At the Annual General Meeting, Monday, April , 2010 a slate of officers and directors will be elected to manage the affairs of the club for the coming year. A number of organizations and like-minded people are gathering to launch a new endeavor that will bring students of the Grey and Bruce area and parts of Wellington and Huron counties, together to learn, appreciate and celebrate our local forest heritage. The Bruce Grey Forest Festival will involve many different local environmental groups and associations, ministries, stewardship councils, conservation authorities, local industry and volunteers from the community as well as the appropriate school boards. Only one other forest festival of this kind exists in Ontario - in October 2008, the Carolinian Forest Festival was held at Jaffa Environmental Education Centre and Springwater Conservation Area near St.
The Bruce Grey Forest Festival will take place at Allan Park Management Unit October 19, 20 & 21, 2010. This old-fashioned event features plenty of pancakes and real maple syrup in addition to countless activities for the entire family.A  This year, the event will feature a unique and rare collection of insects from around the world (hosted by Orkin)!
Recently placed on the endangered species list Butternut trees are in great danger of becoming extinct. If you think you have Butternut trees on your property please consider attending this free workshop. Youa€™ll Learn About: The tree, the disease and how you can get involved with its recovery.
On the morning of September 26 a dozen SFN members set out in a light drizzle to explore the section of the Bruce Trail that passes through the upper portion of the proposed Malcolm Bluff Shores Nature Reserve north of Wiarton in the Bruce Peninsula.
Eleven-year-old Luke in his bright red ball cap was the trailbreaker and leader most of the way. Dave, Jerry and Joan kept watch for birds which were rather scarce but they pointed out small groups of chickadees and kinglets gleaning insects from the shrubs and trees along the cliff edge. Clarke drew attention to some of the geological features, including terraces of the Amabel, Fossil Hill and Manitoulin formations, the beginnings of crevice caves and a dramatic unspoiled alvar area. Photographers John, Gerard and Doug were busy documenting the outing in the soft autumn light.
All of us, including Janice and Herb, enjoyed the exercise, fresh moist air, scenic views and natural richness of the property. We may plan a spring birding and wildflower outing along the logging road on the lower level of the nature reserve.
Since Kinghurst became a nature reserve and SFN became the stewards Ontario Nature and the SFN have faced a dilemma regarding what to about the cabin on the Harrison tract. Various groups doing inventories, research or stewardship projects have used it as a as a shelter, a€?research stationa€? and storage area. Porcupines chewed through the fascia, soffit and a portion of the roof during the years of indecision. The first step was to replace the deteriorating asphalt shingles with excellent quality metal roofing. Jerry and I attended the North American Bluebird Convention at the Burlington Botanical Gardens Sept 8-11th There were 105 people registered from all areas of the U.S.
On May 5th the Saugeen Field Naturalists had an evening wild flower walk through the southeast side of Kinghurst. We have had a very early spring this year so the flowers we saw were different than you would normally see on an early May walk at Kinghurst.
Here is our species list: Wild leek leaves were up and the Trout lily flowers were fading, Common blue violet, Wild strawberry, Marsh Marigolds, common blue eyed grass, Hairy Solomon Seal, white Trilliums False Solomon Seal, Canada Mayflower, Downy yellow violet, Bloodroot, Toothwort, Maidenhair Fern, Ginger, Long spurred Violet, Ostrich fern, Royal Fern, Sensitive Fern, Jack in the Pulpit, Large Flowered Bellwort, Harts tongue Fern, hooked Crowfoot, Showy Orchids in bud, Meadow Rue, Foam flower, Canada violet, Gooseberry, Squirrel corn, Glaucous Honeysuckle, Dwarf Canada Primrose, and White Baneberry. On June 12, 2010 Joan and Walter Crowe led our group of 9 eager participants on a wildflower tour of Grey and Bruce Counties.
We headed for the Sauble Beach area just in time to meet up with one of our sister clubs (Stratford Field Naturalists) who led us to our first orchid of the day a€“ Hookera€™s Orchid (a a€?lifea€? orchid for many in the group). All in all we came up with (at least the ones I could remember to record) 48 species of flower of which 9 were orchids.
