Without exception, whether it has been a telephone enquiry, a personal visit or delivery, your staff have always been knowledgeable, personable and polite. I had a delivery of 3 bulk bags of ballast, even though the driver was agency staff he went out of his way to unload the bags where i wanted them and was courteous and polite. Since the opening of the Angmering branch, it has been a breath of fresh air, quality products, very competitive prices but most of all. The Flexipads Angle Grinder Pads - Black Soft for Curved Surfaces from Flexipads.Medium flexibility 180mm grinder pads with a total 27mm thread height.

Parker Building Supplies had exactly what I needed to get the job done with the least amount of fuss. They feature a threaded metal insert moulded into the pad as well as the removable locknut. I would like to thank you and your company for the prompt delivery and for the way you quote the prices, i.e.
All items remaining after this time are considered forfeited and abandoned with no further rights by the Buyer.

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