March 31, 2016 by ToolDude Gone are the days where choosing a power tool is based solely on power. Premium drills offers more features than value drills for the same amount of power, in many cases. Usually, premium drills have better quality components or internals compared with other drills. To the user, premium drills offer the most features and these features can be important to both the residential use of the tool or the commercial use of the tool depending on how important a feature is to the user. Dewalt is a leading manufacturer of premium power tools and this cordless drill – DEWALT Model #DCD995M2 Cordless Hammer Drill is one among many of their top units. Producing over 34,000BPM and with a three speed gear box, top speed being 2,000 RPM, this hammer drill is a power house. It has an all metal chuck with ratcheting, key less bit change system and the 20 Volt XR batteries have a 33 percent run time over standard battery packs. This cordless drill – DEWALT Model #DCD980M2 Cordless Drill uses the 20 Volt MAX system for power and performance. Makita has been making quality power tools for generations and this cordless 18 Volt drill – Makita Model #XFD03 Cordless Drill, is a good example of the quality in each product. This specific model has a multiple position clutch for the right torque application and it has a key less bit change system for easy bit changes. Milwaukee tools have an unparalleled reputation for quality and performance and this drill – Milwaukee Model #2604-22 Cordless Drill lives up to that standard. This drill uses unique technology to have the tool and charger and battery communicate to optimize performance and safety.
It comes with a side handle for stability and the battery is designed to last longer than other batteries, making it easier to get the job done. The ergonomic design reduces the vibratory stresses with such high torque and therefore, it reduces operator fatigue during use. It has a three state LED, battery charge indicator as well as the normal features to be expected such as a multiple position clutch, a key less bit change system and best of all the motor is brushless meaning a longer lasting tool. This drill is an excellent premium drill that will more than pay for the investment over time. All tools are different and all tool requirements are different, thus for tool longevity and safety, it is important to read and follow the operator’s manual and guide. Power tools are be dangerous during operation and it is highly recommended that the operator always wear the appropriate safety gear.
March 24, 2016 by ToolDude Among tools that every homeowner, construction worker, workshop owner etc, should have, the drill is perhaps the one tool that is useful regardless of user proficiency. In fact, a drill is the one power tool that should occupy every person’s tool drawer. Regardless of power source, budget drills are perfect for light to medium duty tasks that are commonly encountered everywhere from the home to workshop and construction site.
For example, alkaline drills are great for the homeowner or for those who work on small projects like modelers or computer builders. Cordless drills are also great for household tasks and workshop tasks for similar reasons but tend to be more powerful for drilling through thick wood and some metals. Electric corded drills are the most powerful versions in the budget category and can handle any light to medium duty task but a person has to contend with the cord.
The overall point, drills have come a long way and honestly, there is little reason why all three types shouldn’t be part of the home or workshop arsenal. This 7,2 Volt, li-ion drill system uses a mid handle position for comfort and accurate drilling and fastening.
It uses a keyless chuck and can be tightened or loosened by hand and the drill motor uses a fan to extract heat and thus extend the life of the drill. This drill – Drill Master 18 Volt Cordless Drill uses an 18 Volt battery system that can be recharged in 3 to 5 hours. This is great for use in cars, camping and other areas where a compact, portable drill can be used. It also has 6 torque settings to make sure to get the right power to to the right spot to get the job done. It has variable speeds in either forward or reverse and the cord is easily stored on the unit.
As with all power tools, be sure to read and follow the operator’s manual for tool longevity and personal safety.
Filed Under: Corded drills, Cordless drills, Under $50 Tagged With: featuredWhat is the Best Drill under $100 in 2016? It can be used to drill holes, fasten screws and other fasteners and can be used for polishing, grinding and more depending on the bit or head attached.
Drills come in different varieties such as cordless or corded and both work equally well depending on the job. Older electric drills were bulky tools made of steel with heavy copper internals making them painful to use for extended period.
Drills became lighter and more powerful and finally with the advent of cordless technology, they were able to cut the cord. Corded drills are still useful where raw power is needed to handle denser materials or where extreme torque is needed.
Drills are one tool that should be found in both residential and commercial settings and can be very useful in almost every industry. On the drill head it uses a multi position, keyless chuck for fast bit changes and there is plenty of torque and performance from the 20 Volt battery. DeWalt is a leading manufacturer of power tools and this corded electric drill packs in the power.
