Fifty years later, in 1950, the leading ten cities had doubled in size, and Shanghai, Buenos Aires, and Calcutta had joined the list. The oldest surviving corporations, Stora Enso in Sweden and the Sumitomo Group in Japan, are about 700 and 400 years old, respectively. I suspect that one cause of their durability is that cities are the most constantly changing of organizations. The reversal of opinion about fast-growing citiesa€”from bad news to good newsa€”began with The Challenge of Slums, a 2003 UN-HABITAT report. In 2007 the United Nations Population Fund gave that yeara€™s report the upbeat title Unleashing the Potential of Urban Growth. If cities are concentrators of efficiency and innovation, an article about the scaling paper in Conservation magazine surmised, then, a€?the secret to creating a more environmentally sustainable society is making our cities bigger. In Peter Ackroyda€™s London: The Biography (2000), he quotes William Blakea€”a€?Without Contraries is no progressiona€?a€”and ventures that Blake came to that view from his immersion in London.
The common theory of the origin of cities states that they resulted from the invention of agriculture: Surplus food freed people to become specialists. Agriculture, it appears, was an early invention by the dwellers of walled towns to allow their settlements to keep growing, as in Geoffrey Westa€™s formulation.
A study in Panama showed what happened when people abandoned slash-and-burn agriculture to move to town: a€?With people gone, secondary forest has regenerated. Though the squatters join forces for what the UN researchers describe as a€?cultural movements and levels of solidarity unknown in leafy suburbs,a€? they are seldom politically active beyond defending their own community interests. A depiction of contemporary slum reality even more vivid than Neuwirtha€™s is an autobiographical novel by an escaped Australian prisoner who went into hiding in Mumbaia€™s slums, joined its organized crime world, and fell in love with the city. Social cohesiveness is the crucial factor differentiating a€?slums of hopea€? from a€?slums of despair.a€? This is where CBOs (community-based organizations) and the NGOs (national and global nongovernmental organizations) shine. For the first time in her life she had got rid of her husband, her in-laws, her village and their burdens. Shimu prefers living in Dhaka because a€?it is safer, and here I can earn a living, live and think my own way,a€? she says. The magic ingredient of squatter cities is that they are improved steadily and gradually, increment by increment, by the people living there. According to urban researchers, squatters are now the predominant builders of cities in the world.
A reporter from the Economist who visited Mumbai wrote that a€?Dharavi, which is allegedly Asiaa€™s biggest slum, is vibrantly and triumphantly alive. The screen-printer who provides laundry bags to hotels, the charcoal burner who wheels his cycle up to the copper smelter and delivers sacks of charcoala€¦ , the home-based crA?che to which the managing director delivers her child each morning, the informal builder who adds a security wall around the home of the government minister, all indicate the complex networks of linkages between informal and formal.
In many cities, the roughest slums are pressed right up against the most affluent neighborhoods.
This book was finished before the full effects of the world financial crisis of 2009 could be studied. Corporations are right to pay attention to what is now referred to as the BOPa€”bottom of the pyramid. It doesna€™t matter whether you give people title deeds or secure tenure, people simply need to know they wona€™t be evicted.
For the first time in her life she had got rid of her husband, her in-laws, her village and their burdens.A  A few months after she arrived, Shimu, now able to support her children, mustered the courage to return to her town and file for divorce.
That bond back to the village appears to be universal.A  The Challenge of Slums observes that a€?Kenyan urban folk who have lived in downtown Nairobi all of their lives, if asked where they come from, will say from Nyeri or Kiambu or Eldoret, even if they have never been to these places. At the end of July, crewed by Ron and Celia Swan and Peter Heard, we went across on the popular LTSC Meet to Cherbourg and St Vaast. Being of an independent frame of mind I set off a day earlier than the rest on Wednesday 27th July, just to check that Cherbourg was still where it used to be, and to leave Thursday free for enjoying the town.
We left almost on time at 0700 on the Wednesday, a day of the flattest calm, and had to motor the whole way. Thursday we mooched around Cherbourg in the sunshine, and in the evening after the others arrived we went with Rick Underhill and his crew Chris Everitt and Chris Barr and had a good meal in La Calle on the Place de La Republique. St Vaast was pretty full, as perhaps can be expected when a Meet takes place on a weekend which leads right up to 1st August and thus the French annual holidays.
All the other LTSC boats left on the Sunday morning, but the weather was set fair for another couple of days, Ron had managed to postpone his various Monday meetings, and so on Selene we lingered on until Monday morning and had a great Sunday lunch in Les Fuscias whilst we were at it.
Monday was again flat calm and apart from a couple of hours in the afternoon we had to motor the whole way back to Lymington. The next bit of distance was the Weymouth Meet on the Bank Holiday weekend of 27th - 29th August, after which we went down to Dartmouth for a couple of nights.
Eventually we brought up alongside Jim Seya€™s Second Rebellion in the Cove, on the port hand side where the Weymouth Harbour authorities had reserved plenty of space for the eleven boats that attended. Unfortunately our location in the Cove had caused a certain amount of controversy over the air waves. The rest of Saturday was spent relaxing, and with a pontoon party on and alongside Second Rebellion. The next day a pre-lunch visit was made to the recently renovated Royal Dorset Yacht Club, where we were all to dine that evening.. On the Monday morning most of the fleet left at an early hour to return home, leaving only Mike and Andie Smith in Merryl, and us in Selene, both of whom were proceeding to points west around Portland Bill, Merryl to Lyme Regis, and Selene to Dartmouth.
Before departure we decided to fill Selenea€™s fresh water tank, and we were taken aback when water started to come up through the cabin sole! Once the bilges were reasonably dry again we set off past Portland Harbour down to the Bill and the inshore passage. We continued across Lyme Bay, sailing until the wind dropped and headed us, and catching up Merryl who then tacked and went across our stern on their way to Lyme Regis. Bank Holiday Monday was supposedly the last day of the Dartmouth regatta, and I was concerned about finding a decent berth, but when we got past the Royal Dart Yacht Club and the lower Ferry, there was plenty of room on the visitors pontoons at the Darthaven Marina at Kingswear. So on Tuesday we had a nice lunch together in a real pub-style pub called the Market Square Inn, Mike departed, Peter, Robyn, and I played Pool, and then we all went our separate ways for the afternoon. We left the pontoon at 0631 on Wednesday and were alongside in Lymington at 2230, having reached Bridge Buoy at 2114, one minute earlier than my pre-departure predicted time. I am running out of suitable photos, so here is an easy one (anybody with good examples please feel free to send them to me!). So on Tuesday we had a nice lunch together in a real pub-style pub called the Market Square Inn, MikeA  departed, Peter, Robyn, and I played Pool, and then we all went our separate ways for the afternoon. Xie Xiaoyan, who has been involved in talks over the Iran nuclear situation and South Sudan, has just embarked on a demanding new mission - as China's first special envoy on the Syrian issue. The 62-year-old, whose appointment was confirmed on March 29, said the post is a sign of China's greater involvement in resolving the issue and its willingness to contribute "wisdom and solutions". Veteran diplomats said the increasing number of envoys comes from China's expanding involvement in global issues - including Syria - and its increasing national interests. Beijing has had a constant role in global efforts to tackle the Syria issue, communicating with both the Syrian government and the opposition to boost peace talks. Xie takes his new title at a time when "special envoy diplomacy" is playing an increasing role in China's foreign affairs. The United Nations and the United States have also appointed envoys - Staffan de Mistura and Michael Ratney respectively - to tackle the Syria issue, which has flared for five years.
Gong Xiaosheng, special envoy on the Middle East issue, said there are five hot spots in the region and that the Syria issue is "of great complexity".
Liu Guijin, a former special representative on African affairs, said, "The number of China's special envoys will continue to rise.
Bill Jones with Executive Intelligence Review, a weekly US magazine, said US special envoys are often appointed "only for the duration of the 'crisis' or 'situation' for which he or she has been assigned". Jonathan Cristol, a fellow at the World Policy Institute, said special envoys "can be a very useful tool" for China to safeguard its global interests, and it is hoped that such envoys will "have wide-ranging personal relationships with multiple actors".
1956: China's "special envoy diplomacy" initiated as Vice-Premier He Long attends Iskander Mirza's inauguration as Pakistani president.
1984: Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Qian Qichen participates in the fourth round of governmental consultations between China and the Soviet Union as a special envoy. 1991: Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Yang Fuchang, as special envoy, visits several countries in the Middle East and expresses China's basic position on the Gulf War. September 2002: Government appoints Wang Shijie as its first special envoy on the Middle East issue. March 2016: Government appoints Xie Xiaoyan as special envoy on the Syrian issue, marking greater significance for the role.
Most Chinese diplomats assigned as envoys on a specific issue or region have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Wu Dawei, 70, the country's special representative on Korean Peninsula affairs, was appointed in 2010, shortly after finishing his previous job as vice-minister of foreign affairs. Hemay be one of China's busiest envoys, especially since February when nuclear tests by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea led to an escalation of tensions. He has embarked on at least three overseas trips since February, to Pyongyang, Seoul and Japan, according to the Foreign Ministry.
Liu Guijin, a former special representative on African affairs, said unlike Foreign Ministry spokesmen and women, who usually state positions concisely, envoys are expected to "elaborate and explain China's stance in their own words".
Another 50 interns are to join China's top court and spend six months helping judges there, increasing their understanding of the rule of law and building on the success of the first class of interns.
The project to educate judicial talent and provide a bridge between legal studies and practice - much like the role of a law clerk in the United States - was written in to a work report for the Supreme People's Court this year. Xu Jiaxin, a court administrator who heads the project, said the first class of interns ended their service on March 29.
The second group, which was selected last week, will work at the court from May to October. Yuan Gang, an associate law professor at China University of Political Science and Law, praised the project as a key step in innovating legal education.
