Operation of the BS-350M is easy as well; there are two mode of operation depending on you preference. But the angles on a miter saw gauge are off 90 degrees to the angles on a protractor, which causes a lot of confusion. Miter saws didn’t always come with miter saw gauges that were set 90 degrees off from protractors. The easiest way to solve this whole problem is to use a Sharpie to mark your miter saw gauge with protractor numbers. Jesper enjoys SCUBA diving, mountain biking, and especially photography, which he practices in his free time.
I usually subtract the reading on the protractor from 180 degrees and bisect the difference. At this point in my career as a fine trim carpenter or any of the guys work for me can’t figure it out with out the tool telling them what to do it becomes time to hang up the tool belt.
Unless of course you are one of those mystical wood wizards who NEVER had to learn ANYTHING from ANYBODY.
Fred, you suggest that you need no reliance on tools to calculate and cut angles in wood, right? I kinda like what Jesper’s done with his saw though, putting the correct angles onto the saw scale, that could save me time. Hmmm…no one mentions coped corners, which will forgive several degrees out of square.
This debate has been going on for years, and why I was interested in a Festool Kapex, as overpriced as it is.
As a basic article I think it is more important to teach the proper methods, not add crutches.
I am not a contractor, just a semi handy homeowner who enjoys learning new carpentry techniques. On the job site today we all had an awakening when we took the time with the saw and what you described.
Jesper,I was looking for an easy way to learn how to miter the baseboards for our basement. Not a pro, but I’ve installed over $6k of millwork in my house, and used a vintage Stanley No.
Consider this explanation: The outside most (or lower if you prefer) scale shown on most miter saws starts at 0 degrees in the center. As Jesper pointed out, the scale on the older miter hand saw box starts at 90 degrees in the center and decreases to either side. Here’s a picture of my Incra miter gage that has both reciprocal scales as Jesper’s mark up showed. As you can see from the 1 degree marks between 50 & 45 degrees on the lower scale, the yellow line at 47 degrees points directly to 43 degrees on the upper scale.
My Swedish carpenter grandfather used to tell me that Loki the Norse God of tricks invented the zero centered scale to confuse every one. Lots of carpenters have trouble understanding angles–primarily because of the miter gauges on miter saws. I like to bisect angles with a bevel square and compass, and, if the angle is obtuse; then, I subtract from 90 degrees by marking the bisected angle on the back side of a scrap of flat stock, flipping it over, and finding the angle by swinging the saw blade to the line, right?
In this article we are going to take a closer look at some of the best miter saws for homeowners currently available. Whether you are a carpenter or a person who loves to fix or build things from scratch, you have probably heard of the powerful Makita. It is important to read reviews about Makita saws before you purchase one for your personal use.
Makita is a prominent figure in the power tool world, so you would fully expect them to have a Makita-LS1216L-1avery good range of miter saws, and this they certainly have.
One of the most trusted names in power tools, Hitachi, produces an excellent full line of miter saws.
Hitachi makes an assortment ranging from miter saws that use an 8.5-inch blade all the way up to a 15-inch blade.
For instance, Hitachi’s 8.5-inch sliding compound miter saw with laser add-on would be the ideal saw for a carpenter that does residential work and needs a saw at each job site.
Other options included in Hitachi miter saws include: fully adjustable LED work lights, positive miter stops, easy-to-read built in measuring tools, quick settings, a linear ball bearing slide system for ease of use, and a vertical handle.
With so many options and different sizes and models of Hitachi saws, how do you pick the right one? Hitachi also has a strong presence in the market, and offers a wide range of very good models. If you think about it, you see this type of technology all the time in car manufacturing companies. One nice feature about the Bosch GCM12SD is that several of the controls that are commonly found on the back of most miter saws are actually on the front. The Dewalt DW718 compound miter saw is one of several models that Dewalt currently has available.
The Dewalt DW718 provides a great deal of versatility, and you will be able to perform a wide range of cuts at different angles.
The Dewalt DW718 is ideal for using on site, so if this is what you want it for then you will be glad to know that it is very easy to handle and weighs in at just 53 pounds. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. A miter box is a wonderfully simple, affordable tool that allows any DIYer to make accurate crosscuts in wood. A miter box is a go-to for anyone less inclined to work with power tools, whether on account of space restrictions, safety concerns, or cost.