While this drill is great for residential use or for use in a workshop, it can also handle tough jobsite use as well. Ultra compact and designed to handle overhead applications with little effort, this 12 Volt drill can handle residential or commercial applications. It uses a 20 position chuck for precise drilling and excellent control, the keyless aspect makes bit changes easy and fast. The drive transmission is dual speed and with variable trigger control, getting thru the right material is no problem. When purchasing a new tool, always read and follow the operators instructions found in the manual. Always remember to be aware of your surrounding when operating power tools, for your safety and that of others.
February 11, 2016 by ToolDude Getting a good cordless drill for residential or commercial use does not have to break the bank. Cordless drill technology has come a long way since its inception and the newer lithium-ion battery technology means not only is there plenty of power and torque but enough run time to get the project finished.
Also, the new battery chargers will charge much quicker than the older ones, meaning you can get back to work faster. In practical terms this means little difference in torque output of the drill and very little difference in run time, under ambient conditions. Generally, it is up to the individual to decide how important a specific feature is and that includes the variation between speeds and torque.

The Makita Model #FD02W Cordless Drill has two speeds, controlled by the variable trigger and it uses a keyless clutch with multipositions to get the right bit fit.
It has an LED light so you can see into the space you are working in and the 12 Volt motor puts out 260 inches per foot of torque. This drill – Milwaukee Model #2403-22 Cordless Drill is engineered to deliver performance and longevity.
It uses an intelligent system of communication between the various parts of the tool to protect against overload and damage thus extending the life of the tool.
This drill – Hitachi Model #DS18DSALX Cordless Drill is part of the compact, professional series from Hitachi.
DeWalt is the leading manufacturer of power tools and this cordless drill continues that trend.
It is dual speed with variable trigger control and the tool with fit other 18 Volt DeWalt batteries from 1996 onwards.
But what kind is the best?  Which brands have the best reputation?  What kind of drill is best for your needs? Customers who reviewed their products love their long battery life (in applicable models), excellent quality of design and sturdy build, how effortlessly even the lightweight smaller models perform in many situations, and more. Makita provides great, high quality products, though they cannot always compare to the volume of products available from slightly larger brands.  They still offer a variety of products in their line of power tools, and have been a leader in tools for generations, most trades swear by them for longevity and trouble-free daily use. Makita drills, specifically, come by themselves, in kits, tool sets, hammer drills, driver drills, right angle drills, cordless and electric, and even drills with guides and optional additional handles for making use easier on you with the more powerful models. Reviewers of Makita products love their drills for their creature comforts, like their variable torque settings (on applicable models), ergonomic design, lightweight models (when applicable), and amazing among of power even with some of the smaller options. With battery operated models, they loved how much power the products still had, with super fast charging batteries that lasted a good, long while, so it was easy to get the job done without having to wait for another charge. Bosch is another excellent brand with lots of options to choose from, from impact drivers to drill drivers, to hammer drills, to kits, to battery or electric, to power saws, to scanners, and more. Reviewers from the Bosch models listed on Amazon’s Bestseller list of drills loved their tough, heavy-duty drills that were also lightweight, powerful, and how versatile their products are, great for just about any job. They also praised their batteries for holding a charge for an excellent amount of time.  Many reviewers highly recommended Bosch for their high quality, highly adaptable, easy to use, and powerful products. Hitachi products include drills of all types, power saws, hand tools, tool accessories (drill bits, measurement and layout tools, etc), and more.  They do great work with tools across the board, and are reasonably priced while still maintaining high quality products.
Hitachi reviewers adored their products for their lightweight, ergonomic designs, long battery life and charge holding (in applicable models), amazing power, high quality product, how easy they are to use, and how versatile they are. Black & Decker is on this list for a very simple, but excellent, reason, they are not the best engineered, but they are very popular. Whether you need a right angle drill to get into those hard to reach places, a hammer drill for multitasking, just something basic like a drill driver, battery or electric, Black & Decker will have it for you at a reasonable price.
Reviewers absolutely rave about each of their inexpensive products, loving how sturdy their drills are, and how long their batteries hold a charge in their products (when applicable).
