Note — you need to have JavaScript enabled to use various content features on this page. The saw has a replaceable 14 TPI (teeth per inch) blade, and it doubles as a conventional hand saw. For example, click on Color to sort by the color names or click on Price to sort by price (where available). The "calibration" of the blade angle (when trying to cut 45 and even 90 degrees) was significantly out.
Look at evolution, for DIY and even light trade use the top of the range model is quite good. For the decking any of the cheaper slide mitres the diy sheds etc sell are much of a muchness (you can see they all share the same chassis etc) - I think the 'Rage' brand really gives you the 'cut through anything' blade on a fairly standard tool doesn't it?
But ill be honest - since i bought a 22 year old elu saw my evolution barely gets a looking the elu is easier to set up. If you're after accuracy, then no motorised saw of that type will give you millimetre perfect cuts. Not saying its not propper but need to mind its a house not the chipendales latest cabinet! If you cant make a smooth mitre with a chop saw you should put it down and call in the pros ! If you want a mitre to be accurate, say for a picture frame etc, then a shooting board is a very handy piee of kit. True, but if the op did decide they wantted to get into tackiling a few more challenging projects, then it would be good to look at alternatives to power tools. For skirting and fine stuff use the manual one pictured above, takes a while but gives good cuts.
For speed the rage mitre saw is very impressive, mine is deadly accurate and has made building a massive playhouse thing fun instead of a grind.
It's fully adjustable so I got a square on it before I started and it's perfectly accurate. Blades are fairly expensive, but my local tool sharpener had no problem sharpening this one for ?8. It also allows you to do "rough" trench cuts (some sliding mitre saws have a depth stop to help with this), but you should remember to use a sacrificial piece of timber (straight and square) to effectively bring the fence out towards you, as the curvature of the blade means that the trench won't be the same depth to the existing fence.
Typically a joiner (yes I know you're a DIY'er but) worth his salt will scribe internal corners to skirtings rather mitre. The Bosch 10-inch dual bevel slide miter saw with upfront controls is the professional-grade choice for all your construction needs.
If you are like me, you probably got tired of reading the various promotional articles out there that only try to endorse that a particular miter saw is the one and only, the best on the market or that it will make every single one of your wishes come true.
Since you are reading this, you are someone that plans ahead, and you don’t want just any old miter saw, you want the best miter saw possible.
Lets start by defining what a Miter saw is, also called as “mitre saw”, it refers to a saw (wood cutting tool), that is used for creating miters and crosscuts with accuracy in a given work piece. Manual Miter saw: manual miter saw is a straight, fine toothed and short hand driven saw used for making fine cuts on millwork.
Power driven saw has a circular blade rotating at very high rpm, which is placed on the workpiece in a controlled motion. Compound miter saw: compound miter saw is a power driven saw used to make angled and bevel cuts in a given workpiece.
As the workpiece is fixed on the fence, and saw head moves, chances of kickback are negligible.
Double compound miter saw: In a simple compound miter saw, operator can tilt the saw head + blade only in one direction. Using a double bevel compound saw, worker can make compound and bevel cuts in both the directions, without the need to flip the large stock.
Double compound miter saw is same as the compound miter saw, with an added function of dual tilting option.
Sliding compound miter saw: Simple compound is a good tool for cutting angled cuts or bevels.
Sliding compound miter saw works same as compound miter saw, but has an added functionality of sliding horizontally. Sliding compound miter saws are used to make cross, miter, bevel and miter + bevel cuts on the wider boards. Sliding compound miter saws are made strong enough, so that the accuracy doesn’t decreases when moved or tilted. Miter saw provides accurate, efficient and versatile results than a table saw or a hand saw.
The main reason why positive stops are necessary in any miter saws is it allows the user to adjust the angles easily.
If you want to experience maximum comfort, the best way to achieve it is to select a miter saw that has an adjustable handle. Do not also forget that you will be working on different beveled cuts, a type of cut that is angled on two separate axes. Miter saws vary on its brand and manufacturer so to use it for a longer period, the best way would be to read and follow what is instructed. It also includes a hold-down clamp, screw holes for mounting, and a scale of working length. I know that you get what you pay for but is there anything more economical available that is suitable for an amateur DIYer like me. Your job probably doesn't require that degree of accuracy, however, and most household 'carpentry' doesn't. I have been using a very similar set up to the one pictured by wwaswas for some years now and have done out two houses with it but figured I'd treat myself now I'm having to do a lot of sawing. Im in the process of building my first ever project (a shed) so im looking at getting something like one of the above instead of a normal wood saw.