Historically, a carpenter or woodworker would create his own wood miter box to use in combination with his favorite saw. The next level up, precision miter saws feature a higher-quality saw, a fuller spectrum of degree-cutting (with stops for common angles), and hold-down clamps to keep the work in place. A great hobby shop addition, the fine woodworking miter saw is used for wood stock that would be damaged by the rotating blade of a power tool, or any saw with coarser teeth. These are the best compound miter saw reviews and comparisons this year, including Makita vs DEWALT vs SKIL vs Bosch vs Hitachi.
There are several different types of top rated miter saws to choose from depending on what you are using it for.
If you need to cut on wide boards you’ll want a sliding compound miter saw and if you are doing crown molding a dual compound miter saw will be your best bet. This DEWALT DW713 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw can handle larger jobs than the Makita miter saw.
This SKIL 3820-02 120-Volt 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw with Laser is even bigger than the competition. This Bosch 5312 12-Inch Dual Bevel Slide Compound Miter Saw is the perfect miter saw for framing a house to doing all the finish work including crown molding, baseboards and more. The tungsten saw blade is sensitive enough for woodwork and trim work and the flip fence can be extended to handle larger pieces of wood.
Now a very crafty inventor by the name of Lee Styron decided that he would design a fix for the riving knife and the saw dust problem and then the Shark Guard was born. I have used this guard with many different types of blades and the top of the table stays very clean.
Go to Lee’s Web Site and see the different color combinations he can use to build your custom Shark Guard.
I plan on giving my Brother in-law a BT 3100 saw as a house warming gift since he just bought a new house. This is part one of a three part series showing how I built the very cool miter saw station featured in the Fine Woodworking Issue # 209. I figured what better project for my new miter saw than to build a new table for it to sit on. Take the guesswork out of cutting wood to length with the Kreg Precision Trak & Stop System. Build article: I had every intention to not make a video this week and instead focus on my miter saw station plans. I no longer have a table saw miter sled for my table saw so I decided to make another and record my process. Evolution MITRE Saw Stand with Extensions by Evolution, Easily and quickly set up, with foldable legs for simple storage and transportation. Perfect Miters With A Table Saw Miter Sled - 145 Dadoes: Mark the desired depth across the end of scrap stock.
Finish carpenters are always bisecting corner angles—which is easy to do with a protractor. Back before framers used miter saws, finish carpenters could use a protractor to read corner angles without any confusion. He grew up in family homes in both Sweden and Denmark until the age of 18, when he moved to Los Angeles, CA.  He has worked in the construction trade for over 10 years, gaining experience in everything from movie sets to tile installation. He is currently a Project Manager at Millworks By Design, a finish carpentry company located in Agoura Hills, CA. Recently married, he and his wife, Julia, spend their vacations traveling Europe and visiting castles, museums, and other historical sites. Seriously Fred, look back at your comment and tell me WHAT it contributed to the discussion of the article content. Where it really gets interesting is those very acute angles at the ceiling where you have to run large, often multiple piece crown and coping is not an option. Some miter gauges run from 0 and some from 90, know the difference and how to deal with it.

I am a retired engineer and understand complementary angles and such but an article that puts it into simple perspective is a great help. That scale always shows the angle left on the board and that’s why trim carpenters were never confused by it. Maybe it’s easier to remember the upper scale as the angle-angle-on-wood scale and the bottom scale as the angle-the saw blade-travels scale.
After you have one comment approved, all of your subsequent comments will appear immediately.
These will cover saws from different brands, and will look at models in different price ranges and a wide range of features and functionality. This is the perfect saw for all those repairs and DIY projects that you need to do all over your house and yard. The base is made of double aluminum and the machine has two slide rails that make it sturdy. One of their popular miter saw models is the Makita LS1216L, which offers a 12 inch blade and a 15 amp direct drive motor. They are great for any project and even come with many options the competition often does not offer. Hitachi’s 15-inch is currently the only one in the industry and it is designed to cut various wood materials, plywood, decorative veneer, soft fiberboard, hardboard, and even aluminum products.