Overall, they are affordable, accessible, decently made products with a wide variety to choose from in order to make your home improvement go as smoothly as possible, helping you out along the way with expert craftsmanship. They range in price based on power (size of motor and operating type – battery or corded electric), size, and creature comforts.
Best Answer: DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch and Hitachi are all very good professional quality tools. Large Selection of Best Cordless Drill for Sale from different brands and types at discount prices.Buy everything you need From our Drill Tools store and Accessories Buy the Best Cordless Drill reading to see why the black and yellow are one of the most widely used brands I want to buy my husband an 18V cordless drill. Remember when buying a portable drill, you have to read cordless drill reviews first so you can choose which brand is best for you.
In-depth cordless drill reviews for all the top brands of cordless drills Some of the best known name brands are Black Decker, Craftsman, Ryobi, and Skil.
Our goal is to offer you the best cordless drill products as well as helpful information about each brand, a review of each cordless drill model, and a special "How-To For a light user the best bargain in drills may come from Black Decker. International Class 007: Power tools, namely, drills, impact drivers, circular saws, reciprocating saws, kits consisting primarily of one or more power tools, namely, consisting of one or more power drills, impact drivers, circular saws, reciprocating saws, and also containing specially designed battery packs and battery chargers. Other pre-exiting trademarks for batteries and chargers, and also LED worklights, are further complicating things for TTI’s legal team. Reminder: TTI designs and manufacturers power tools for Ridgid, and is also the parent company of Milwaukee Tools.
I don’t think there will be a strong connection between X5 and XCP product deployments.
I can’t imagine that a company like TTI would not cross pollinate the development and manufacturing among several brand names. The only problem with rigid cordless is for some reason they will not release a full line of cordless tools with their battery platform. For cordless drills, this can be especially important as cordless drills are being called upon to handle more and more tasks that were normally reserved for corded drills. This includes metal gear boxes for durability on the work site, close tolerant gears for better interlocking and thus better transfer of power to the chuck and better electrical components for the power system. These factors increase the quality and durability of the premium drill when compared to less expensive counterparts. Consumers who are looking for quality, well built and dependable tools, who want the tool to last for a long time would do well in investing in premium tools for longevity and features. This is a top quality hammer drill that would be excellent for the construction site or even in the workshop. Additionally, always be aware of your surroundings while operating a power tool, for your safety and that of others.
Electric, cordless, and if a person wanted to go old fashioned, the hand drill, there is a drill for just about every hand size, purpose and proficiency level. Inexpensive drills are available in cordless, corded electric and even alkaline versions that use standard batteries.
Budget drills are well made tools that built to last but don’t necessarily have some of the fancy features of the more expensive drills. The battery of the Black & Decker Model #LDX172C Cordless Drill can hold a charge for up to 18 months and the fact it is li-on means there is no battery memory or early discharge.
It has a keyless chuck system that can be used by hand and it has a forward and reverse speed, available with a sliding button.
It has variable speeds including forward and reverse and the keyless chuck is easy to use by hand.
Since it is connected by cord, this drill offers high performance torque to produce targeted force for any project. It uses a mid position handle for accurate work and comfort, just like the cordless drills. For anyone looking for a drill that will handle a range of applications and do it well, this is the perfect drill. While other tools such as saws are important part of any tool kit, the one that typically sees use more than any other is the drill. With all this, it is little wonder why drills are such an important part of any tool kit or tool arsenal.

Modern drills are much more powerful than their ancestors and this goes for both corded and cordless drills.
Cordless drills have also increased in power and longevity of charge and therefore are highly prized for their ability to get into tight spaces and handle longer job cycles.
Best of all, it is quite possible to get a quality and reliable drill for under $100 dollars. What separates the Black & Decker Model #BDCDMT120 Drill from others is the use of the Black and Decker Matrix system that allows the transmission head to be swapped out for other accessories. The 8 amp motor delivers a generous amount of torque for any application and the variable speed trigger controls speeds up to 2,000 RPM.
There are many quality drills in the sub $200 dollar range that offer quality and dependability to get the job done.
Cordless drills are an essential part of any tool kit, for either the home, home workshop or construction site. What is important is that many of the batteries supply the same amount of amperage just different voltage.