We also had several feeder watchers who called and sent their numbers in via email they were Louise, Barb Doerr, and the Kaufman brothers. A special thank you to Charlene who prepared a great meal for everyone at the wrap up and tally at the end of the day.
Two additional species were recorded as count week birds but will not appear on final totals.
Fifteen years ago, Nancy Griffin, Educational coordinator for Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority (SVCA), had an idea to educate children about forests in a natural setting. In the spring of 2009, 25 people from 15 organizations met as a committee to discuss the feasibility and structure of the project and composed a Project Business plan and a budget for $55,000. On November 13, 2010 our club made our first outing (following in the footsteps of our Junior Naturalists) to the Wings of Paradise now known as the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory.
We began our tour by listening to a presentation as part of the Butterflies and Blossoms Program. The presentation was followed by a lovely lunch and then a personal guided tour of the facility.
At the Annual General Meeting, Monday, April , 2010 a slate of officers and directors will be elected to manage the affairs of the club for the coming year.A  There will be two vacancies to be filled this year. Youa€™ll Learn About:A  The tree, the disease and how you can get involved with its recovery.
Longtime member Clarke Birchard was the recipientA  of the SFN Conservation Award for 2010.A  Clarke was presented with a beautiful Scarlet Tanager image created by John Reaume in recognition of his many years of dedicated conservation efforts. On May 5th the Saugeen Field Naturalists had an eveningA  wild flower walk through the southeast side of Kinghurst.A  There were 10 people out to enjoy the evening. Here is our species list:A  Wild leek leaves were up and the Trout lily flowers were fading, Common blue violet, Wild strawberry, Marsh Marigolds, common blue eyed grass, Hairy Solomon Seal, white Trilliums False Solomon Seal,A  Canada Mayflower, Downy yellow violet, Bloodroot, Toothwort, Maidenhair Fern, Ginger, Long spurred Violet, Ostrich fern, Royal Fern, Sensitive Fern, Jack in the Pulpit, Large Flowered Bellwort, Harts tongue Fern, hooked Crowfoot, Showy Orchids in bud, Meadow Rue, Foam flower, Canada violet, Gooseberry, Squirrel corn, Glaucous Honeysuckle, Dwarf Canada Primrose, and White Baneberry. In the spring of 2009, 25 people from 15 organizations met as a committee to discuss the feasibility and structure of the project and composed a Project Business plan and a budget for $55,000.A  October 2010 would be the first of annual events to take place at Allan Park. Tornado Tools 21.6v cordless drill has more features, more power and still the choice of contractors and tradesmen nationwide! Makita tm3000cx5 multi tool set - Makita's powerful 3.0 amp motor with soft start feature for smooth start ups and fast cutting, sanding, scraping and removing grout. In response to these questions, the Handyguys test out a table full of drills in the garage.
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This idea is based on the success and experience gained from the Grey Bruce Children's Water Festival; a similar idea but with our forest resources as the main focus for this new festival.
We will be presenting curriculum based, hands-on, interactive and educational learning opportunities for grade 7 and 8 students from those schools to whom we traditionally provide programs (i.e. Such an undertaking will require planning and the gathering of resources; human, financial and material.
The distant croaks of ravens were heard from time to time and a pileated woodpecker called loudly as it flew by. Some who walk 3 or 4 km for exercise a few times a week were amazed that it took us over 4 hours to hike the 5.3 km. Should it be demolished and removed, repaired and restored or just allowed to disintegrate on its own?
In the future it will be necessary to reduce the number of windows and replace those remaining and add new siding to the building. We had a dozen people turn up for the event and were fortunate to find 13 species in the few hours of trying.