This particular model is only 31 pounds and cuts almost any materials needed in a residential environment. Normally a single compound miter angles the saw to the right, while a double compound miter angles to the right and left. In addition to all of this, Hitachi adds many industry-leading options that include electronic speed control, adjustable pivot fences, splinter guard for added safety, externally replaceable carbon brushes, dust collectors, and a five-year warranty. The Hitachi C12FDH is a mid-range saw that can be used around the home or on the work site. The assembly line is essentially made up of a variety of tools that are attached to pivoting arms.
For example, the miter angle and more importantly the bevel angle switch are right out on front of you.
I also recommend going to actual online stores such as amazon and read the reviews at the bottom of the product page for the Bosch glide miter saw.
We are going to take a closer look at this particular model to help provide you with as much information about it, so you can make an informed decision as to whether this is the right model for you. All of the important settings and switches are in convenient positions, so you can easily access them without having to go looking around the machine for them. The miter capacity of the DW718 is from 0 to 60 when cutting to the left hand side, and 0 to 50 degrees to the right.
This giving you a lot more cutting ability across a wide range of sizes for the material being cut. It moves out of the way to allow for these extended cuts, while still providing the protection required from the blade.
The accuracy of both the publisher's research and alleged user results cannot be guaranteed.
Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Since these tools are hand-powered, they are quiet, and they’re light enough to be easily moved to any project location. A miter joint, the tool’s namesake, is made by fitting together two 45° cuts to form a right-angled corner. You can buy a miter box for a fraction of what it costs to purchase its powered big brother, the benchtop compound miter saw.
Basic models can be had for as little as $12 or $15, with more advanced options maxing out around $25. Rather than plastic, precision miter saws are made from machined metal for added strength and stability. Due to its limited size, this type of miter box works best with light and small trim or decorative pieces. Measure your cut length accurately and use a carpenter’s square or triangle to mark the cut on your wood stock, being sure to measure to the long end of any 45° miters. Place your wood or trim in the miter box, using any clamps or hold-downs to secure the piece to the box. Using light passes, score your cut line just to the outside of your pencil mark, then increase your effort to cut through the work piece. A compound miter saw can be beveled from side to side for cutting both horizontally and vertically. If you do remodeling jobs or just like to do your own do it yourself projects, this is a must. This compound miter saw is chock full of features including a dust bag that collects all the saw dust and a blade guard to protect your hands. It cuts accurately and smoothly, even able to do crosscuts on almost all types of wood including hard board, plywood, wood, soft fiberboard and aluminum.
The handle grip is comfortable and offers reduced vibration so you can stay in control and keep your cuts exactly how you want them. I sometimes read posts from the BT3 Central forum where other Ryobi fans post about particular products they like. Besides being very talented Lee has a touch of humor in his bones and mounted a sharks face on this brand new Shark Guard design. Unlike the stock unit that would cover the table top with sawdust and make large prawl marks It is much safer now because I don’t have to reach near the blade to remove the prawls that made the wood impossible to pull back through.
He also has a very nice custom push stick he calls a Shark Feeder that he can color match to your Guard. I am going to put on a Shark Guard before I take it to him so he can have the use of such a great hand made attachment.
This woodworkers list of woodworking plans features a collection of diy stops for mitre saws PDF plans, blueprints for diy stops for mitre saws and video instructions for diy stops for mitre saws, schematics and CAD drawings. I built the table using some plans posted on the internet and modified them slightly to fit both my shop vacuum and an additional drawer.
But there's only so much sitting in front of a computer and working on plans that anyone can take. Sturdy and robust this stand can support long workpieces up to 3 metres in length and has a maximum work load of 225kg. Unplug the saw, loosen its depth stop, and lower the blade until its lowest tooth hits the mark. All of the cuts made to that rafter—the ridge cut, the plumb cut, and the birdsmouth are all measured off the BACK of the rafter—off 90 degrees to the angle of the roof.
But I prefer to have the guys on my crew use a standard protractor, so they’ll know at a glance the difference between an acute angle and an obtuse angle. But when you set your saw at 43 degrees and cut the piece, the miter is NOWHERE near close! He often draws inspiration for his finish carpentry work from classical architectural details that he has photographed in cities throughout Europe, such as Paris, Rome, and Seville. I’ve tried several different gauges, yet it always seems to come down to several test cuts to find the right compound angles for the right fit. Any time you can use a bevel gauge to get close that’s good but all of gauges that translate or marking it on your saw is just a way around understanding and knowing your craft and tools. The upper scale starts at 90 and decreases angle wise from there (both sides) it’s the scale that tells you the angle left on the board.