All it really means is that one battery will charge to around 18 volts and the other will charge to around 20 volts. Overall, the point is to get a drill that will do the job it is designed to do, do it well and will be able to do it job after job. This makes it easy to get into and out of tight spaces and being lightweight reduces operator fatigue. The DEWALT Model #DCD790B Cordless Drill has a LED light with delay so you can see the workspace and the light is trigger controlled. The motor is brushless and designed to perform up to 10X the run time versus comparable models.
They create a large variety of wonderful, reasonable quality, low cost products that are readily available. On some of the lighter models, people love how easy they are to handle while still having the power to get the job done. Black and Decker, Skil, Craftsman and Ryobi are In this section we will all put it together and compare the best cordless drills Rec. Though corded drills contain more power in general, cordless drills overall have features and ben Read the Best Cordless Drill Reviews on all the top brand name drills.
I'm torn between a Black and Decker Firestorm for $77 via Amazon and a DeWalt for alot more. Known as the best place to purchase any type of tool, Sears offers a wide selection of cordless drills, including popular brands like Craftsman, Dewalt, Makita and Hitachi.
Back from Best Cordless Drill Reviews to the tooth now, but it was the best I could find in Cordless drills are convenient but, they're more expensive and and Black Decker but, the quality of the two brands Looking for the Best cordless drill tool kit?
Prices for these top-of-the-line cordless power drills range from approximately $150 on Online shopping for Cordless Drills from a great selection of Best Sellers Brands Brand.
At first it was just the looks, but after testing it out in person the X4 driver’s user-friendly features won me over for good. It just so happens that a couple of months ago TTI filed a trademark application (USPTO serial# 85779419) for X5 branding. The X4 series of tools is highly regarded, and in my opinion without much room for competitive improvement.
I say if because there is no concrete evidence yet, but it is unlikely that TTI would seek to trademark the X5 branding without intending to use it in the near future. I’d like to see the internals and see if they use some of the same components, trigger, motors, and or battery cells.
AeG tools is the European version on ridgid tools so when ridgid releases their brushless tools it should be identical to the AEG brushless models that have just been released.
It’s not definite that those new AEG products will be available in the USA under Ridgid branding. Where the differences between value drills and premium drills occurs is in terms of quality and performance over the life of the drill and the features of the individual tool. The ratcheting, all metal, chuck makes it easy to change out bits as well has maintaining a firmer bit grip.
This puts this drill – Makita Model #XFD07M LXT Cordless Drill in a class by itself in terms of power and operator comfort. Best of all, one does not have to spend large sums of money to get a good drill that will fasten, drill light holes and more. All of these share the same functionality but are more or less convenient to use in terms of getting into small and tight places. The high performance torque means it can handle almost any material found around the home or workshop.
The DEWALT Model #DWD112 Drill uses a keyless chuck for easy bit changes as well as a pistol grip handle for comfort and precise usage. It has a keyless chuck for fast and easy bit changes and uses a bubble level so you can get level and precise usage, time and time again. For example an 18 Volt, 2 amp hour battery is pretty much the same as a 20 Volt, 2 amp hour battery. The general rule of thumb, the higher the speed the less the torque, so it really depends on what the main purpose of the drill is. The DEWALT Model #DCD760KL Cordless Drill is compact at around 8 inches and has an LED to see into tight workspaces.
Their budget products don’t stop at power tools, either, they branched off into a vast line of other home appliances, from coffee makers to vacuums and more, making them a household name.
Cordless Power Tool Brands: DeWalt, Makita, Bosch, Festool, Black and Decker, Ridgid, Any brand (maximum GBP 200). There is no definitive indication that this mark is intended for Ridgid-branded tools, but it’s a reasonable presumption given the logical link between X4 and X5.
Perhaps the X5 series will be based on brushless drills and drivers, larger higher performing saws, and higher capacity battery packs. It is mainly with this in mind that I believe the X5 line (or whatever it will eventually be called) is being developed around brushless and higher-performing tools. It comes with a rotating position, side handle and depth rod for exacting drilling and fastening.
It would make an excellent addition to any tool kit from under the counter to the construction site.
To see ratings and reviews on over 100 brand-name cordless drills including Bosch, DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee and more, visit us at Best Cordless Drill.

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