Further hiking in the area revealed a number of interesting plants and flowers including: Blue Bead Lily in fruit (aka Clintonia), Rattlesnake Fern, King Devil (aka Yellow Hawkweed), Mouse Ear Hawkweed, Goata€™s Beard (aka a€?Jack Go To Bed By Noona€? for the tendency of the flower to close by noon), Bush Honeysuckle, Bladder Campion, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Common Blackberry, False Solomona€™s Seal and our second orchid of the day a€“ Long Bracted Green Orchid (aka Frog Orchid) a€“ another a€?lifea€? orchid for many in the group. We found along the roadside ditches many beautiful species (that would rival many gardens) including: Kalma€™s Lobelia (aka Brook Lobelia), Pink Pyrola, Indian Paintbrush (aka Painted Cup), Wood Lily, Showy or Queen Ladya€™s Slipper, Royal Fern, Marsh Fern, Philadelphia Fleabane and Golden Ragwort. Here we were happy to see many Indian Plantain, a threatened species, doing quite well this year. Here we saw Yarrow, Wormwood, Ox Eye Daisy, Yellow Sweet Clover, Heal All (aka Selfheal), Wild Columbine, Early Meadow Rue, Shrubby Cinquefoil (not yet in bloom), Bluets, Blue Flag, Common Blue Eyed Grass and the Slender Blue Eyed Grass. Joan and Walter were enthusiastic, knowledgeable and made wonderful leaders for this enjoyable outing.
Mike and Helen Beaulieu, Bob Gray, Natalie Gray, Kevin Kuipers, Charlene McNaughton, James Turland, Simon Turland, Ralph Knowles, Lynn Stoltzfus, Gary Nafziger, Jakob Natziger, Dave and Jean Schaus, Peter Kloestra, Byron Monk, Angus and Kathleen Inksetter, Gayle Schaus, John Reaume, Murray Townsend, Judith King, Clarke Birchard, Dorothy Kings, Kim Sayers, Jerry Asling, Minerva Cook, Sandra Powell. Great Horned Owl and Northern Pintail (last observed in 1983) could not be located on the count day itself, not for a lack of searching. High school student volunteers would present the activity and adult volunteers would guide and instruct when needed and generally help to run the plans smoothly. Interested community people and club members are welcomed to become acquainted and volunteer for the second festival.
The hike started at Inglis Falls where we went down to have a look at the falls from both sides of the river.
Here we learned about creating a butterfly garden and each participant received a packet of seeds to get us thinking about next spring. We learned how to tell the difference between butterflies and moths (you need to look at their antennae) a€“ a beautiful display of Sunset Moths would rival any butterfly in their colours! A contractor advised that it would cost more for demolition and removal than to fix it up.A  So it was decided to start with the roof including soffits and fascias. Everyone arrived right after aA  rain shower so everything smelled clean and sharper than normal.
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Combined with Tree House (warm earth tone), Vintage Lantern (deep-burnished bronze), Fire Pit (spicy red), Gravel Path (pristine grey) and Rope Swing (a light taupe), or tropical options of Spiced Rum (earthy umber) and Lava Rock (reddish black) the new colour helps create a range of aesthetic options.
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Its fusion-bonded surface protects from mold, stains and fading, and is solar-reflective, staying cool to the touch on hot days. Each hose also provides kink free performance with Colorite's patented Duraflow technology and comes with a spring guard and rugged collar sleeve for comfort when watering. Meanwhile, the Fe26 Iron Railing (right) from Fortress provides customization possibilities that were previously available only though expensive custom welding shops. Themes there included Forest Resources, Forest Ecosystems and Interactions, Climate Change, Biodiversity and Species at Risk, Stewardship and Conservation. We stopped numerous times at the lookouts along the escarpment to enjoy views over the forest below and the water and islands of Colpoys Bay, sometimes through mist and fog, and once in filtered sunlight. Some botanical highlights were the abundance and variety of mushrooms including one log covered in oyster mushrooms, a choice edible. When the old shingles were removed it was discovered that almost all of the sheeting on the west side was rotted and needed replacement. The survival of all of these species has been threatened and people are working on recovery programs for all of them.