However, unlike the Chinese interns, the US clerks attend face-to-face interviews with the judges they will assist and are paid for their work. Yuan Ningning, a legal researcher at Beijing Normal University, said China's efforts to educate law students should be highlighted, as the country "is on the road to operating with a strong rule of law". Niu Yang, an intern in the first group, said he was excited to earn a place at the top court in a competitive process.
About 60 percent of applicants were eliminated during a review process, and about 50 students were granted interviews with the university principal, said Niu, who was selected as an intern at the top court's civil tribunal.
Ran Rong, a court official who mentors the interns, said they worked as clerks initially, recording case hearings and learning how the court works.
Xia Junli, another intern mentor at the top court's civil tribunal, said the second group of law students should be educated in line with what they are learning in college.
Yu, the deputy chief of the seven-person station, has worked as a forest ranger for 22 years after inheriting the job from his father. Workers at the Chongqing Yunyang Yangtze River Shelter-Forest Farm, established in 1964, have planted more than 6,000 hectares of trees along 42 kilometers of riverbank to restore the ecological system on the Yangtze's upper reaches. The farm, which has 33 rangers at seven stations - each in charge of 200 hectares of forest - is the largest of its kind along the river. The world's third-longest river, the Yangtze runs for 6,300 kilometers from the glaciers of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau eastward through Chongqing, Wuhan and Nanjing before reaching the East China Sea at Shanghai.
The farm is known as the Leader Farm by the area's residents, as the late Chairman Mao Zedong gave the order to plant more trees there in 1958.
More than 400 million people get their drinking water from the Yangtze, and water security has become a major issue in China's development. Excessive deforestation means the foliage coverage rate on the river's upper reaches dropped from 30 percent in the 1950s to only 20 percent in the 1990s, according to the Chongqing Bureau of Forestry.
With the river's ecosystem on the verge of collapse, a campaign was launched to protect it. Yunyang county, 310 km east of Chongqing, has been a vital ecological barrier on the upper reaches of the Yangtze, especially in the Three Gorges Reservoir area. In 1959, soon after Mao's order to plant more trees, thousands of farmers joined a voluntary tree-planting project. In 1964, the Chongqing forest farm was created to carry out professional forestry work, but funding was insufficient and the rangers were seldom paid. In 2009, Chongqing launched the Yangtze River Ecological Barrier Construction Project, with Yunyang county one of four pilot areas. During Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe's visit to Beijing, the Sri Lankan government sought more investment despite a compensation claim from a Chinese company involved in a major port project remaining unresolved. Wickremesinghe, who wrapped up his first visit to China over the weekend, said on Saturday that his government is giving special status to the Colombo Port City project and that the port's profitable future has attracted many Chinese investors.
The Port City project, contracted to State-owned China Communications Construction Co in 2013 with investment of $1.4 billion, is Sri Lanka's biggest single foreign investment.
The Chinese company, which has estimated that the suspension will cause losses of more than $380,000 a day, has sought compensation of $125 million, according to the Sri Lankan government, which has said it cannot pay and wants to negotiate. On Thursday, Premier Li Keqiang told Wickremesinghe that China will work with Sri Lanka to push for a resumption of the project.
Wickremesinghe said on Saturday that he did not discuss the compensation issue with Chinese leaders during his visit, as he did not think it was a major problem. He said the port city is a joint venture involving Chinese and Sri Lankan companies, but Indian companies would be welcome to join it.
The port city is part of a plan for a "megalopolis" with a population of 8 million, and there will be more opportunities for infrastructure development by Chinese and other companies, Wickremesinghe said.
Describing Sri Lanka as the most important country in the Indian Ocean for China's Belt and Road Initiative, Wickremesinghe said his nation is reviving its position as an Indian Oceanhub, which is connected to the China-proposed 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. Although his first book (a novella) took shape more than six decades ago, he had to wait about a dozen years before seeing his literary fortunes finally smile.
More than a decade after his path-breaking novel, he was honored with the highest literary prize in the world.
He began his acceptance speech by citing Florentine navigator Antonio Pigafetta, "who went with Magellan on his first voyage around the world" and wrote a "strictly accurate account" of his "passage through our southern lands of America" that "nonetheless resembles a venture into fantasy". The ignorance of the elites of the enlightened world, which is no longer limited to Europe and ironically also includes the northern part of the New World, seems to persist.
But today, when no land is left uncharted, how can anyone, European and American leaders included, plead ignorance? The refugees in Europe, as the wizard of magic realism said, are seeking a "new utopia of life, where no one will be able to decide for others how they die, where love will prove true and happiness be possible, and where races condemned to one hundred years of solitude will have, at last and forever, a second opportunity on earth". When will the cries of children, wails of helpless women and silent pains of desperate men be heard?
Beijing plans to build thousands of charging stations this year to promote the use of electric vehicles, amid the city's efforts to curb air pollution, according to Beijing Electric Power Co.
More than 10 major charging facilities are set to roll out in expressway service stations, with nearly 6,000 smaller units in urban areas, the company said. Roads across the country are expected to cater more to electric and green cars, which emit significantly less pollutants than gasoline-powered vehicles. In February, the State Council released new guidelines to spur the development of the new-energy vehicle industry. Today, the National Bureau of Statistics is scheduled to release the latest economic figures, including those related to the consumer price index and the producer price index for March.
The China World E-commerce Conference is set to be held in Yiwu, Zhejiang province, today and tomorrow. More senior citizens are learning how to use smartphones to connect to the internet, according to the latest industry reports.
Beijing authorities are set to roll out the latest round of vehicle restrictions, which ban car owners from driving one day of the week based on the last digit of their license plates. China's special envoy on the Middle East issue took up his post in September 2014 and said he is much busier now than when he was an ambassador. The 63-year-old served as director of the Chinese Office in Palestine from 2003 to 2005, as well as ambassador to Jordan from 2006 to 2008 and ambassador to Turkey from 2008 to 2014. What makes his work extremely hard, he said, is trying to settle disputes by taking a balanced stance, "as all parties in a dispute usually want China to support them against the other".
The diplomat said he also has trouble finding time for his family, even for the most important festivals for Chinese.
The practice of deploying special envoys has a long history and is now widely seen as an effective approach to diplomacy.
US President Barack Obama appointed Todd Stern as a special envoy for climate change, while Rachel Kyte, vice-president of the World Bank Group, is also the organization's special envoy for climate change. Experts have applauded the introduction of a blacklist for unruly air passengers, but caution has been urged in specifying targeted offenders. Three people have been fined and placed on a no-fly list since the China Air Transport Association introduced the national system in February. The punishment means the trio cannot book flights on five major airlines, including Air China, China Southern and China Eastern, which together operate about 80 percent of routes in and out of China, for one to two years, depending on the severity of their offense. The Civil Aviation Administration of China last year laid out 11 kinds of behavior strictly prohibited on flights and at terminals, including creating disturbances at check-in counters, damaging airport security facilities, and intimidating or assaulting crew members. Li Xiaojin, a researcher at the Civil Aviation University of China, said a blacklist system is necessary, as conflicts over delays and disputes among passengers over trivial matters increasingly pose safety risks. In December 2014, a Chinese woman poured boiling water over a female flight attendant and punched the cabin windows on an AirAsia flight from Bangkok to Nanjing, Jiangsu province, due to a dispute over seating arrangements.
On Jan 10 last year, police removed 25 passengers from a plane in Kunming, Yunnan province, after they quarreled with flight crew and opened emergency exits after growing angry over delays caused by bad weather. However, Qiu Baochang, a legal consultant for the China Consumer Association, said specifications of the blacklist system should be detailed to avoid infringements of consumer rights. The new tax on imported goods purchased from e-commerce sites will not affect Chinese travelers who buy abroad, the Ministry of Finance said on Saturday. Shoppers had expressed concern that a new tax on foreign products, which went into effect on Friday, would spell trouble for outbound tourists.
According to the authority, the rules for tourists returning from abroad remain unchanged, with purchases up to the value of 5,000 yuan ($770) exempt from duties. The policy is aimed at creating a "level playing field" for cross-border e-commerce sites and brick-and-mortar stores that sell imported goods. Cross-border e-commerce has boomed with the surge in demand for higher-quality products among China's middle class.
Operators of bonded areas, part of the e-commerce chain, also expressed concern about the tax change - as it came into effect only about two weeks after it was announced, some areas said they did not have enough time to clear inventories. Shoppers also have complained they must now pay higher taxes on low-priced overseas products.
However, analysts noted that some luxury items, such as cosmetics priced up to 2,000 yuan, now have a lower tax, as the previous parcel tax was 50 percent. Fitch Ratings said in its latest report that China's restrictions on overseas purchases may narrow the price differential of luxury goods between China and the rest of the world, potentially boosting domestic consumption. When Chinese President Xi Jinping dropped in for a pint at an English country pub with British Prime Minister David Cameron in October, few could have predicted it would start yet another Chinese consumer craze. Within a few weeks, monthly China sales of the particular beer - Greene King IPA - soared from 6,000 bottles to 80,000 bottles a month.
The Chinese, who normally drink domestic lagers such as Tsingtao and Yanjing, had suddenly developed a taste for English bitter ale. The brewer that makes the beer based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk was the latest to benefit from the desire of Chinese consumers to have the latest thing. This often emotional and sometimes erratic behavior is "shaking the world", according to a recent article by Jeffrey Towson, professor of investment at Peking University's Guanghua School of Management, that went viral.
Chinese consumers are a vital market for virtually all leading global consumer brands, yet their behavior is so volatile that trends are becoming increasingly difficult to forecast. They do not often behave according to the more established and standard patterns of behavior they see in Western markets, according to experts.
So foreign multinationals - like Chinese companies that are just as desperate to capture their own domestic market - are having to adjust their business models so they can align them with the latest trends and fashions in the world's second-largest economy.