This saw features a multi-position handle and micro-fine miter adjustment knob for precision cuts.
We all have our personal preferences on what makes a good saw but if your like me then you want the absolute best miter saw possible, and so we’re here to help.

It is usually used for 45 degree angled cuts, which allows worker to join two pieces of wood at right angles. Miter index given on the saw helps in setting a required angle of the blade with respect to the holding fence.
As working with blade rotating on high speeds is highly dangerous, a blade guard covers the teeth of the blade.
Adjustable stops of 45 and 90 degrees are usually provided for tilting of head, so that angle can be adjusted easily and accurately. It can be used for cutting decks, window frames, door frames and any furniture where precise angle is important.
There are some models that have multiple handle positions so whenever you use it, you can take control on what you are doing and adjust the grip accordingly.
This feature is very useful because it enhances your safety whenever you start using the miter saw. The good thing about this is you do not have to change the blades one step at a time once you decide to choose which one works best for you. However, if you are faced with this dilemma, the best way to do is to consider the woodworking projects you will be working with.
In order for you not to have much difficulty in dealing these cuts, the best way is to have a compound miter saw that pivots on left to right, up and down.
If you are handling a board that is 1 foot long or even greater, it is very convenient to use a sliding miter saw. This woodwork material is actually portable and best suited for people who deal with cutting boards of different sizes. This will also keep you from harm because you will have an overview on how to safely use the miter saw. I don't know what the op means by 'general diy' though; they may well want to do framing and stuff that requires greater accuracy than an electric chop saw can give. If that's a stretch, there are plenty of this model on eBay second hand, but you takes your chances etc. If you're cutting, say, an inch off the end of a piece of timber, it means you can check your cut on the RHS of your pencil mark (and you don't have to draw a line across the whole of the workpiece with a square).
Crown molding cabinets that had been insulated with a rectangular pattern, for example, now used as crown molding cabinets without bulkhead.
Nowadays, readymade miter boxes are available, which are made of either molded plastic or cast aluminum. The piece to be cut is held firmly by the clamps, and hence the cutting process is made easier and more accurate. But dual compound miter saw, advanced version of simple compound miter saw, solves this problem. In sliding compound miter saw, rails are provided, which allows front back sliding motion of the motor blade. Since it is very handy, any woodworker would want to add this on their power tool collection.
Since there is a variation of miter range, it is very important to choose the type of specification you really need. Making furniture and cutting wooden materials require different blades, making it time consuming. Laser guides can do a lot of help in ensuring the blade aligned properly on the planned cut. This feature is unique because you can adjust and use the miter saw according to your needs.
Although ordinary miter saws can do different beveled cuts, it requires a lot of skills to perfect it. This kind of saw is quite similar to compound miter saws, but its blade is installed in a sliding track in order to maintain a specific angle while cutting a wider board. If you have chosen the best miter saw for your needs, always take a look on the instruction manual and follow the safety guidelines. As it happens, I've used the extra capacity loads of times and will probably continue to do so. In some of miter boxes, clamps are also provided to hold small pieces tightly while cutting. In this modern world, although manual miter saw has been largely displaced by power driven saws, it is still used in picture frame making industry. Some of power driven saws also provide a laser guide, to give a visual indication throughout the cutting process. On lowering the blade on the workpiece, the cover retracts, and on raising the blade, it recovers the blade. They are power tools that are also used for cutting materials like cumber etc.  As the pivoted point is strongly fixed to heavy base of the saw tool, the cuts made are very precise and are easily repeatable. Simple compound miter saws are costlier than manual saws, but are much cheaper than double and sliding compound miter saws. But due to this, the range of pivot mechanism is narrowed, which limits the thickness of the material that can be cut. Some materials might not go well on a narrow miter range while others work perfectly on a wider miter range.
You can read the visible indexes on the miter and bevel so you will not have a hard time working on this tool.
To make sure that the right angles are obtained, having easy and adjustable positive stops is beneficial. You just have to choose a durable miter saw that has this feature so that it is not difficult to work on the material and faster result is experienced.
So before buying a miter saw, better choose a product that has a handle for adjusting your movements freely and without hassles. You do not want to cut yourself whenever you cut wooden materials so; do a little research and check the electric brake for you to have a great experience in using a miter saw.