We also have more detailed reviews of these, and more on this site, so you can then go through the more comprehensive reviews of any models you are interested in. You have to be 100 % sure that what you are buying is something that will address your carpentry needs.
You do not have to tire yourself carrying a bulky machine just to cut wood in different parts of your property.
Since the saw is powerful, it can also cut faster than regular saws, something that you would be thankful for especially if you need to finish several projects.
The LS1216L is ideal for the professional user, as it is big and powerful, and also has a built in laser guide for increased accuracy. Miter saws come in a few different sizes and are used to make straight cuts as well as angles. The lightweight design makes it easily transportable and the included options quickly adaptable to any angle. Seeing this new saw reminds me of when Rockwell put the very first saw on the shelves back in 1960. This Bosch glide miter saw has safety thumb switches on either side of the blade trigger switch.
With the experience that Dewalt has in the power tool industry, you expect them to make high quality tools. You can feel the power of this saw, as the speed of the blade remains consistent when cutting through dense materials. It has an increased bevel capacity, and the saw has been designed to deliver quick and accurate bevel cuts. The ability of the saw to hold the materials firmly in place is down to the dual steel rails that have been horizontally positioned to provide a very firm clamping mechanism. It also has a built in carry handle so lifting the saw is more comfortable and easier for you. With the power that the motor provides, you will be able to make clean and accurate cuts, and the versatility you get with the DW718 as far as cutting ability goes is a lot better than many other miters saws in this range. An added benefit, the miter box minimizes and neatly contains sawdust, making it a viable sawing solution for those living in small apartments.

These affordable tools can make quick work of simple, light-duty tasks, such as creating basic picture frames. This is the best option if you’re planning to install molding or trim, or if you cut the occasional length of dimensional lumber. Make sure to correctly orient the wood toward the angle of cut, noting whether you want the cut across the face of the wood (a bevel) or across the height of the wood (a miter).
It has a higher capacity, easier portability, greater accuracy and more precision than the competition. You can rest assured knowing you can cut multiple pieces of wood at the exact same length since it offers 11 different positive stops.
This saw is accurate, precise, versatile, powerful, and is fully backed with a 1-year warranty. It saves space and face so if you are thinking about a tool and you want an opinion you can email me. Lee is experimenting with another brand saw now and I am sure new mounts for others will follow. My brother in-law is a fine craftsman in his own right and he makes everything he works on with great pride.
Lee first thought of the safety factor and designed a riving knife to stop kickbacks but he was not satisfied with only doing that. The miter saw is connected to a vacuum to clean up most of the saw dust and the vacuum is plugged into an i-Socket Autoswitch which automatically turns on when the miter saw is in use.
I ventured out to the shop to just take a break from working on the plans only to end up talking myself into making another video. I wouldn’t expect an oil change worker to be able to put on a timing belt with out training. Some of our readers will be drawn to the OTT articles, like drawing and carving a volute; other readers will be more interested in how to cut miters in casing! I use it mainly to check corners when running base and crown to see how far off the corner actually is. My mitre saw is on a job site so I can’t play with to see if I can figure out what you are saying.
So instead, in order to make sense and help yourself in the future, stop identifying angles by the gauge on your miter saw. On the other hand, the 45 degree cuts joined together at the corners of a frame and form a 90-degree angle are called miter cuts.
Here are some features and benefits that can help you decide whether to buy a Makita miter saw for all your DIY projects.
Do not get fooled by the saw’s portability because it is still one of the most powerful miter saws in its class.
The arm also features a dual-post pivoting, which makes this Makita machine sturdy and durable.
It is a perfect combination of finesse and brawn, so if you have a lot of work that you need a saw for, yet you still need to maintain a really high level of quality this is a great model to use. Whether cutting household trim or building a playhouse, you can find the perfect size for any job. Second, Hitachi saws are sold in many leading retailers, so go down to the stores and try them out.
It also has a laser built into it, so your accuracy is helped significantly by this feature.