There was much interest last month therefore in the publication of the 2016 China Consumer Report, The Modernization of the Chinese Consumer, by McKinsey & Co.
It was the 11th such report produced by the international management consultants since 2005, and this year included interviews with 10,000 consumers. Daniel Zipser, partner at McKinsey's Shanghai office and the leader of its consumer and retail practice in Greater China, who was co-author of the report, says it is the speed of the consumer trends that presents the biggest challenge to companies.
Despite the recent slowdown in the economy, Chinese consumers remain among the most confident in the world. Those expecting their household income to increase significantly over the next five years was 55 percent in 2015, barely unchanged from the 57 percent in 2012.
This contrasts with only 30 percent of British consumers and 32 percent US consumers, believing the same when they were last polled in 2011.
With this level of buoyancy, China - and not the United States or Europe - has become the place for companies to launch new products and services. In February, Apple chose China to be the first country outside of the US to launch its Apple Pay mobile payments system, linking with Union Pay and Chinese banks. Many leading automotive manufacturers now launch their new models first in China, the world's largest car market. Wang Qing, professor of marketing and innovation at Warwick Business School in the UK, says this is because Chinese consumers are always clamoring for something new. Wang says that companies are being forced to respond to this and cannot take the Chinese market for granted like they may have done in the past. The McKinsey report highlighted just how much consumerism has become a fundamental part of the fabric of life. Those selling to China now also have to take into consideration that there is a move toward healthy living. This could be bad news for international brands such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi with the percentage of those consuming carbonated soft drinks falling from 84 percent in 2012 to 63 percent in 2015.
One of the major trends, however, is that Chinese consumers now want to trade up to premium brands over mass market brands.
With cosmetics, 44 percent want to trade up, spirits 36 percent, milk 29 percent, hair care 26 percent and even rice 25 percent. Zipser says this can be far too easily dismissed as the sort of nouveau riche behavior seen in other fast-developing societies, but he believes it is a far more subtle than that. Where Chinese consumers, particularly younger ones, often differ from Western consumers is being heavily influenced by fashion trends in their Asian neighbor, South Korea.
Although the chart-topping Gangnam Style from the South Korean musician Psy may have permeated Western culture, everything to do with South Korea, from movies and soap operas to lipstick, is seen as cool in China. Eden Yin, senior lecturer at Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge, says what is seen as erratic behavior among Chinese consumers is often the result of a herd mentality. Yin, who will be teaching a program, Strategies for Winning in China, at Cambridge next month, argues that this does not mean they are emotional.
Mike Bastin, course leader of the MA in fashion marketing at the University of Southampton and a contributor to China Daily, says his recent research findings suggest Chinese consumers are driven less by a herd mentality.
Bastin, currently on a nine-city guest lecture tour across China, says where Chinese are making more individual choices in fashion they are moving toward upmarket Chinese brands like Shanghai Tang, the brand that has tried to capture the city's 1920s and 1930s chic.
Whatever the idiosyncrasies of the Chinese market, attracting the attention of the Chinese middle class consumer is the holy grail in boardrooms across the world.
China and the UK will honor their most famous playwrights, Tang Xianzu and William Shakespeare, with a series of events this year.
The dramatists were contemporaries who lived thousands of miles apart, and both died in 1616.
Professor Zou Yuanjiang gives a talk on Tang's masterpiece The Peony Pavilion at University of Leeds. Shakespeare's plays are a mainstay of the British school curriculum, while Tang's best-known opera, The Peony Pavilion, continues to be performed worldwide.
Both were "great men in the circle of world drama", according to Aoki Masaru, the Japanese scholar and Sinologist, who many credit as being the first to link the Bard with Tang in his 1943 book A History of Chinese Literary Thought. To mark the 400th anniversary of the writers' deaths, plays, seminars, book fairs and lectures will be held to celebrate their legacies in China and the United Kingdom. He added that they will play an essential role in promoting mutual understanding and trust between the two countries by deepening exchanges and cooperation in literature and drama. The celebrations will include a special stage production, A Midsummer Night's Dream Under the Southern Bough, which has been billed as "when Shakespeare met Tang".
Aimed primarily at student audiences, the show is a mash-up of A Midsummer Night's Dream, the Bard's comedy of magic and mismatched love, and Tang's A Dream Under the Southern Bough, an opera about a soldier's fantastical journey through a kingdom of ants.
The play will be staged in Leeds, Edinburgh, and three cities in China from July to September, and is organized by the University of Leeds Staging China, its Business Confucius Institute, and the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing. As the cast will mostly be made up of Western actors, the show will be a spoken word performance with musical accompaniment.
This year's London Book Fair will also feature a discussion on Shakespeare and Tang and their impact on drama, to be staged at Olympia London on April 12, organized by China Universal Press and Publication Co.

In March, Zou Yuanjiang, a philosophy professor at the University of Wuhan and vice-president of the Tang Xianzu Research Society, was invited to talk on The Peony Pavilion at several British universities. Such tours "not only illuminate the work of a legendary Chinese writer to audiences in the UK, but also have a great impact" among young Chinese people, according to Li Ruru, a professor of Chinese theater studies at the University of Leeds, who helped organize Zou's visit. By comparing the literary greats, "we're raising awareness among UK scholars and readers, so that they look more carefully at what is out there in terms of Chinese classics", adds Tian Yuan Tan with the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies, who coauthored the book 1616: Shakespeare and Tang Xianzu's China.
Adam Strickson, a fellow in theater and writing at the University of Leeds, who studied the works of Tang and Shakespeare, says both "shared a love for mixing low life or the bawdy with the sense of a tortuous moral journey of self-discovery". They also use dense and layered poetry to go beyond the surface, he says, while the metaphor of the dream as a journey of confusion and enlightenment is central. The difference, he adds, is that the Bard's work represents people of all backgrounds and classes, whereas Tang's works seem to come from a more aristocratic and esoteric background.
Laura Lian says Chinese consumers often display erratic consumer behavior because they are only just coming to terms with the concept of brands. The 25-year-old entrepreneur, who blogs on modern Chinese culture, insists there has been something of a revolution in a relatively short time. Lian, who was out shopping at The Place shopping center in Beijing's Central Business District, which boasts the city's only Marks and Spencer, says that even she, despite her relatively young age, was not aware of brands until she moved from her home area near Songyuan in Jilin province in the northeast of China, to Beijing, where she started university in 2008. She believes many consumers are experimenting with living a modern lifestyle for the first time, and that is why many of their choices might be seen as less rational than the more conventional and established behavior of Western consumers.
Feng Shuxia, 61, who was out browsing with her husband, Tian Shunsheng, also 61, agrees it is the younger generation that is driving consumer behavior. The couple's 35-year-old daughter, who works for a bank, has bought Feng a Louis Vuitton and two Gucci handbags in recent years. Yu Zhipeng, a salesman for an IT company in Beijing originally from Shandong province, believes the Chinese buying behavior that is being picked up in research is deep seated in culture and what might be seen as erratic purchasing is just experimentation. Zhao Na, 22, a part-time office worker who is studying horticulture at college, is typical of many young Chinese who are particularly attracted to South Korean products. Zhao admits to being something of a follower of fashion, picking up ideas from various media. Her partner, Rao Xin, also 22 and a horticulture student, believes it is women and not men who are behind some of the volatile consumer behavior in China. He says his recent major purchases such as the latest Nintendo 3DS games console was just a straightforward choice that a Western consumer of his age and demographic would make. Feng and Tian, the retired couple, like many Chinese now often make expensive purchases while holidaying abroad, particularly in Europe. Tian has a Loewe jacket that was bought in Spain in 2013 for the equivalent of 25,000 yuan, which he says would have been 35,000 yuan in China. Jeffrey Towson says one of the major challenges for businesses around the world is to understand Chinese consumers.
Even the Guanghua School of Management professor was taken aback by the response to an article, How China's Increasingly Emotional Consumers Are Shaking the World, that he posted on his LinkedIn profile last month. Within 24 hours it had some 50,000 hits as those who responded were seeking some insight into the Chinese buying public.
Towson, coauthor with Jonathan Woetzel, a senior partner at McKinsey & Co in Shanghai, of the One Hour China Consumer Book, believes the response was just symptomatic of the global interest in the behavior of the middle class Chinese consumer, seen by many as a business mega trend. He says the increasingly emotional behavior of Chinese consumers has got everybody in the commercial world - from Chinese companies to foreign multinationals - guessing as to what their right strategy needs to be in order to reach them. In his LinkedIn article, Towson cites two examples of Chinese consumers' emotional behavior. The second is how Bobbie Bear, a purple bear stuffed with lavender, made by Robert Ravenus on his farm in Tasmania as a retirement business, became a must-have product in China overnight. Towson, 45, believes the only option for businesses wanting to target the Chinese market and understand consumer trends is to get up close to Chinese consumers.
Towson, who was born in Walnut Creek in northern California, has been professor of investment at Peking University's Guanghua School of Management for the past six years. Apart from the book on Chinese consumers, he has also written the One Hour China Book, itself an instant hit, which came about after a US congressman asked him what he needed to know about China.
Towson originally studied sciences and was a Fulbright scholar at the Karolinska Institute of Biotechnology in Sweden, before studying medicine at Stanford.
From there he worked for Prince Al-Walid, then the fourth richest man in the world, and conducted business deals across the Middle East, Africa and Asia, from where he first developed a China connection. He believes that some of the "emotional" behavior of Chinese consumers is a result of them now being able to make choices.
He says the urban middle class are no longer "value hunters" as they are expected to have a disposable income of $8,000 a year by 2020, about the current level of South Korea. He believes the Chinese consumer market is proving to be even more dynamic than that of South Korea. He says one of the complexities of the market also is the huge differences in life experiences between the generations. People who are now middle-aged have known real poverty and many lived through the "cultural revolution" (1966-76), which saw huge turmoil in the country.
