A hand held tool powered mostly by electricity but also by compressed air and small combustion engines, used with a variety of attachments for grinding, cutting, polishing etc. DO NOT use worn down blades from slow revving machines, for example a 355mm metal chop saw revs at 4500rpm. As usual with this type of tool heavy protective clothes (I use a leather apron) and hand and eye protection must be worn when using these tools.
The photos on this page show a selection of the accessories that can be used in this most versatile of tools. A 225mm Makita electric grinder with a so called Turbo diamond disk for rough grinding of concrete. The details on the back as seen above are all important in selecting the right disk for the job.

Many disks just say concrete or masonry, but if you are cutting stone then search out a correct disk. The hole diameter is given and care must be taken to make sure that the disk fits snugly onto the machine. The angle grinder is a potentially dangerous tool and the guard should always be used and it should be turned to the best position to guard the user from sparks.
Every angle grinder comes with it's own set of tools, nuts and backing plates to change the blades and disks. If you didn't find exactly what you are looking for try this search tool that will search the site and the web. This one is for steel, it will not work as well on Stainless Steel and it will be useless for brick or concrete.

The hole sizes do vary but many of the disks come with extra packing rings to suit the grinder manufacturers arbor sizes.
Usually it is mounted with a ring joined with a screw and nut and loosening the screw allows the guard to rotate.
The tool gets it's name from the fact that the cutting head is mounted at an angle to the drive shaft of the motor.
The 100mm (plus the 115mm) ones are fine for single handed use, while the larger ones at 225mm carry a lot more punch and need both hands to use safely.

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