I suspect every gardener has his or her favorite tools to use in the garden, and what works best likely evolves over time.  My guess is that most of us start with one very specific kind of gardening – perhaps a flower bed in front of their house, or a small vegetable patch in the back – and the tools we use and value evolve as our interests grow and change. Much as I love to get “down and dirty” in my garden, sometimes my joints tell me that I would be well served to stay upright while I work in the garden.  For those occasions, I have a few more favorite tools. My third favorite is a small bamboo rake.  It looks like it could be a children’s tool, but it has an adult-length handle. I want to mention one more tool with a much more limited role in my garden but which works beautifully when needed. Beyond tools, there are three other garden items that I find indispensable.  One is a pair of Crocs. Weeding is definitely the bane of the organic farmer, especially on farms that are considered small (less than 50 acres).
Larger organic farms are generally set up with wider rows that tractors can drive through with weeding implements, and small organic gardens are generally weeded by hand without too much trouble. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. As an ancient and versatile agricultural tool, a hoe is used to move small amounts of soil.
Equipped with a forged head and hardwood handle, this superbly versatile digging hoe completes your gardening tasks efficiently. Spear & Jackson traditional dutch hoe features an attractive and durable handle, making it perfect for your garden.
The Joseph Bentley Onion Hoe has a long curved shaft for protecting your knuckles from the ground. This entry was posted in Hoes and tagged Best Garden Hoes, Garden Hoe, hoe on August 1, 2013 by longer. Hand cultivators can be used to work the soil in preparation for planting in small gardens. When choosing garden tools, consider the gardening tasks you do regularly and select the tools required for your needs.
Most gardeners need a sturdy wheelbarrow or some type of utility cart to carry and transport soil, seeds, or other necessities for gardening tasks. If you have many shrubs that need to be pruned or trees that need to be cut, you'll want a good pair of pruning shears and possibly a hand saw. Although you might see a good deal on garden tools online, you might not be able to judge the quality from a picture. Keep garden supplies such as seed, fertilizers, and plant food stored on a shelf away from insects and pests. A spade is the shovel’s companion and designed for edging beds and leveling soil with its flat bottom and generally shorter handle. A garden hoe is needed for breaking up soil clumps and turned at an angle, it is helpful for digging out young weeds and grass in garden beds. A good pair of gloves for the garden is also a must-have to keep your hands protected from thorns, slivers and blisters. If you garden has many container plantings, a watering can will help move water to where it is needed. Wheelbarrows are the work-saver tool for moving soil, plants, compost, or debris from place to place.

A garden sprayer is a handy way to apply liquid or water-soluble fertilizers to the garden. Other applicators are drop spreaders, which look like a small lawn mower, or hand-held broadcast spreaders for pellet style fertilizers. William is a master gardener who grows his own culinary herbs, organic heirloom vegetables and a variety of fruits. Check out our first three Tools for Wiser Living and why they qualify as best garden tools. Hustler Turf’s zippy, zero-turn Zeon electric riding mower easily makes our Tools for Wiser Living list.
That said, I think there are a few tools that are likely essential for any gardener, at least anyone with a small, urban garden.  Here are my personal favorites, divided into two general categories – hand tools and long-handled tools. Here, I don’t think you can beat Felcos, the Cadillac of pruners on the market.  There are several options from which to choose, designed for specific tasks and hand sizes.
I use this tool less often than some others because I grow mostly herbaceous perennials, but it’s indispensable for heavier cutting. My current favorite is a Martha Stewart tool that I bought at Kmart.  It’s sturdy but not too heavy.
The common tasks of it is to agitate the surface of the soil around plants, hill soil around the base of plants, create narrow furrows (drills) and shallow trenches for planting seeds and bulbs, to chop weeds, roots and crop residues, and so on.
The head is made from mirror polished stainless steel, so it is both resistant to rust and keeping soil adhesion to a minimum. They have a twelve month guarantee and the combinations of carbon steel and stainless steel tools are offered along with standard and soft grip handles make them ideal for your garden.
A polished onion head made of stainless steel features a bevelled edge, making it perfect for de-weeding or tilling soil.
Choose shears that have a comfortable grip handle, so you will be less likely to suffer stress or repetitive-motion injury.
Garden gloves can protect your hands from injury, and also shield against bacteria when you are handling soil.
Look for a model with sturdy steel tines to break up small clods of soil and move small rocks or stones. Every yard needs fresh supplies of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium added to the soil as garden plants and lawns consume those chemicals throughout their growth cycle.
Some models attach to a garden hose and some larger sprayers are a several gallon container with its own hose (sometimes called a Hudson sprayer).
If you have an insect control problem, ask your nursery about multi-application fertilizers to control the problem.
Writing from a well-connected studio in the rural foothills of the west coast, he is a frequent speaker at local art associations and has published numerous articles discussing periods of art history and the fundamentals of drawing and painting.
The owners and operators of this site do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, and compliance of the content on this site. The Wilkinson Sword gardening tools collection comprises highly engineered, quality products and stainless steel garden tools.
If you want to do something to let your flower beds stay looking at their very best, with a little bit of love and weeding, then start with Joseph Bentley Onion Hoe. You probably can find a knowledgeable sales clerk at a home improvement store who can advise you on the right type of saw you will need.

For tasks such as garden planting, choose a garden tool set that contains the basics, such as a trowel and cultivator.
If you want something compact that comes in its own storage carrying case, choose an all-in-one garden tool set. Even tools that are advertised as ergonomically designed might not provide the comfort you need, which is why it's a good idea to buy your garden tools in person. The handle should be securely attached to the tang of the blade with several rivets or a sturdy bolt and nut. The better ones will have a flathead style on top of the tines allowing you to flip the rake over and level the soil for planting. The wider model is handy for digging larger holes, and the narrow model is perfect for planting bulbs. Ask your nursery to suggest which are best for your garden and always store fertilizers on a shelf and off the ground.
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When shopping for garden tools, also consider buying a protective tool chest or some type of storage caddy. Some garden gloves also provide support for the wrists while gardeners are working on repetitive tasks. In addition to this tool set, you'll most likely want to buy a rounded-tip shovel for planting a flower bed or fruit and vegetable garden. The shovel’s blade should be sharp, curved and deep for greater soil penetration when digging holes.
The garden fork is sometimes confused with a pitchfork, which features a longer handle and thinner tines. Whichever you choose, check how it fits in your hand and see if it is confortable to dig and cultivate soil. Choose a model that is rubber or vinyl and is constructed of several layers of mesh to prevent kinking. The six or eight cubic foot construction style wheelbarrows are rugged, but difficult to move when fully loaded. A good garden fork will have a short handle and four thick tines for quickly digging in and turning soil. Whichever you choose sharpen the blade periodically to keep it performing well in the garden.
Choose one that will hold a generous amount of water that is still easy to carry when full.
For many gardeners the smaller four or five cubic foot size models are easier to lift and more mobile.
Choose one with a sturdy and well-attached handle that will stand up to years of heavy use.

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