Because 70 percent of the population is now networked on the Chinese instant messaging service WeChat, which has far greater take up in China than Facebook's WhatsApp in the West, trends can take off very rapidly. He cites Meitu Xiu Xiu, a Chinese mobile app aimed at women which allows them to take selfies of themselves and also edit and improve the image, making them look perhaps slimmer or different in some other aspect.
Towson says the challenge for any corporation is to reach people in China through social media, where a lot of consumer behavior is now determined. With the country's e-commerce increasing rapidly, its online retail and related delivery services are producing a virtual mountain of waste that adds to the country's environmental woes.
China doesn't have a national system to regulate the packaging of goods purchased online - from freshly cooked soup and congee to frozen seafood. Zhu and his team cooperated with the State Post Bureau in 2014 to get a thorough picture of the garbage situation from courier services, and they continued research last year to estimate the amount of trash generated by the industry.
In 2014, the booming service industry generated about 14 billion parcels, the bureau's data showed. Chen Jian, who has worked in recycling services for 20 years in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, voiced similar concerns over the growing pollution from the booming courier services. Every year, at least 15,000 metric tons of paper boxes are used in Xi'an, of which only 60 percent are recycled, he told a local newspaper in the city of more than 8 million people.
The burning or dumping of such non-biodegradable plastic material could cause pollution to the surroundings, said Wei Maoquan, head of the Resource Recycling Association of Linyi, Shandong province. Wei said that plastic tape, for example, contains the chemical polyvinyl chloride, which could take at least 100 years to decompose in the soil. However, few delivery service providers have begun to use recyclable plastic and paper packaging materials.
Xiang Feng, CEO of Shanghai YTO Express Co, conceded that most plastic materials now used are not biodegradable. The company began pilot projects in 2014 in some areas to recycle paper and plastic materials, "but we have many difficulties in expanding the recycling system", Xiang said.
Nonetheless, he said, it is necessary to improve the recycling system, reduce excessive packaging and promote environmentally friendly packaging materials.
Sarah Wolfgang, founder of The Dog Cafe, had considered opening such a place in Los Angeles since 2014. Wolfgang checked with the Los Angeles Health Department, which told her such a cafe would be legal as long as the areas where patrons buy coffee and pet the dogs were kept separate. In Shanghai, a dog-themed cafe was opened in 2014 and has since been frequented by dog lovers. However, cats seem to be more popular than dogs among those wanting to open a pet cafe in China. Tian Xiaofei, an office worker in Beijing who has two dogs, said she loves the idea of a dog-themed cafe and hopes that one might open in Beijing. Mansai Conner, 21, connects with a dog on the opening day of Dog Cafe, a coffee shop in Los Angeles, California, where people can adopt shelter dogs.
Homebuying regulations that took effect on March 25 in Shanghai and Shenzhen turned out to be quick fixes for the overheated residential markets, as trade volume shrank sharply in both cities, according to data from property agencies. Daily trade volume of new homes in Shanghai fell from 103,000 square meters in the week ending on March 27 to 45,000 sq m in the week ending on April 3 - a 56 percent week-on-week drop, according to property research agency China Real Estate Information Corp. In Shenzhen, deals were reached on 652 units of new homes in the week between March 28 and April 3, dropping 29.67 percent from a week earlier, data collected by SouFun Holdings Ltd showed. Housing prices surged in Beijing this year, but not by as much as in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Wang Fei, director of Shenzhen's Centaline Property Research Center, said Shenzhen's property market had been cooling down before the new policy was introduced. During the week after the new measures were announced on March 25, Shanghai's market for previously owned homes saw a drop of up to 40 percent in the number of deals and a huge decrease in the number of visits to available homes by interested parties, according to Shanghai Secondhand Housing Index Office, a consultancy that tracks the used-home market in Shanghai. Additionally, it said in a report, more than 30 percent of deals that already had been reached ended up with refunds due to the new restrictions on homebuying qualifications and tightened credit lines.
Wang Huiyao and her husband are among the families who were disqualified in Shanghai after the new rules were enforced. Under the new policy, would-be buyers without Shanghai permanent residency have to pay taxes in the city for at least five years in a row, compared with the previous requirement of two years in total. Wang, who arrived in Shanghai in 2012, must wait another year before her family will be allowed to buy a home in the city, but she knows well what a year's wait in the ever-inflating property market means. Hu Jun, a property agent in the Bagualing area of Shenzhen's Futian district, said he makes dozens of phone calls every day, but is still unable to find a buyer. The new policies will help rein in home price growth in gateway cities like Shanghai in the short term, but prices might not drop since demand is great, said Zhou Jing, head of the residential division of consultancy JLL Shanghai. Policymakers should not interfere too much, since price growth in these cities' property markets is mostly propelled by demand rather than speculative forces, Zhou added. China's sports establishment must learn the lessons from a corruption scandal involving a former deputy sports minister, continue to root out graft and curb a win-at-all costs mentality, the country's top graft-buster said on Friday. Corruption in international athletics has been in the spotlight due to US and Swiss probes into the soccer's world governing body, FIFA, as well as doping scandals that have rocked tennis and other sports. China, which is aggressively seeking to stamp out graft in the Party and government ranks, has also sought to eject corrupt elements from its sports establishment, particularly within soccer, which has been hit by match-fixing scandals. China was hit by two new sports graft scandals last year, with a probe of deputy sports minister Xiao Tian, who sat on China's Olympic Committee, and another into the country's then-volleyball chief. In a statement released following a meeting on learning the lessons from Xiao's case, the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection said the sports sector needed to do more to tackle graft and not rest on its laurels.
Liu Peng, head of the sports administration, warned last year that China had to abandon its obsession with gold medals if it wanted to weed out corruption. Chinese athletes bagged the most gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, a feat accompanied by a wave of national pride and the culmination of China's "100 year dream" to host the world's most prestigious sporting event.
At the London Olympics four years later, China came in second to the United States in the medals table.
Beijing, along with the neighboring city of Zhangjiakou, will host the 2022 Winter Olympics. Last month, President Xi Jinping said China must hold a Winter Olympics that is "clean as the snow", in an indirect reference to the scandals with Xiao and another former top official linked to the Olympics bid.
If there isn't enough time to complete preparations by the school term that starts in September, the program will begin enrolling students next year, said Lu Chusheng, deputy dean of Guangzhou Electromechanical Technician College.
The drone specialty is expected to become a signature subject at the college and attract a large number of high school graduates in the years ahead, since it should be easy for students to find jobs upon graduation, Lu said.
Drones are being used in an increasing range of industries in the Pearl River Delta cities and the entire Guangdong province.
Liang Rui'er, deputy director of the college's mechanical and electrical equipment industry division, said the new drone specialty is being established in cooperation with Beijing's Beihang University, which will send professors and instructors to give lectures. About 3,000 drone operators were trained on the mainland last year, compared with between 30,000 and 40,000 in the United States, he added.
According to Yang, operating a drone that weighs less than 7 kilograms and flies at an altitude of no more than 120 meters at a distance of less than 500 meters doesn't require a license.
Guangzhou Electromechanical Technician College is expected to become the first to establish a drone specialty on the mainland, though many drone training centers have been set up across the country, Yang said. The prices are a clear sign of encouragement to the market that has seen a cooling since 2012.
Peach Blossom Spring, an ink-and-color painting by Zhang Daqian (1899-1983) fetched HK$270 million ($34.7 million), an auction record for the artist, at international auctioneer Sotheby's major spring auction on Tuesday. At the same sale, six other ink paintings - four by Zhang and two by modern masters Lin Fengmian and Wu Guanzhong - each sold above the threshold of $1 million to private Asian buyers. On Monday, Wu Guanzhong's (1919-2010) oil canvas Zhouzhuang fetched HK$236 million in a sale by Poly Auction Hong Kong, setting an auction record for the modern pioneer of Chinese art. Zhao Xu, CEO of Poly Auction Hong Kong, said 10 bidders were competing for the painting when the bids surpassed HK$150 million. Zhao added that what lies behind the latest record-breaking spree is a stable group of collectors with deep pockets and a love of Chinese art. The Chinese fine-art market suffered a downturn last year as it was also affected by a sour global economy and a slowdown in the domestic economy. With last year's figure for Chinese art showing a decrease from $6.6 billion in 2014, China lost its top slot to the United States in the fine-arts market for the first time in six years. Auctioneers sold fewer classic paintings and works of calligraphy, which typically account for a major slice of the Chinese art market, partly due to fewer works from important collections at home and abroad being put on sale, the report says.
Meanwhile, Xu Cuiyun, senior analyst at the Art Market Monitor of Artron, said that when the Chinese art market first took off before 2009, salesrooms used to be packed with buyers who sought instant profits from reselling, thus pushing up bids to unsustainable levels. Zhang's painting, for instance, came from the collection of Sandy Mactaggart, a Canadian philanthropist famed for his Asian art collection. Wu Guanzhong's work also boasts a sound provenance: He created the piece on a commission from Kwee Swie Teng, an Indonesian entrepreneur and collector, who had displayed the work at his private Art Retreat Museum in Singapore since the late 1990s.
The May 2013 photo (below) shows passengers lining up at a taxi stand outside the Beijing Railway Station. In today's China, where mobile Internet is a big part of life, taxi-hailing applications have taken commuter convenience to a new level. Countries that are highly urbanized have higher incomes, more stable economies, stronger institutions. Not that there was much of it in the first place, but at least I managed to put some water under Selenea€™s keel and catch up on my early season lack of distance. Cherbourg I always feel is a good place, plenty of things to look at, lots of bars and restaurants to enjoy, and a general sense of je ne sais quoi. The next day when the crowd arrived I discovered the one problem with having a full Class B, transmit and receive, AIS system as opposed to merely a receiver. On this occasion, aided by a favourable tide, we had enough wind to sail, and we dropped sail just before the final mark into St Vaast, Le Gavendest, in nice time for the lock, having logged 9.5 knots over the ground on the way down.