Closer to Red Bay we stopped once more and sharp-eyed Luke Reaume was the first to spot the European Common Twayblade a€“ another life orchid for many of us again!
The fen had many other wonderful species including: Water Cress, Round Leaved Sundew, Linear Leaved Sundew, Horned Bladderwort, Common Buttercup, many Pitcher Plants, one sedge that was easy to identify a€“ the Bog Cotton was plentiful as was the Cow Vetch along the roadside. The day itself started off with winds blowing from the SW and a fine snow falling through the day, temperatures were comfortable with a high of a€“3. They searched for similar projects and found the Aylmer community planning to launch their Carolinian Forest Festival in October 2008.
160 high school students had volunteered to present at 31 activity stations, and over 160 adult volunteers functioned in a variety of tasks.
Inglis falls is a cascade type of fall which means it hits rocks at several places in its fall.
Luke amazed the group as the only one able to tell the sex of a Monarch butterfly - that Junior Naturalist training is paying off!
In addition they had captivating displays on a€?Atlasa€? the worlds largest Moth with a wingspan of 25-30 cm. Memorable butterflies included the Blue Morpho, Common Mormon, Golden Birdwing, Rice Paper, Owl Butterfly, Rumanzovia Swallowtails, Small Postman, Velvet Rose and Zebra Longwings. If you have a question regarding your home, let us know using the contact tab on our site or call us at (818) 804-8665. In addition, they set a cordless hammer drill against a corded hammer drill in a concrete hole contest. Double Ended Bits (784637-8), Bit Holder (452947-8), Depth Gauge (122576-8), Hook (346449-3), Plastic Carrying Case (821524-1). Stock pergolas are manufactured white with Spartan Tails and square or no taper round pultruded fiberglass columns without neck molding..
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This will be accomplished through over 25 different activity centres designed to allow students to connect and relate to their local natural environment while motivating behavioural changes and encouraging participants to become good local land stewards. The three day event was able to accommodate 30 classes but was overwhelmed when initial invitations revealed more than 90 interested classes. A.'s and other organizations has been organized to ensure access to as many funding opportunities as possible.
We encountered several stands of beech drops, a natural rock garden of northern holly ferns and many colonies of maidenhair spleenwort on rocks and in cracks and crevices and numerous others. Arrangements of Goliath Beetles, Longhorn Beetles, Rhinoceros Beetles, Scarab Beetles, Walking Stick, Leaf Insects and Owl Butterflies were but a few of the many dazzling displays.
There were also a number of birds to distract us such as the many Zebra Finches, Ground Dove as well as Common and Painted Quail. Superior Cabinets is launching several stunning additions to our collection of grays for spring 2015 to further enhance our offering to you.
Bending tape to get into corners, or asking for a second set of hands to hold the tape in place is no longer necessary. Great for any hardwood floor and also for use over the fashionable light-coloured wood and stains such as gray. Wall Flats are a DIY interior wall coverings that follows the latest trends in design.Every product we carry has a story and purpose, and we are proud to make these accessible to as many people as possible.
The new Forest series from Endeck is definitely a strong visual statement with a deeply embossed wood grain and rich, dark colors with subtle variegation only found on the most expensive, exotic hardwoods.
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Trex Enhance comes in two rich coastal-inspired colours, engineered right into the board for a deeper more natural wood-grain appearance. We understand that electricians and homeowners are tired of fumbling with wire nuts and balancing fixtures when installing a light.
It allows the framework to be built on the ground, much more easily and then set into place. The ergonomic handle profiles allow users to easily slide their hands up and down the handle, while still maintaining the grip required for precise control. Evaluation and summaries indicate the Festival was well received and was successful in engaging participants' interest in conserving our forest resources. We saw Grass Pink, Yellow Ladya€™s Slipper, Bog Candles (aka Tall White Bog Orchid), Rose Pogonia (aka Snake Mouth) and another orchid new to the group a€“ Loesela€™s or Bog Twayblade!
