The DCF886 is a nice model, and was our 2015 Editor’s Choice for Best Cordless Impact Driver.
I came across a fantastic deal on a Dewalt brushless combo, but instead of just telling you about it, let’s lead up to it.
The DCF886 impact driver, bare tool, is $129 via Amazon, before $25 off $100 discount, or $104 after. Related: Read about the upcoming new Dewalt 20V Max compact brushless drill and hammer drill, DCD791 and DCD796.
I love these Dewalt ToughSystem tool boxes, and the large one ($50 via Amazon) is also eligible for the holiday $25 off $100+ promo. We, Bay Verte Machinery, have the 2 piece brushless kit with a free sawzall and 3rd battery for $299(after trade in).

Yet another deal that we have had at my work(Bay Verte Machinery) for almost 2 months now except ours comes with 3 batteries and two of them are 4ah. The Door busters are the only ones that have to be in store, and most of those can actually be ordered anyway. Now that the 3-speed Dewalt DCF887 is coming out, the DCF886 might be unseated in next year’s recommendations.
For the price of the hammer drill and impact driver kit, you get this special bundle, which also has an LED worklight and ToughSystem tool box. When placed in hammerdrill mode, the tool delivers 8,500 to 34,000 beats per minute for making holes in masonry.
Its variable-speed trigger allows you to move between speeds ranging from 0 to 2,400 rpm and to deliver 0 to 2,700 impacts per minute for quick, results with minimum effort pushing in the fastener as it sinks into the material.In addition, this impact driver's frameless motor features replaceable brushes for improved durability and extended tool life.

A durable, magnesium gear case and an all-metal transmission also contribute to the tool's exceptional durability.
And the driver's heavy-duty impact mechanism directs torque to the fastener without causing the reactionary torque kickback seen when using a drill. This protects you, your tool, and your work.Trademarked XRP Extended-Life Battery SystemTwo XRP Lithium Ion extended run-time batteries keep all of these tools running at optimum levels.
Any XRP battery can be used with any 18-volt DEWALT tool, which allows you to expand your system by adding other DEWALT cordless tools (sold separately) as the demands of your job grow.

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