After a few abortive attempts to find a finger pontoon in the areas we were supposed to go to, I spotted an English yacht complete with drying washing rafted outside a Dutch yacht on a hammerhead, and asked if we could come alongside.
It was a bit misty, and in the usual way it thickened to about 200 metres visibility just as we approached the East-bound tanker tracks. This time my crew was Peter Heard and Robyn Bolam, plus Michael Knowles who was the organiser of the Weymouth Meet.
This worked fine - the Cove these days has a proper pontoon with electricity and water on it, and it is further from the pubs etc on the other side, which on a Bank Holiday weekend are very noisy with loud music blaring.
Michael Knowles believed that in organising things he had booked specific berths on the starboard side just below the Harbour Office, and he called them on Channel 12 from Selene as we came in. Their club house with its distinctive pitched roof can be seen behind the stern of the motor boat in the photo.
During the dinner I did as I had been instructed as LTSC Cruising Captain, and thus, supposedly, a€?the senior LTSC Officer presenta€?, and conducted an exchange of Burgees with the RDYCa€™s Rear Commodore, Ben Harris.
We had had a previous occasion like this when Meandering, when we discovered that the inspection cap on the water tank was unscrewed and the tank had overflowed.
There seems to be an advantage in doing this on a Bank Holiday Monday in that there were far fewer lobster pots than the last time I went that way two years before, presumably because the fishermen were in the pub having a Bank Holiday treat with their wives.
RT conversations about possibly meeting up in Brixham a couple of days later were made redundant by a subsequent change in the weather.
If you decide to go to Devon (where better?), time your departure appropriately for the tide, take care about the weather, and just go. Dartmoor, behind Torbay, tried its usual trick of pretending to be nearby land when actually there were many miles still to go, but I was surprised to find I could see the Dartmouth Day Mark on Froward Point above the entrance from 20 miles away.
The Marina told me that attendance at the regatta had been well down this year, which they attributed to the lack of the Red Arrows after the tragic accident at the Bournemouth Air Show, and that those boats attending had simply waited for the fireworks on the Sunday night and then departed.
There is a splendid view of the Royal Naval College towering above the Dart, and of Dartmouth itself. My original plan had been to stay in Dartmouth at least until the Thursday, but a careful study of the likely weather using PocketGRIB on my iPhone and other tools showed this might be a bad plan. We lost the tide just before Portland Bill, and I went inshore from 5 miles off the Bill, skirting the Shambles Bank, in the hope of cheating a bit, which looking at it since was probably a mistake, it would have been better to head out further still. This time my crewA  was Peter Heard and Robyn Bolam, plus Michael Knowles who was the organiser of the Weymouth Meet. This heralds a new era for the position of envoy, from one of largely ceremonial activities, to one of enhanced responsibilities involving bilateral negotiations. So you have no choice but to learn more and make full preparations if you are to answer their questions smoothly," he said. The 50, who were chosen from 32 universities nationwide, took part in a wide variety of court activities.
They will work on every aspect of a lawsuit, from drafting documents, to collecting evidence and case materials, to offering their opinions on proposed verdicts. When spring comes and the air dries, the rangers are on high alert for any signs of wildfire. At a meeting earlier this year in Chongqing, he urged officials from provinces along the river to concentrate on ecological restoration and protection, and to avoid large-scale development. However, between 30 billion and 40 billion metric tons of sewage annually is discharged from petrochemical plants on the Yangtze, accounting for more than one-third of the nation's annual discharge. The area of soil erosion increased from 360,0000 square km in the 1950s to 560,0000 square km in the 1980s. Beijing also drafted a landmark program, to be launched this year, to restore the river's ecosystem. In Yunyang county, the forest coverage rate on the river's banks has reached 70 percent, according to Peng Ming, deputy director of the Yunyang Bureau of Forestry. However, the project was suspended in January last year after the new Sri Lankan government ordered a review.
His administration has had discussions on the issue with the Chinese government and Chinese banks. Along with the literary giant Jorge Luis Borges and the Mexican magician Juan Rulfo, he changed the landscape of Latin American, nay world, literature. And by the time he walked up to receive it, he was prepared to tell his and Latin America's story in yet another novel way. He said Pigafetta had recorded seeing "hogs with navels on their haunches, clawless birds whose hens laid eggs on the backs of their mates, and others still, resembling tongueless pelicans, with beaks like spoons". Pigafetta, to be honest, cannot be faulted for not recognizing the "strange, exotic, misbegotten" animals and birds he saw in Latin America, for he had not even heard about, let alone seen, any of them before setting foot in the New World.
The sector is set to receive incentives, and the government is encouraging enterprises, universities and research institutions to cooperate in traction battery research and development. The CPI is the main gauge of inflation, while the PPI indicates changes in wholesale prices and a decline can reflect deflation in the industrial sector.
Officials, entrepreneurs and researchers from home and abroad are expected to discuss the latest trends in the sector, including a tax related to cross-border e-commerce. Many of these "silver surfers" are aiming to build online communities that offer mutual help in various areas. Vehicles with the last digits of 2 and 7 are banned on Monday, 3 and 8 banned Tuesday, 4 and 9 on Wednesday, 5 and 0 on Thursday, and 6 and 1 on Friday.
The region is changing rapidly, but traditional issues like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict still exist, while hot spots like Syria, Libya, Iraq and Yemen also need to be addressed. In addition, the Chinese mission must change its working pattern according to who it is talking with and what the latest changes to a situation may be, he added. It takes on average nine hours to fly from Beijing to the Middle East, but things can take much longer, Gong said.
Former prime minister Tony Blair was the United Nation's Middle East peace envoy for several years, while former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown served as high representative for the UN in Bosnia and Herzogovena from 2002 to 2005.
However, the authority said on Friday that the bans were handed out for reckless behavior on board a flight or at an airport - namely, refusing to switch off a tablet PC while landing, hitting a checkpoint security officer with a milk can, and attacking airline personnel over a flight delay.
The new tax relates only to e-commerce platforms that allow consumers to order imported goods online to be delivered through postal services. It means overseas retail goods bought online are no longer treated as personal postal articles but as imported goods.
For a time, websites have enjoyed an edge over other channels, such as onshore duty-free shops, as they did not need to pay tariffs, import value-added tax or consumption tax. Tariffs are currently all set at zero, with a 30 percent discount on import VAT and consumption tax for purchases up to 2,000 yuan, and only if a consumer's annual gross transactions are under 20,000 yuan. Apart from the well-documented obsession with online shopping, some 64 percent of those asked said going shopping was now one of the best ways to spend time with their families, up from just 43 percent in 2012. Perhaps reinforced by recent food scandals, some 50 percent of Chinese consumers are now focused on healthy eating. Consumption of Western fast foods is also down from 67 to 51 percent over the same period, and ice cream was down from 65 to 58 percent. It is something that has been talked about in our previous surveys going back more than a decade, but now it has actually happened," adds Zipser at McKinsey. Conspicuous consumption and 'gaining face', for so long key drivers of Chinese consumer behavior, appear to be less common. This has led numerous scholars to conduct comparative studies on their works, which remain hugely influential to this day. When Tian, who later also worked for a bank before his retirement, left the army in 1979 he was given 400 yuan in compensation and bought Feng a 270 yuan watch. He also spent 50,000 on an Omega watch (75,000 yuan in China) and two Louis Vuitton belts for 2,500 yuan each, which would cost double at home. She had just spent 500 yuan on some Uniqlo jeans and underwear as she found herself with some time on her hands. One is their response to the 2012 Chinese box office comedy hit Lost In Thailand, directed by and starring Xu Cheng. Chinese model Zhang Xinyu posted a photo of the bear online and orders surged to more than 45,000. It doesn't tend to imply a big behavioral trend or change but Lost in Thailand was of a different order. You have to find out what people are saying around the dinner table, in their offices and online. He switched to become a management consultant for what was then Booz, Allen & Hamilton in New York. But as the nation of more than 1.3 billion people increasingly shops online, casting off a huge amount of plastic bags and paper boxes, "garbage mountain, garbage sea" comes to mind.
But the idea first occurred to her while volunteering at a shelter in South Korea when she was 14. We want to provide you with the opportunity to see these highly adoptable pooches in their true light," Wolfgang told LAist, a Los Angeles-area news and information website.
Additionally, its data showed that the average price softened by 4.17 percent week-on-week to 49,621 yuan ($7,670) per square meter.
Average asking prices for previously owned properties have dropped by 16 to 20 percent over the past five weeks. Otherwise, operators need a license granted by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of China.
The winner was Liu Yiqian, a billionaire collector from Shanghai, who bought the painting on behalf of Long Museum, which he founded with his wife Wang Wei. Cheung, the head of Sotheby's Chinese paintings department, said that it is not a bad thing that the art market is experiencing a reshuffling and that buyers are becoming more cautious in bidding.
The minivan taxi was popular because of its low price but was discontinued toward the end of the decade owing to emission issues and poor service.
The country's taxi service has become efficient over time, and new types of vehicles are regularly introduced, including those that use alternative fuels. Prahalada€™s The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty Through Profits (2005). Amazing how one leaves an England full of constant media tripe and schadenfreude about Europe being in supposed chaos because of the Euro, how lucky we are (!) that we did not join the single currency, and other tosh.
This was the first time I had had the chance to use my all-singing, all-dancing, AIS system in anger as opposed to merely practice.

