You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. ANGLE GRINDER CUT OFF WHEELS (5) $6 - I'm thinking they will go through the hood and crash bar. I've used an angle grinder with a cutoff wheel (electric) to cut the stock metal bumper down, trim pinch seams, and do other various things.
It took a lot of psi to run, a few times I had to stop and let my 20 gal compressor catch up (it is 27 yrs old though). Angle grinders, also known as side or disc grinders, are small power tools used to grind, polish and cut other materials.
The West Seattle Tool Library has a collection of over 1,500 tools currently available, is free to use and run primarily on user donations. I've heard they have a few items that don't suck, like there vacuums (Harbor freight tools that don't suck).
It seems an angle grinder just a better cut-off tool that can do more stuff with the right wheels. They are also less likely to shatter a cutting disc across the hood of your jeep than an electric.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Perfect for weld clean-up, cutting rod and destroying rust, ita€™s ready for a variety of tools, like grinder wheels, cutting wheels, straight and braided wire brushes, while the cordless design keeps you moving fast. A vibration-reducing handle can be secured in three positions and an adjustable wheel guard redirects sparks away from the user.

Compared to some of the much higher priced name brand models at other stores, this has held its own. The angle grinder also features a spindle lock for fast and easy wheel changes, easy access brushes, a removable side handle, an easy-to-replace carbon brush and aluminum gear housing. Also features a contractor-grade impact resistant aluminum housing and 6 amp fan-cooled all ball bearing 10000 RPM motor for smooth operation and long life.
Equipped with in-handle wheel wrench storage, a lock-on switch and powered by Craftsmana€™s 19.2 volt series of batteries, this tool is built to deliver.
The paddle switch is so much nicer then a sliding switch, it also has a safety guard so you can't lay this down and trigger the power accidently when you go to grab it.
Unless you release the safety the trigger will not depress and the safety is only a slide of a finger to release it, which you can do as you press the paddle.
It takes next to nothing to hold the paddle switch closed, my hand never cramped up, you barely feel the trigger it moves so freely. I have a tiger saw that I think will work with the crash bar, but not the other hood cuts as good. When I installed this pole I filled it part way up with cement and installed rebar in the hollow post to reinforce it.
Rather then try to break up over 24 inches of rebar enforced concrete with the pole still in the ground, I chose to cut the pole down.
This exposed the concrete which then I replaced the cut off wheel and installed a concrete grinding wheel.
I was able to easily grind thru the concrete all the way around until I was able to push over the pole and expose the rebar, which I then was able to cut thru easily and remove the pole.

You bought a cheap grinder, did you expect it to somehow compare to an expensive brand name? The only problem I experienced is after roughly 30 min of use two of the housing screws had worked their way loose. I removed the wheel and guard to access the screws a little more easily and secured them up tightly. I don't know if they came loose during use or were that way out of the box, either way they have not come loose since.
Also after about 30 min of cutting and grinding, the unit never overheated, it got pretty warm but any tool with that much use will also heat up.
Granted if I were a contractor and had to use this every day of my life then I would probably have opted for a name brand, however there is no indication this couldn't be used on a daily bases and for the money would probably get this first and see how long it lasted, with the extended warranty you are covered. When I took the old brushes out I couldn't believe the absolute garbage material they were made out of. It's certainly not powerful enough when you're paying the operator.It gets little use due to the lack of power.

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