914, Phinney) kitchen last fall and I was totally gaga over recessed pulls, too.
I really like our Semihandmade fronts (we have the DIY shaker style), but we ended up doing a *lot* of additional customization.

You can probably relate, but our floors are not even close to level, so the toekicks were a doozy of a math lesson to install (we ended up scrapping the ones they sent and building new ones altogether). We ended up using Semihandmade fronts with Ikea boxes, and my husband was not thrilled about routing into those pretty, custom pieces.
Then we ended up building a custom range hood cover to match the upper cabinets, built in the fridge, built an open countertop hutch for dishes, etc. He had so few opinions throughout the whole remodel that I capitulated and we went with bin pulls.
The Semihandmade ordering process was really easy and I would definitely recommend them, with the understanding for old-house lovers like us that the whole installation will have some additional tweaks (but.. I end up pulling open a drawer mid-recipe fairly often, and I think the moving piece in the recessed pull would make it so easy for dough and crumbs to hide.

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