When they told him we were in fact in the Cove, a rather protracted on-air conversation resulted about the difference between reserving sufficient space (which they had done) and booking specific berths (which they do not do). The Royal Dorset is now affiliated with LTSC and is a nice place to drop in for a drink if you are in Weymouth. At that time I had assumed that somebody had for some reason removed the cap and not replaced it. I used to keep my boats in Devon until 1985, and, after I moved base to the Solent, getting back to uncrowded Devon and Cornish waters, family on board, for the summer holidays was the regular objective. I first got there, from Exmouth, in my own little 22 foot boat thirty-four years ago, and the thrill and beauty of the entrance past the Mewstone and the steep sides up to the castle until the town opens up remain just as exciting to me today. The passenger ferries run every few minutes in the summer, and for A?1-50 you can be in Dartmouth before you know it.
The wind had already come round into the East, and Thursday looked like it could well be Easterly Force 6 (which in the event came true).
The tide turned fair again just after St Albana€™s ledge, and the sun set just after we reached Anvil Point, exactly as per my passage plan.
True, he hadn't written anything in the last 10 years of his life, but so long as he was alive we could expect another masterpiece at any time. He added that Pigafetta "wrote of having seen a misbegotten creature with the head and ears of a mule, a camel's body, the legs of a deer and the whinny of a horse". Or how can we pretend to be ignorant of the reality that is the Middle East, especially because the region that as we see it now is the making of the West? China Daily will track the latest developments in the field with in-depth stories in the days ahead.
I got home just a day before Spring Festival, but I had to go on a trip right after," he said. The number of urban consumers participating in sporting activities, 73 percent, is now higher than the 70 percent in the US. We don't like that', 'Oh, this is really cool, let's do that' or 'You know I feel really cool when I buy this'. I was in Chiang Mai last year and it felt like 50 percent of the people were Chinese," he says. Unmanned aircraft are widely used in fighting crime, fire control, rescues and agricultural industries. He said the current market transformation will bring in more collectors with a discerning eye, which demands that auction houses be more professional, making it a win-win situation for all sides.
Francis DeSales Catholic Church in Purcellville, VA,internment at Union Cemetery in Leesburg, VAOur deepest sympathies go out to Denis and his family. One then arrives in a France proceeding serenely along with its usual style, no sense of crisis, citizens always confident that if anything does go wrong they will take to the barricades and bring the Government down, but in the meantime lets all have another glass of pastis? What a joy it is to be able to lock the vessel the system computes will come closest when it is still about 8 miles away, and thus get a bearing line on it on the screen, so that from then on a glance immediately tells you who is going ahead of whom. And with a weather going tide it kicked up a bit from Anvil Point onwards, with quite a rough sea, breaking at times.
This was essentially terminated because I was by then arriving at the Cove in any case, but I gather was resumed next morning in the Harbour Office. It is more complex than crossing the Channel because of the tides, but the principle is the same. There is no easy solution, no real port of refuge to break your journey, unless the tide is fair for the inshore passage, so you have to go for it. And you can watch the steam trains on the Dart Valley Railway coming and going - transporting the grockles across from Dartmouth to the train is one reason why the ferries run so frequently. I did not fancy having to crash into that for 89 miles, wind against tide for much of the way.
Other than the fact that we essentially did it all under engine, the wind being bang on the bow and quite light, a satisfying passage. As sellers become increasingly anxious, buyers are expected to gain more bargaining power," he said.
This was the first time I had had Selene out for a substantial duration in the open sea in a strong head wind and any sort of a sea running, and I have to say I was delighted with her performance.
Forty minutes were spent pumping out using the fixed manual Whale pump in the cockpit, the automatic electric bilge pump, and a stirrup pump I carry (which is probably the most effective weapon of the three). There is nowhere to put into (except Weymouth which, if you are not starting from there, is a substantial diversion).
So on Tuesday evening I broke the news to the crew that we would be off at 0600 the next morning with the intent of making Lymington in one go on the Wednesday. This was the first time I had had Selene out for a substantial duration in the open sea in a strong head wind and any sort of a sea running, and I have to say I was delighted with her performance.A  With just one reef down in order to keep the boat moving I held a single tack close hauled from Bridge Buoy to past the SW end of Saint Albana€™s Ledge, about two-thirds of the total distance.
Forty minutes were spent pumping out using the fixed manual Whale pump in the cockpit, the automatic electric bilge pump, and a stirrup pump I carry (which is probably the most effective weapon of the three).A  During the pump-out the Whale pump once again failed by the diaphragm pulling loose from its mounting, so that will have to be changed for a different design! They are basically bored, and that is why they get excited by these fads and trends that suddenly sees everyone rushing to buy the same product," he says. The model would utilize the Russian Orthodox, Saudi and English models in part so as to guarantee a particular autonomy to the chief administrative services located through the Vatican and local Bishops. Poole, Swanage, and Studland, all of which I have used on occasion, are actually largely delusions.
There was some chuffing from the oldest crew member, which reoccurred during the passage, that I a€?should break the journey and put in somewherea€? (Where???
Thurman successfully completed instructor trained courses which were held through NextGen University at Georgia Tech University in October 2007 and The University of Texas at Austin in November of 2008. If you are returning from Devon and have a tide which will be fair through Hurst, turning left at Anvil Point and proceeding up to Poole and finding a place to anchor saves you very little if anything by the time you have brought up compared to simply ploughing on to Lymington, perhaps 60 - 90 minutes at most. Thurman already possesses many of the traits successful advisors share,a€? said Dwight Badger, CEO and Co-Founder of Advanced Equities.
These powers, as Podesta', and interim corporate CEO, include briefings for the Monarchy and oversight of military executions and military tribunals based on his status as attorney. Thurman is a registered representativeA A and is also an Investment Advisory Representative through First Allied. The result, in England, was to advance a woman Monarch as the Catholic parishioners' justice lost credibility while the Protestant, Jewish, and agnostic movements rooted in forensic and military sciences took over the reigns of government.
First Allied is a subsidiary of Advanced Equities, which is a leading provider of investment management, securities brokerage, and venture capital investment banking services. Although the Rome Cassation Court decision can be justified in that inadvertantly the actual target, the daughter of an Italian citizen, was not murdered, the issue remains that the death of Meredith Kercher could have been avoided and justice for the Kercher family has not been satisfied.
Thurman belongs to one of the nationa€™s top independent financial services organizations with approximately 1,000 financial consultants administering more than $40 billion in client assets.A Advanced Equities was ranked number 11 on Inc. It is appreciated that the two accussed seem to have taken on a life of serious responsibilities and snsitivity to the issues involved, yet we must address the needs of the Kercher family. To avoid this tragic situation from occurring again due to conflicting loyalties and misinformation, decisive steps separating church from state matters in avoiding criminal behaviours must be taken. Guardia di Finanza and Carabinieri arrested ndrangeta operants that assisted Obama and the English interests to generate a male caliphate based on sperm donations that utilized illegally sequestered ovarian eggs from a Tuscan handicapped lesbian, myself, Silvia born in Pisa, 16 August, 1963, who underwent forced sterilization because she denounced eugenics and American eugenicist Professor of medical ethics Rose Mary Volbrecht and others involved in medical fraud in eastern Washington state, where Miss Stein attended university, by stating that before nazis targeted the Jews and non-whites they targeted the handicapped like her, born in Italy and other places in Europe, based on negative stereotypes and prejudice, from which American Jews eventually profited. Before we address race, sexual orientation, and even femminicide, we of Italy and EurAsia must first affirm our solidarity in advancing the physically handicapped - we, amputees, or dwarfs, or victims of many other "imperfections" are the red line against Islamic State and all the prejudices which Catholic patriarchy has facilitated. These nouveau riche rarely are able to operate within the evolution of 40,000 years of distinct traditions and cultural evolution and extended family networks - simply put they are not moral, they are opportunists, spin doctors, and appeal to ethics as relativists rather than any clearly articulated theological position that balances with scientifically and forensically tested historical facts. I complained about Rose Mary Volbrecht after trying to discuss the issue in her office, twice, and going to the President of Gonzaga University preceding the assignment of Robert Spitzer to the President's office, with a formal written complaint regarding the persistent violation of my International Neurological Institute (Prof.
And Rosenthal's lens captured a second image - 18 Marines jubilant before the first foreign flag to fly over Japanese territorial soil in 4,000 years.In time, all 18 would be identified except for the one man standing at the far left, the one smiling, his cap held high. There is a difference between private speech and public speech - and the unauthorized and without consent commercialization of private speech is wrong or public speech is wrong - speech, like writing, by nature is a deliberation process and not an end in itself - the US Constitution guaranteed free speech for discussion of ideas, and it is in this mission that we practice free speech. It turns out he was a 19-year-old South Dakota farm boy from Mitchell named Jack Ryland Thurman.The discovery was made after James Bradley's book, "Flags of Our Fathers," was published in 2000. I am from Italy, not a practicing Catholic, yet expect that my cultural and historical heritage be respected when on a Catholic campus, in the US I am the equivalent of a "Zionist" - and whether Israeli or Italian identity is targeted when we are on our Diasporic territories, deliberation and inclusion is essential in discussions that are targeting us, and not to be attacked by interruptive advertisings, placards, posters, and federal injunctions from those attacking our ethnic inheritance, or bill-boards that deny our voices participation! You're one of us.' "In that instant, Thurman became part of what would be known as the "Gung Ho" photograph. But it developed a bit of infamy as well when, days after the events on Mount Suribachi, Rosenthal was asked if he had staged his famous photograph.Not even aware that his flag-raising photograph had come out and was being hailed around the world, Rosenthal thought they were talking about the "Gung Ho" photograph and confirmed that it was staged.
The elder Thurman insisted he needed his 17-year-old son to help out on the family's dairy farm. From this perspective, Islam can be recognized as an expression of Faith, yet it cannot violate the terms of the Italian Constitution. To assist Duchess Spadaro I suggest we award Donald Trump strategic construction (Italy to Africa Chunnel Project) and engineering oversight to expedite useful projects between Africa, Italy, and Russia.
