Another simple basketball drill is to put a small cone about 2 or 3 feet from the basket at a 45 degree angle. Having a drill where you get to work through your progression and get everyone the ball on the break is great for teaching your boys and girls what lanes to fill when they’re running. The Suns drill is great for warm-up and focusing on transition fundamentals, and is important to work into your practice at any level-whether that’s high school or even the Pros. Start off by gathering five players in the paint, and taking a jumpshot yourself.Make or miss, they should rebound it and immediately get it to your point guard. He will push the ball up the middle of the court while your shooting guard will run up the right sideline, and your small forward will run up the left. Your center will be doing a ‘Rim Run’, and your power forward is your inbounder(on made shots) and trailer on the play.
Spacing is key in transition, and filling lanes properly is something that kids need to practice. Remind your wings to stay wide until they reach the elbow – at which point they should cut towards the basket looking for the backdoor, cross, and fill the opposite wing. Your center should be doing what is called a ‘Rim Run’ – a direct sprint to the front of the rim ready for a high pass and an easy lay-up. Your power forward, who will most likely be your inbounder, is your trailer and will stay at the top of the key on the opposite side of the point guard, ready to swing the ball or help initiate your early offense.
Imposing a time limit is a great way to keep the kids motivated, and the drill competitive between teams of five. Youth Basketball Practice PlansBasketball practice plans and award certificate templates for youth basketball coaches. Twenty nervous 10 and 11 year-olds chattered and laughed nervously before basketball tryouts. Michael O’Halloran is the author of Youth Basketball Practice Plans and a long time youth basketball coach. We took 4 of our most popular basketball products and bundled them together, and tried to price them at an irresistible number.
This season, you’re hoping that your players will learn and play to the best of their abilities, parents will enjoy watching the action, and everyone will have fun. How to keep you players engaged throughout the course of a long season and at every practice.  How to balance repetition with variety so that kids stay interested.
Preparing your team for different situations that come up in the course of a game and season.  What should players do when they face a zone press?  How to inbounds the ball from the sidelines to create a scoring opportunity? A guide for volunteer basketball coaches — especially those coaching girls in 4th – 8th grades — provides an easy to follow approach to coaching and managing your team. O’Halloran’s “Never Forget They’re Kids” philosophy places an emphasis on learning, having fun and creating memorable experiences for players. This basketball coaching book covers important fundamental basketball topics like defensive and offensive skills, rebounding know-how, shooting technique (including the 2 most common shooting flaws for this age group and how to address them), your coaching approach on the bench and practice preparation. Includes 114 basketball  certificates to recognize players — both boys and girls — coaches, team parents and more. Like these other team sports, passing is basketball is critical.  One extra pass can mean the difference between a wide open 2-foot shot vs.

Be ready for your basketball practices with a complete plan that will help you get the most from your team while making your job a whole lot easier.
3.) The Well-Prepared Coach Basketball Coaching forms — Shot tracker, players expectations, treat sheet, and more.
4.) Basketball Award Certificate maker — From basketball certificate templates, customize awards for your players, coaches and team parents and print as many as you like for your team. The book covers important fundamental basketball topics like defensive and offensive skills, rebounding know-how, shooting technique (including the 2 most common shooting flaws for this age group and how to address them), your coaching approach on the bench and practice preparation. Includes 114 award certificates to recognize players — both boys and girls — coaches, team parents and more.
It can be a great chance to get easy shots by catching the defense by surprise, taking advantage of a mismatch before the defense has the chance to adjust, as well as creating exciting plays that are sure to excite the crowd and motivate your team. But teaching your point guard where to find them on the court is just as important, as they are the key to good transition offense.
The numbers worked out well this year as the 20 players would be divided into two equal teams of 10 players.
When the rankings are completed, the two head coaches, one of which was me, could use the rankings as a resource to help select the teams as we alternated picks. If evaluators have a hard time determining how a player will do for the season ahead as was the case with Amanda, think of the challenges with trying to determine the long-term success of players. The appendices include diagrams and graphics to enable you to quickly grasp and explain coaching concepts. The topics covered in these practice plans, and the order in which they’re taught, have led to many a successful season, dozens of tournament trophies and a Minnesota State Championship title. By having a complete plan in place for every pre-practice meeting and every practice, you’ll be more relaxed and be able to enjoy the process more.
Basketball is a fun sport, but even the most dedicated players can get bored or not feel challenged unless the coach keeps them engaged throughout the season.  These practice plans will keep your players involved as they improve their games and have a lot of fun in the process.
You’ll learn successful strategies and tactics to use for your team on offense and defense to make your team more competitive. A guide for setting team objectives, running your first meeting with players, and your first meeting with parents.  Includes a template for your first email to parents. Suggestions on how to create a team website easily, incorporate film sessions for your team and more. They were always well-received but I can’t wait to hear the reaction to these awards.
Print as many of these basketball award certificates as you like on the paper of your choice. These professionally designed certificates look great on refrigerators, bulletin boards and bedroom walls. Players who play another sport in the offseason frequently find the 9 weeks time period works best. Life lessons like never quitting, overcoming obstacles and the power of persistence are reinforced. Includes insider secrets to rebounding successfully, targeting your shots (aim small, miss small), shooting free throws more effectively, the importance of the first dribble, and many more.

These are complete plans that cover the 10 minute pre-court time meeting and 90 minute practices on the court. These basketball practice plan templates and tips will have you ready for practice in 2 minutes! Next time up, he will call 2, and get the ball to the shooting guard, until he has progressed through all of the positions.
Any knowledgeable ranking of the players at the season’s end would have had Amanda in the top 3 players at least. Bigger players, especially at younger ages, tend to not perform as well in lay-up form, dribbling skills, and the like, as smaller players. Performance at younger ages is not always the best indicator of how players will do in high school.
He authored Never Forget They’re Kids — Ideas for Coaching your Daughter’s 4th ? 8th Grade Basketball Team and co?created “The Well?Prepared Coach™” line of coach handout and award certificate printables. As a coach or team manager, you’ll look polished and well-prepared with these awards.
They look great and there are lots to choose from; some for boys, some for girls, some for all players and even some for assistant coaches.
That’s just one of the reasons that every coach should try and keep all players in the program. There’s a big difference between these professional looking award certificates and the ones I prepared. You can personalize each certificate with players’ names, team names and your personal comments. As a coach or team manager, you’ll be better organized and look polished and well-prepared.
She jumped off the wrong foot for her right-hand lay-up, her dribbling skills were very rugged and like many of the players, her shooting form was lacking. Each form can be personalized, either via printer or hand-written notes, with your own personal agenda topics. Push back will come from parents who want to be more competitive, parents who want more playing time for their kids, and even at the organization level, but put up your best fight to see that all players get a chance to play. And, she seemed to have a good understanding of where to position herself to get shots off the backboard at close range. Based solely on the performance at tryout activities, many clubs might end up with a team of guards. Don’t underrate the bigger players — and I say that as a father of 4 players who grew up playing guards.

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