The one in Chesley was already in ita€™s10th year and had done well with high school students teaching grade school students. Nancy was gratified that her idea worked and established itself although she says that if it were not for the 300 plus volunteers, it would not have happened. Our second waterfall was Keefer Falls east of Owen Sound, it is a plunge type of water fall which does not hit rocks as the water falls.
The one in Chesley was already in ita€™s10th year and had done well with high school students teaching grade school students.A  Nancy and Donna contacted various organizations of Bruce and Grey counties and came up with a list that might be sponsors and provide representation for an organizing committee.
We also pride ourselves in offering industry-best sales and service; including a high stock level, store PK and POP support, and a free estimating service for your sales team. The Endeck process maintains a consistent plank color from piece to piece, yet the color variations are as random as those found in nature. A Task Signature® product, this set comes with the guarantee that it will "outlast and outperform or your money back". The award celebrates the facility's energy efficiency improvement of more than 22 percent within only two years ­ significantly more than the minimum 10 percent within five years requirement for recognition. The tub showers are made of vacuum-formed acrylic reinforced with fiberglass, with a scratch, stain and mildew resistant finish. To ensure a water-tight system, Bondera Wet Area Seam Tape should be applied into adjoining TileMat seams. The Easy Connect Push-in Connection System allows you to install lights 80% faster than ever. The framework can be shifted inside the bracket for squaring and levelling, as well as to centre it to the house. The new caulking gun line features three skeleton frame models and five cradle frame models in 9" and 13" sizes. It features a checker face design, genuine hickory handle complete with a grip-enhancing axe-handle finish for ergonomic comfort and lists for $34.99 Stanley FatMax non-magnetic I Beam Levels are available in 24" (#43-553), 48" (#43-555) and 72" (#43-557) models.
It was the hope of the organizers of that festival that other Forest Festivals start up throughout the Province.
And, even though the colors in the Forest series are dark, Endeck's advanced manufacturing technology allows the decking to remain comfortable underfoot and cooler to the touch even on the hottest days.Endeck decking is available in the most popular colors to complement any home or blend into the great outdoors.
This prevents water build-up, which in turn could cause rot, decay and bug infestations by allowing air circulation between the house and the deck. Available in light duty, heavy duty and premium heavy duty grades, premium models feature 360' rotating frames, allowing for convenient left or right handed access to confined spaces.They also have high ratio triggers for reduced hand fatigue and hardened steel driving dogs to drive a variety of high viscosity caulks, sealants and adhesives. The levels combine strength and durability with lightweight frames, shock absorbing end caps, rubber grip handles and a pencil retainer for convenient marking.
The Woodland series offers the traditional lighter solid colors in Olivewood, Beechwood, and Ashwood, while the new Forest series provides darker rich colors in Cedar, Sequoia, and Chestnut.
The decking collection is backed by a 20-year Limited Residential Fade and Stain Warranty, and is made from 95% recycled content. Plus, we have eliminated the need to touch wires together, which make wiring safer for the installer. The patented capless refill port featured on the three new chalk reel models allows for quick, no-spill refills and, since there is no door or cap to accidentally slide open, these reels will never spill chalk in your toolbox, the company says.
Both series are available in square profiles measuring 1" x 5.5" in the standard 12', 16' and 20' lengths, and are easily complemented with matching Fascia. Meanwhile, the Stanley Hand Held Tool Sharpener (#16-144) contains coarse grit on one side and fine grit on the other and adapts to almost every hand tool.
A pretty walk past a babbling brook and past several massive beech, hemlock, birch and maple trees. When the fixture and the electrical box wires are plugged in to the EASY CONNECT colour-labeled holes, they complete an electrical circuit.
We ended the day at a restaurant in Owen Sound and promises of a repeat of the waterfall trip in the spring. Then pick up the fixture and plug the wires into the next available holes and screw to the box. Its design also allows a contractor to securely lock and stack together more than one organizer if you need to tote a lot of equipment or a single organizer for smaller jobs.
The Stratton Bracket greatly increases the shear strength of the wood because the wood "sits" in the brackets.

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