He scrambled over and around dozens of Japanese soldiers lying dead on the black volcanic sands."It was terrible," he said.
My research on Ornella Orlandi and the issue of Catholic parishioners in Pullman, Washington in 2000-2002 supports this action.
The final result is an understanding that the various pre-Christian ancient geo-cultural regions of Italy, as pictured later, have differing leadership styles and ways of enforcing norms or making exceptions in unusual cases, so as to elevate the standard. Its toll of 6,821 Americans dead, 5,931 of them Marines, accounted for almost one-third of all Marine Corps losses in World War II.
In summary, I foresee that women religious, surpassing the Anglican Church, hold and advance their administrative activities in Italy and worldwide over not only Catholics but the Mosques and Muslim activities, and Protestant activities under the Catholic Church's umbrella in collaboration with Italy's Constitutional territorial rights and goals. 23, three of them - Michael Strank, Franklin Sousley and Harlon Block - were dead before the battle ended.For Japan, it was no better. Within this frame I foresee Italy's Monarch, under a Matriarchal lineage favouring the first born daughter, as synonymous with the Papacy, which under the Queen presents a male face for the Queen of Italy, in tandem representing and negotiating the needs of Italian citizens and religious institutions on Italian soil or within Italian territories in conjunction with Vatican and Catholic Church operations.
In this sense the Queen and Pope are two faces on the same coin, to balance with the extraordinary need of implementing lethal and expedient Executive military force.
What they never realized was that the image hung in museums and sat in books with a caption beneath it that identified everyone but the unknown serviceman at the left.Apparently, members of the 28th Regiment had provided identifications for the photo at some point. Because Thurman came late to the photo as a volunteer from the 27th Regiment, no one had his name. And the Marines made no effort to identify him."The Marine Corps takes the position that all Marines on Iwo Jima were heroes," Crawford said. It just upsets families and people who thought it was their next of kin, and it's not."Telling his storyBut Thurman's family had no doubt.
When "Flags of Our Fathers" came out in 2000, renewing interest in Iwo Jima, they knew the Marine in the book's "Gung Ho" photograph was not unknown.As word got out about Thurman's role in the photo, his fame rose, particularly in the Boulder area. He's been invited to speak in a number of venues, from Kiwanis clubs in Colorado to the Officers' Club on Okinawa. The Droit du Seigneur applies also to children born to single women who used said ovarian eggs. He tells the story of a young Marine who approached him after his talk in Okinawa and wanted to know whether military training really prepared a person for actual duty."That really caught me," Thurman said. Your body is strong, and you're taught to overtake any kind of terrain, any kind of pillbox. Gigliola Maria Addini, educated by the English Sisters of Florence along with the grand-daughters of Emperor Haile Selassie whose son fought with Italian partisans and Liceo Classico Galileo Galilei of Florence, Italy along with her friend journalist Oriana Fallaci, is fluent in Oxford English, Ancient Greek (translating into Italian chapters of Sokrate's Republic) and classical Latin (translating into Italian Ovid and her favourite Virgilio), proficient in German and tutored her husband so he could pass his university English grammar tests and writing assignments. Gigliola Addini helped her husband rise to the rank of full Colonel (army aviation and CIA) by working tirelessly as an artist utilizing oils, water colors, and acrylic paints, a Red Cross volunteer, Officer's Club, Embassy and Consulate related tour organizer and guide, lecturer and instructor in French and Italian art and cuisine, Villa Noviana, Etruscan, Ancient Roman and Greek, Medieval, Byzantine, Renaissance, Enlightment, Romantic Era, and Modern art and music lecturer, home schooled her children in Italian, Latin, German, French, Russian, the arts and literature, music theory, and in antiquities (prehistory, ancient history, and modern history). In the 19th century, to be rid of Roman mafia, the capital and Monarchy was established in Florence, Italy. Here is a 1928 London, UK printed Florence guide book and Monument to the Italian Monarchy in Florence. Karen Thurman, are finishing it up.In it, he talks about standing behind Ira Hayes in the photograph. Hayes, a Pima Indian, was one of the six men immortalized in the flag-raising photo."He was standing in front of me in the picture," Thurman said.
The function now of the former Presidents, Mattarella and Napolitano, are as consultants with emphasis on matrilineal inheritance thus with future issues if a Monarch is to be found as Queen Regnant the and appointed Houses of Nobility and existing Nobility are matrialinial contenders if Princess Browning is not up to par as a Matrilineal inheritor. It is a story worth preserving, Karen Thurman said, about a Marine of whom she and the rest of her family are very proud.To that end, she said she is going to work to get her father's name placed in that photo caption.
The Code of Chivalry is operant in these matters demanding Courage, Honor, and Protection of Women and particularly the Handicapped in Society. The Shadow Knight and the Shadow Princess are leaders and visionary of Italy and hold an iconic, almost Monarchical, role while avoiding being the target of Monarchical critics. She requested that her first duty station be Camp Pendleton in California because that was his last stop before he left the Marines."I wanted that connection just to be able to pick up where he left off, for him and for his buddies who died beside him," she said. Step II Standardize air-conditioning improving ethnic tensions by stopping the pheromone based stress accrual and helping Italians value their personal space so that when they're stressed they learn to get fresh air and distance themselves rather than huddle together promoting in-group thinking (mob mentalities lead to mob aggression in warm climates).
Think about Palestinians, they don't have air-conditioning while Israel does, cool climates make for cool tempers. Forensic FBI communication studies have established that odors can be traced for seven or more years and are the biological markers communicating fear, rage, and other emotion stimulating factors (2004 issue of Forensic Science Communication) Step III Avoid common gossip while resetting districts prior to Rome's empire. The Italian-American Monarchy then is a natural extension of the original 1948 US-Italy alliance bringing Catholicism, with Russian Orthodoxy's help, in-line as the state religion. Step VIIAreas where setting up and taking down structures, such as stages, investigations, podiums, and other assemblies in public spaces occur are to be properly visible to citizens and guests with the demarcation of visible yellow police tape with "attention" and "caution" written on the tape. This is so that persons within the taped-off area are recognized as police officers or collaborating with the police, so as to prevent unauthorized persons from crossing into the demarcated areas. Military and civilian protected areas will utilize other demarcation systems. Yellow is associated with police and such demarcated areas have a different objective than areas utilized for a temporary period by military and civilians. Italians are simple, they want to maintain their lifelong acquaintances even if they feud for years, and most importantly their Etruscan, Roman, and Renaissance buildings. We are both a collection of diachronic and synchronic material experiences, in which not everyone is equal, although we seem similar. Central Italians, like myself, prioritize quality and innovations for the ellite that later the masses tend to adopt.
As Bishop of Rome, within the Monarchical framework, Roman territories and politics are informed by his Holiness' decision making process in light of the lack of moral uprighteousness that has evolved the past 40 years in the region, particularly through poor media influences and pervasive reliance on advertising tactics. Ritual behaviours, such as incited by the consumption of menstrual blood and blood from a wounded creature, and other cannibalistic behaviours that function at a psycho-physiological level and triggered by negative and inaccurate stereotypes regarding an individual who does not participate in cannibalistic cults, will need to be properly addressed?. In 1996 as part of injuries and suffering payment from a careless catholic driver in 1993 a titanium shoulder joint was implanted in Germany as part of a German court settlement began by Dr. Meanwhile, like Israel, we must improve conditions for Italians and persons born within Italy.The problem is the church-mafia state networked through Rome. Thus there is no escaping that cutting the church from the mafia means relocating the Capital back to Florence as was established in the 19th century with the establishment of the first Monarchy.
The Italian state governing bodies cannot be intertwined with another state's governing body, specifically the Vatican state. In this manner Italy improves it's relations with Africa for its natural resources for Italian-American industries in Sicily and fights anti-Semitism facilitating public approval for entry of Israel as a full member nation while preparing Palestinians for EU entry.
Visa free travel for both Israeli and Palestinians under Israel is a step in this direction.
The elder Thurman insisted he needed his 17-year-old son to help out on the family's dairy farm.
Which leaves open the issue of Turkey's full entry, if they can adjust as Israel and Palestinians adjust.In this manner, as Eisenhower understood, we use the partisan feminist elements of mafia families' and simply avoid calling them mafia and instead treat them as tribes with codes of Nobility, and domains, as is typical of any Monarchical state. The Catholic tactics, particularly developed under the Jesuits, were adopted by the NAZI's and now the US Veterans' Administration and the US Department of Justice as water boarding and other institutionalized forms of systemic crimes against humanity.
Although the relocations and sequestrations throughout Italy are immediate, like in the salvaging of precious artifacts during Florence's 1966 flood, involving floatation devices and lifeguards, acquatic trained Carabinieri and rescue dogs, Bersaglieri and Alpini who've trained outside of Rome's swamp, as well as museum and restoration staffing.
Therefore in the Nobility circles military families are recognized as our Monarchical Associates in Italy.
This Nuremberg Trials style campaign will be self-sufficient generating psychophore studies based income and co-opting the Vatican operations that unduly profit off of non Vatican psychophores. The Vatican's and their associates' involvement in said crimes has served a criminal commercial structure providing goods and services otherwise prohibited or restricted, such as human blood, organs, skin, genetic and other data, psychophore data, etc. It is the best way to generate consensus in an otherwise chaotic caucophony of very indigenous dialects and political affiliations that no one person can understand and often sets a trap for further extorsion because of misrepresentation of the issues, particularly if the Catholic church and its male priests are involved, misunderstandings and underestimation of the severity of an entire extended family's trauma in an oral contract and handshake based society that not even the Catholic church can fathom.Afrika-Korps emergency oversight is under the Carabinieri, Corazzieri (numbering two companies coordinated by two captains, one Prince, the other Monarchical), Bersaglieri, and Peace Corps activation of civilians not previously enrolled in the military ranks.