With the easy change blade system of miter saw, it is not hard to change one blade to the other. If you often work on long and wide materials, a stand having extensions would be very helpful.

This is not difficult to find because an ordinary miter saw does not have complex features. Whatever kind of miter saw you chose, it is always recommended to assess your needs first and foremost.
But then, you think a pocket screw jig is a good tool for joining 12mm ply at right angles. Size cabinets, crown molding cabinets, and trellises not need to be replaced; model is replaced. With its upfront lock level and range selector knob, the dual bevel slide miter saw gives you easy access to the bezel settings, so you can be confident that every cut is precise.
This miter box works as a tray to hold the workpiece or the job in place and guides saw during the sawing operation. To cut a piece, it is placed in the miter box and the cutting point is aligned with the required angle slot in the box wall.
Power driven saw is a power operated tool which is used to make accurate cuts in a given workpiece within a less time. This laser tells the positioning of the blade on the workpiece before the worker starts cutting.
Compound miter saw blade and motor is mounted on a pivoted arm, this combination is brought down on the material using a handle. Compound saws are also provided with dust bags that collect all the sawdust from the wood during the cutting process. Sliding compound miter saw is a kind of compound miter saw, which has horizontally sliding arms that allows cutter head to move horizontally, so that cuts on wider boards can be obtained. However, several kinds of miter saws exist in the market and their features vary from one another. In order to obtain the right range, determine your needs and choose a more flexible miter range. The sliding fence is actually beneficial considering that it minimizes hassles in working to users who are working on cutting and making home furniture at any sorts.
Miter saw works well if it comes from a reliable manufacturer and made of durable materials. Time is more preserved that is why you can deliver the work a lot faster than using other kind of saw. The advantage of having dual lasers is it allows you to see the entire width of the material to be cut. Miter saw is an important tool to any woodworker so investing on the best type would be very beneficial.
In essence, the model replacement cabinets, can be done with minimal seek replacement material already.
Also, hand driven saw is a cheap tool  that is preferred by workers who have less workload and enough time. So before you decide to buy one, you better understand the features of it and choose the best miter saw for your needs. If you are having a hard time choosing, ask recommendations from friends who might have been familiar with miter saws. This kind of feature also varies from one manufacturer to the other so make sure that you get the right positive stop for your convenience. However, if you happen to have a single laser, it will allow you to see the beginning of the cut. Eventually, this will minimize the costs to be incurred of how to cut crown molding for cabinets. When one cut is finished, change the settings on the saw's miter adjustment knob and transition the miter angles up to two degrees left or right for varying cuts.Work in Comfort and ControlThe miter saw features a miter detent override, which allows you to hold the detent lever away from the table for free rotation, giving you more control over the machine and the material you're working with.
This slot guides the saw throughout the cut and keeps the blade perpendicular to the face of the wooden piece or board. The word “compound” means the angle of the blade, which is adjustable in horizontal and vertical plane.
Whichever type of lasers you choose; this feature makes you have a good experience with miter saws.
To keep your hands from straining, the handle can be moved into any of four positions for optimum user comfort.
Although the beams were damaged only 20 % of the overall length of the beam, the beam would be better if replaced a damaged closet rod.How To Use A Hand Miter SawLet’s say you are going to make a molding and you should firstly measure and mark it with a pencil.
Because this tool features a premium 72-tooth carbide-tipped blade, your saw stays sharp and ready for action.Creates a Clean, Sturdy Work AreaBacked by a 15-amp motor, the miter saw lets you make powerful, confident cuts using the saw's 3-horsepower output. Place it upward if there is any beveling to get the flat side of the molding is against the work surface.
A handy tool-free clamp secures the object to the base to create a steady work area, while the length stop prevents your project from getting away during the cutting.
Now use the hand miter saw by securing it to the rig or slide it into the slots of the box.
If your system has attached clumps, you can use it directly or use other clamps for keeping the board from sliding if your system doesn’t have any clump. After that, hold the molding to the fence using one hand and use the other to push the saw forward completely.
Saw the molding as you pull it toward you and keep sawing with measured strokes until it cuts through the bottom of the molding.Do It Yourself Decorating IdeasHaving a well decorated house is a dream of everyone. Decorating plans commonly can be done easily; everyone has their own good and interesting concepts of the home decoration. The hardest thing to do is how to get the proper decoration without spending too much budget.

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