Ridgid Belt Sanders are the perfect companion while sanding wood and other materials largely during finishing purposes. These Belt Sanders are one of the few manufacturers providing both Hand-held and the Stationary Belt Sanders.
Belt Sanders work furiously to remove stained paint from wooden cabinetry, help with old wood and can smooth wood. 3 "A—18" belt sander: Picks up dust effectively with its twin fan high efficiency dust collection which has one fan for cooling the motor and the other for collecting dust.
The variable speed dial, 6.5 amp motor and automatic belt tracking to adjust belt to the center of platen are some of its handy features. 3 "A— 21" ridgid belt sander: This model is a powerful workhorse indeed with its 10amp motor which is belt and gear driven, adding power and durability.
Many carpenters who work especially in wood stripping of kayaks and canoes appreciate the sanding angles and bevels.
Stanley Black & Decker is a world-leading provider of tools and storage, commercial electronic security and engineered fastening systems, with unique growth platforms and a track record of sustained profitable growth.
This stationary bench top Combo Sander offers all the power and control you need for sanding smaller work pieces for less than the cost of a portable belt sander. They are aggressive work horses working seamlessly with a circular belt which is driven by the encased motor. The Hand held Belt sander moves over the material whereas in the stationary model, the material moves according to the sanding belt.
Ridgid Belt Sanders often arrive with variable speed which helps in slowing down sanding processes and also stopping it when required during finishing work.

Reconditioned generally means that the product has been returned to the manufacturer, who brings the product back to like new condition. Powered by a 6.0 Amp motor, the 7500 allows you to quickly remove large amounts of material from your sanding surface. Preset the maximum belt speed with the electronic speed control and get variable speeds from 690 to 1440 ft. There is a loop of sandpaper which is tightly attached and centered on the circular belt all along the stretch. An auto self alignment system helps the belt stay centered and prevents it from sliding off during use. The oscillating motion helps while doing burn-free finishes on edges, faces, contours and inside and outside curves. A compact design allows the user to sand flush against a vertical surface thus eliminating the need for hand sanding. A micro-filter dust canister traps particles to help keep your work area clean while a trigger speed control with lock-on function matches performance to job demand. The exclusive dual thumbscrew belt tracking adjustment locks to keep the belt on track while tackling any tough application. The sander boasts both a quick-release belt tension lever and a quick-lock dust cover for the disc. This tool includes 4 "A— 24" belt, user friendly features like soft-touch knobs, hose adaptors etc.
The built-in handle allows for easy portability around the workshop and heavy-duty steel open-style stand provides solid support.

Its textured rubber body grip offers a comfortable and user-friendly non-slip surface for one-handed use, while the included auxiliary handle provides better two-handed control when required. Ideal for scraping paint off of metal and wood, flush sanding up against perpendicular surfaces, sanding down wood and composite materials, and more, the 371 also features a dust collector to keep your workspace clean and your project on track. 2,500 SFPM, Motor Phases 1, Adjustable Yes, Exclusive dual thumbscrew belt tracking adjustment locks to keep belt on track during use, Belt Size in. Its low center of gravity delivers a balanced feel in a variety of orientations, whether you’re sanding a vertical surface inside a tricky recessed space or a horizontal surface at an awkward angle. Designed with a flush side so as to brush right up to a perpendicular surface, it covers a wide surface area. A dust-sealed power switch is recessed, allowing for accessibility while reducing the hassle of accidentally turning it off mid-job. The included removable dust port keeps your work area free of debris so that your space is clean and readily visible at all times. Two precision-ground cast iron tables have positive stops at 90 and 45 for sanding flat pieces or mitered angles allows belt sander to be used vertically, horizontally or anywhere in-between Graphite covered steel platen runs cooler increasing machine and belt life Specially designed belt guard allows full use of the 6in.

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