The PORTER-CABLE PC18B cordless Battery pack is a great gadget to power all your cordless 18V tools. PORTER-CABLE PC18B cordless battery pack comes with 3 year limited and 90 days money back guarantee. After having acquaintance with its features you can buy this battery pack without any hesitation. It gives consistent power and vigor to your tools so that you can efficiently perform the task within less time. It does not overheat during use hence provides extra run time and smooth operating experience.
The NiCd cells incorporated in this battery give 30% more power and run time than Li-ion batteries.

It is compact, durable and solid power battery, which has the ability to be used with almost all cordless power tools by PORTER-CABLE. The PORTER-CABLE PC18B cordless battery does the job well in the end, but it also has few drawbacks which are shown below. The NiCd cells are vulnerable to early decay and are not suitable for keeping them stored for longer periods. The PORTER-CABLE as a manufacturer of this cordless battery pack is quite confident about its performance and technology hence they offer 3 year limited warranty with each purchase. This entry was posted in Power Tools Batteries and tagged Battery Pack, Cordless, PORTER-CABLE by Pete. The basic purpose of this battery pack is to work at those places where conventional power source is not available.

They have used state of the art technology to build this battery pack so that it can give you matchless performance whenever needed. Similarly, it allows you to work freely without indulging into the hassle of wires and cords. It is a strong back up system for your 18V tools and provides maximum output to increase their efficiency. With its 3 year warranty and 90 days money back guarantee, purchasing this product is no doubt a great deal.

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