If you picture a saw attached at the end of your hand and move your arm around, that’s a good representation of why the Bosch glide saw moves so smoothly. I can only speculate that Bosch may have something up its sleeve for a new technology in automated lumber mills.
Given time, it is likely that Bosch will be able to condense the technology to perform properly on a smaller scale. If you can hold out for a few years, you just might find that there is a 10 inch version of this miter saw online.
They do have a good understanding of what the consumer wants, and make their tools accordingly.
With a range of 0 to 48 degrees to both the right and left for the bevel cuts, you again get a lot of versatility with this. The saw on its own is stable and sturdy enough, but you also have the added confidence of the materials being held firmly in place while you are cutting them.
To provide increased accuracy, the DW718 miter saw is compatible with the Dewalt DW718 adjustable laser system.
With a 4500 RPM 15 Amp motor, laser cutlines, dust bag, and table extensions you really cannot go wrong with this Skilsaw. There are so many wonderful tools out there I can fill many pages without being overly negative. Not only is it hand made by a master craftsman but he can customize the finish to any color combination you could ever want. The new knife works much better and doesn’t leave marks in the wood like the old prawls did on the stock Ryobi unit.
Lee has different prices for different packages and I can assure you these are handcrafted works of art! I know he will like the convenience of the Shark Guard when he starts remodeling his new home.
Now shim the stock away from the fence so that the lowest tooth meets the back edge of the work-piece. I understood this at my job and helped the kids learn and that kindness of teaching and sharing the knowledge gets passed on. I often see trim work in people’s homes that was done by someone who does not know of this technique. I found years ago to get in the habit of setting the saw a tad over 45 for these and it usually worked out well. Those 2 angles always add up to 90 degrees, so the angles are always the reciprocal of one another. The laser option found on many Hitachi models shows the carpenter where the saw is going to cut, so it is easier to line up. With a 15 amp motor, and a 4,000 RPM capability, you will be able to work on larger, more dense materials and still attain very smooth and clean cuts. If Bosch can perfect the technology, the Bosch glide miter saw may become as significant as the invention of the miter saw itself back in the 1960’s.
Ease of use, quality components and innovative features are all present in the DW718 miter saw, we found it to be very comfortable to use, and the results were very impressive too.
My miter saw review was an exception and unless you readers want more articles like that one I will try to do individual tools. It seems that others beside myself found fault with the riving knife and its spurs on the BT series table saws. He is the only human on earth that I know who can make a custom banner with fine calligraphy and never measure anything. Then still not satisfied he decided that anybody should be able to pick the custom color that they wanted since he mastered the powder coating process. I don’t cut rafters that often, so I usually lay them out with a framing square and then transfer the angle to the miter saw.
That lower or outer scale always describes the angle the saw head swings through, which is NOT the angle left on the board if you were to measure it with a protractor, that scale is the reciprocal of the angle left on the board. Subtract 90 degrees from any angle measurement on your saw and you’ll have a true protractor angle. When you pick the right one for the job, have it loaded, take it home, and you are ready to go.
This makes it ideal for using on the work site if you do have a lot of heavy-duty materials to work on. You can also fit the DWS7085 LED lighting system, to light up your working area significantly.
Not only that but when you add a zero clearance throat plate to the saw it would spew half of the sawdust on top of the table. In fact he can judge the size of the letters and they fit onto an already cut banner with the borders the same size at the end that it was at the beginning. It is a very sturdy Guard and I can attest to its strength as I accidentally stepped on it in my shop.
But it was how Bosch noticed that they could base a miter saw on the same principle that made all the difference. Anybody that has experienced one knows that it can harm or even kill an unlucky wood worker. Biesemeyer sold his Great Saw Fence from shop to shop have I seen a super idea take shape in a small home shop.
With a person of that great talent I would not want to give him something that was not the absolute best.
1:33 Because the box tubing is 2mm thick around I don't worry about turning counter clockwise as I tap the metal.
Believe me this Shark Guard will make you a better boat builder with the difference in the way your saw fence works. I had an arm load of things including the Shark Guard and I set them down to unlock my shop door.
If you have purchased a BT 3000 or a BT3100 there is no greater performance enhancer than this Shark Guard for the money.

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