The IR circuit got stuffed into the neck of the screwdriver – the spherical section just behind the head. It was kind of a frustrating project: the IR circuit is wired up without a circuit board, which meant that the connections were prone to breakage. I made a video demonstrating the screwdriver in action – I think before I make any more videos I need to think about how to present myself better. If you manage to get the soic version with internal clock to work, I might likely be interested in one if you have an extra. Well, the IR circuit -can- work on its internal clock – at least as far as I can tell with my limited testing.
There are tailed versions of the ATMega series that would be easy enough to solder by hand – the problem is they take up a lot of space. I’ve begun learning on pics, but find that there is only really anything for tvbgone for the atmels.
I’m hoping to use a CREE IR LED, a basic 5mm UV LED, a white CREE and a laser pointer.
Probably not all going to come out of the same end, and with my limited understanding of electronics, may need to run it off of multiple power sources. The problems I’m running in to in design is that the IR wants to be run off of 1.5V at 300mA I think? Where do you suggest I start in learning how to design microcontrollers (assuming I have a well-rounded background)? Also, I would like to design a Sonic that can have multiple settings by sliding the middle button (default = 1, slide up one notch = setting 2, etc). My remote control code was taken from the Lady Ada site, where it was generously made available for others to use.
As for the last question – it sounds like you want the micro on the sonic to know how far the Sonic is extended?
Yet another possibility would be to use a photo-interruptor, kind of like what computer mice commonly used back when they still had mouse balls inside. Do you think you could upload a schematic (even a rough one) for the assembly out of the casing? If you make any more and I let you adjust it to my tv settings or whatever, then I may want to buy it, although it depends how much you want for it?

I don’t normally take commissions, and my schedule right now makes it difficult to do so. If you are interested, you can send me an e-mail and I’ll make a note to drop you a line when I finish the new sonic. Well I am sorry but I’m only 12 and I don’t have that kind of money so I might have to give it a pass!!
Also I assume that you live in America and I live in Britain so it would be hard to arrange payments etc.
Anyway, I ordered a new one and was wondering what parts to use to built one that could fit! The infrared controller I used was a SOIC version of the ATTiny85, along with the smallest 8MHz crystal I could find (about 2mm diameter, 5mm long), and a couple little capacitors.
The Doctor’s multipurpose tool is a Gallifreyan device, with numerous settings, easily controlled at the press of his thumb. The Doctor has had many sonic screwdrivers of different designs throughout his life and now you can choose from four previous iconic designs. The collection includes The Third Doctor, The Fourth Doctor’s, The Tenth Doctor’s and River Song’s Future Sonic that all feature realistic sound FX.
PS: I think its a waste of money if it is the UV version, i mean, they done it once in the Sonic Pen set, why can’t they do it again? I am really glad they’re releasing these because I NEED a new River Song Sonic and I really want a 4th sonic.
I got all of these when they first came out, however my 10th doctors sonic isn’t working anymore so, I’ll be getting that one!! Will the Third and Fourth Sonics have the same soundchip as the Tenth, or unique ones instead? When you think about it, a Sonic Screwdriver toy is just as important to a Doctor Who fan as it is to a Star Wars fan with a Lightsaber toy. I know nothing other than what is likely to happen this month – and it may start Wednesday!
I cut out a little bit of extra space inside there, and the circuit was stuffed inside each time I reassembled it. My first guess was that the IR LED was drawing too much power, causing the battery voltage to drop and the AVR to go into brownout mode.

I found this while looking up pictures of the old sonic screwdrivers for inspiration on the design of the same sort of thing you’ve got here. It’s being designed as a multi spectrum flashlight first, a sonic screwdriver second. But all the constant current drivers I can find are meant for white CREEs at least twice as powerful.
I’m an amateur in a great many things and have succeeded in creating a high quality steel sonic screwdriver. The idea is that there’s an IR emitter right next to an IR detector (or two) and something interrupts the path of the light as you extend or retract the screwdriver. Don’t really need the light-show circuit, just need to know the voltages and how the microcontroller is wired up to the rest.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I’ve also succeeded in a few small electronic endeavours, but would like to take on the task of fitting IR remotes, circuit boards into my Sonic.
The downside is that an IR emitter uses power, and a method like this could easily fall out of sync with the true position of the screwdriver.
The sequence is random but every once in a while, by chance or something, it winds up looking like it’s spinning one way or the other.
Sparkfun is a good shop and also a good resource, so that’s probably a good place to pick up info as well. I think the effect turned out a lot nicer than if I’d just produced a spinning sequence or something.
It was important to have the light show controller close to the LEDs due to the relatively large number of connections to the LEDs there – that simplified the wiring and allowed me to treat the whole front-end circuit (LEDs plus light-show controller) as a unit.

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