After looking around at all the goods in the hardware and bulk food stores, all we had in our cart was a bag of Sarsaparilla candy and a couple boxes of some rodent repellent. Our current location…We've rented an apartment in Pensacola to be near my physical therapist and doctors. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Amish Organic Whole Open Pollinated Corn is grown on an Amish certified organic farm in Ohio. Grain products ship fresh directly off an Amish farm that does not provide electronic tracking numbers. For a safer, faster, more enjoyable user experience, please update your browser today or try a newer browser. One of the many Amish towns in the area is Kidron, located in Sugar Creek Township just a short drive from Meadow Lake RV Resort where we’re staying. Lehman’s has a long history of serving local Amish communities and others who live without electricity in their homes.

It’s home to an outdoor flea market held twice a week, a livestock auction and a retail store called Kidron Town and Country.
It offers a truly unique shopping experience where the past, present and future all meet under one roof. The owner wants his store to be a dependable resource for those wishing to maintain their simple way of life.
An on site drug store is staffed by a pharmacist who claims to know the name of everyone in town who’s ever had a prescription filled at the store. Well, stick around and you might just learn a thing or two.) Anyhow, we spent an hour or two just driving down little country roads and taking in the scenery.
But if you’re interested in off-the-grid and non-electric tools and appliances, take a look at my photo galleries.
Summer is the peak season for RVers to travel the open road and experience the wonders of the United States and Canada, but where to go? The town attracts many of its visitors for its diverse tool shops, especially Lehman’s Hardware, which sells Amish-made goods and many non-electric household appliances.

I’ve also included there some pictures of consumer items I remember regularly seeing on the shelves when I was a kid, but not since until today.
Kidron was originally settled in 1819 by a group of Swiss Mennonites wishing to escape religious persecution and poor farming conditions in their homeland.
It includes four civil war vintage buildings with a Buggy Barn cinema, museum-quality antiques and thousands of products I was surprised are still made and available for sale.
I’m not kiddin’ ya, there are one heck of a lot of buggies and carriages on the road around here!

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