Italians and Israelies both share Mediterranean cognitive phenotypes like placing the table of contents in the 'back' of a book reading like the Tanak from last page to first. Meantime American Presidents have always seen us Mediterranean cultures like Jefferson Davis saw native American Indians needing to be replaced by captured and enslaved Africans brought into Italy replacing native Italian cultures and eventually prohibiting Israel's candidature into the EU.
Your body is strong, and you're taught to overtake any kind of terrain, any kind of pillbox. The Catholic interests in Ukraine, and probably Joe Biden's Irish Catholic network, trying to make the Vatican (from Latin "vatic anus" which in Latin vulgar translates as "old hag") a political negotiating power during the Bush administration is what preceded, misinformed and misprepared the Obama administration preventing Obama initially from dealing more effectively with the horrible tensions between native and migratory cultures in both Ukraine and Italy.
Furthermore Loyalty is shown by restoring the tombs of the Cavallieri di Vittorio Veneto, maintaining them respectfully, along with those of their family members.?My investigation leaves open a field of concern for further investigation, that is, were the Jews and handicapped of the 1930's and 1940's suspected of being the reincarnation of the Romanovs whose bodies were disfigured and mutilated with sulfuric acid (Johns, 2008) so they would return with birthmarks of darker Semitic, African or Mediterranean skin pigmentation, hair colour, and in a marginal subculture?
Victoria Pogasiy and other college instructors had envisioned this to become an academic center to learn of Trypillian (femminist Viking) and other cultures.When I made my world record round trip as first American, first woman, first Italian, first arm amputee to plan, fund and research her own solo round trip standard shift with no accomodations automobile drive from my rented two bed-room apartment in Corchiano, Italy to St.
I suppose that was Jolanta Drzewiecka, PhD a Polish Catholic citizen who hated ethnic Russians, and Condeleezza's way of dominating poor white university students.In Ukraine it's normal that persons struggle with less than two dollars a day, and unlike Africa the winters are often below zero degrees fahrenheit, meaning that their two dollars do not go as far as in warmer climates. Being white, Jewish, Ukrainian or Russian and poor in Ukraine is more dangerous because lighter hair and white skin makes them targets for predators that have money and are often involved in abducting male and female youths and adults, particularly multilingual, for western European, African, Israeli, Arab and Mediterranean sex trade markets.As the leader of many indigenous ethnic tribes, including Tatar on the lands Tatarstan, and Russ-Viking-Trypillian in Moscow region, and other lands of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin is Honour bound to reprimand mistakes performed by personnel of these indigenous tribal groups under his diasporic watch in Ukraine.
Kyiv-Oblast's Trypillian pre-Christian culture is matriarchal, no one cares who their father is since often its not certain, everyone knows who their mother is.
Trypillians descended from the Vikings along the Dnipper and expanded into what emerged as the pre-Christian white Russ tribes.Obviously pre-Christian white Viking features established themselves in what was an Asiatic and not so white territory. Vladimir Putin's whiteness for thousands of years descends from the diasporic Viking-Trypillian cultures that first established themselves along Ukraine's Dnipper.In the USA we are not accustomed to the notion of an ancient white tribal lineage residing in the same territory for thousands of years.
Instead we are brain washed with the politically correct notion that only Africans have millenial lineages. Each Russian or Ukrainian leader has a position, then power, and lastly money because the collective of the varying tribes entrusts them. While in power the leader is obligated to see to the personal welfare of those under who do not have such luck, personally funding their hospital or living expenses when state welfare doesn't. If, like former president Yanukovich, the personal well being is not cared for the tribes will remove the leader.
He played both sides of the ball at Campbell County High School including receiver and end.
Ukraine and Russia operate under a Latin American caudillo concept of democracy.We share the same disgust for those who wish to interrupt a Mother's dream for her children to acchieve what she was prevented from obtaining for herself. Bruce is considered a versatile athlete who could turn out to be a bargain for the Cowboys.
I was able to go to university because my Mother at 18 gave up her dreams to attend university for a career in journalism like her Florentine class mate Oriana Fallaci, a war writer and international political commentator.Instead my Mother knew that marrying an American sergeant after World War II she could help protect with her status her brother and parents who'd collaborated with some anti-fascist elements during World War II jeopardizing my Grandfather's income after WWII.
Thanks to my Mother sending a few dollars from her household money every month my Grandparents were able to help my uncle while my Mother helped my father learn diplomatic skills to become a Colonel.Italian diaspora, and Slavic diaspora share a common bond through many nations and tribes, in the hopes that youths and the elderly do not fall into the hands of predators. It's not about power, or the exercise of power, it's about our seeing ourselves in the other. We look at one another and see ourselves in the other, we hear one another in a different language yet recognize our emotional state in theirs.We do not feel this pathos with English nor German languages that are so evil and banal as to commercialize physical violence and predatorial abuse against Royal Princess Silvia as pepping up Si, PepSi. The 6 foot 1 and 180 pound wide out is from Sherman Oaks, California.McNeill had several PAC 10 schools recruiting him during the summer, though finally a solid D1 offer went the wide receivers direction, no less in a spread offense to maximize his skills. Our musical language physiology reacts to sequester the assets of PepSi and its logo duplication in fraudulent advertising worldwide as a commercial violation of women's and human rights, bringing us to Marxist style partisan politics as the counter-strike taking over PepSi assets worldwide.We transcend the world through the emotionality of Italian, Russian and Ukrainian musical languages. In this manner bureaucracy in urgent cases can be circumvented through Executive decree or discussion directly with the Parliament.In this manner Princess Rita is freed to prepare Princess Browning so that they keep her nose above the men and the British. It's hard to think of something that fits his spunkiness but won't invite disaster at the same time! This Italian Monarchical Decree is precisely in line with ancient Etruscan maritime trade compacts with the Middle East and the historical citizenship of Jews under the protection of Julius Gaius Caesar of the Roman Republic and Empire era. Such a family would have earned first Noble rank and citizenship as Italian, then be prepared for a Monarchical role based on Matrilineal inheritance and the lineage of rule is Matriarchal from mother to daughter. In contrast with British Monarchy's style of extensively pre-announced ceremonial public appearances, attracting potential terrorists, Italy's Executive Monarchy will only make pre-announced formal appearances at already historical Renaissance style established traditional public holidays and events, unless a crisis has occurred.
The goal of Italy's Monarchy is to Honour Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian Era and 20th century Nobility and the House of Savoy's various inheritors while advancing women's rights maintaining and advising on the purity of Noble lineages, and will not compete, and will complement their Presence at Monarchical and public functions inclusively utilizing their expertise in all matters, with due compensations.Established events typically are Scoppio del Carro, il Palio di Siena, Calcio in Costume, Giostra del Saracino in Arezzo, and others in the domains of Sicily, Campagna, Sardegna, Elba, Lazio, Umbria, Romagna, Veneto, etc. Nick is very busy as he is in college, has a full time job and his band.He has won most of THE BATTLE OF THE BANDS that he has competed in and qualified to play at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco where he placed 4th against 100 well established bands. And, rely on Russian citizens, such as Sophie Scholl now a Russian citizen, to help Italy advance to the level of EU human rights laws. It is like a tarantella between Yulia and Vladimir and the US wants to step into the dance yet cannot dance, and offers money.Ukraine with Yulia Tymoshenko offers the opportunity for mediation between Latin and Anglo-Saxon linguistical structures and Slavic, promoting both Ukrainian and Russian to empower the oppressed.
If Yulia Tymoshenko is able to assist negotiations for Italy and Russia to resume economic trade, she would then be a convenient representative of Italian Executive Monarchical interests working with our interests in Crimea, as the Ukrainian counterpart to Grand Duchess Elena Danilova, our Russian counterpart in Crimea. A similar title of recognition, Grand Duchess, is then assigned to Grand Duchess Yulia Tymoshenko, as a representative of Italian Monarchical interests in Ukraine, with concern to the needs of Ukrainians in Italy and Ukrainians who have worked, legally or illegally, in Italy, and if possible, a representative of Italians in Ukraine.
Although from a foreigner's there is not much difference between issues in Ukraine and issues in Russia, for Italians, I have personally learned it is best to have both Ukrainians and Russians work in tandem on issues without us trying to tell them how to do something and am confident this is a good way, for the objectives to be stated and for the respective Ukrainian and Russian interests to work out how things get done between themselves.Similarly in Italy we do not need NATO we need Russia like Ukraine does. Italy will be who England turns to for the short and safe passage to and from Africa for resources. This is an opportunity for Italy and England to work together and develop a safe passage of people and resources from and to Africa, Palestinians and Israel through the Bering Strait avoiding the middle east while helping one another, and Russia, re-enforce our Monarchical histories.
World trade requires Monarchies with strong military style families and leadership that protect il Popolo (the People), their precious millenia old cultures and lines of Nobility, and bulldoze the trivial pursuits of politicians and opportunists such as the drone supporters. Three routes provide options for drone-free areas, meaning absolutely no drone activity whatsoever protecting Sovreignity of local cultures.In building confidence between nations we cannot "manipulate" their populations.
This is in preparation for Italy to leave NATO emphasizing the Bering Strait.Villa Iris of Corchiano is to come under specifically Vatican jurisdiction as the fortress at Civita Castellana was once utilized as the Pontifical retreat during the Renaissance. In this manner Villa Iris, if utilized for any activity, is under Pontifical guidelines which prohibit acts of aggression such as the utilization of said property for US drone activities. When we learn one another's linguistical structures and value hierarchical structures our behaviours and opinions are in agreement. One does not have to convert to Catholicism nor become a religious to attend, or work in this complex, though a thorough respect for those that have a religious vocation is part of the educational process.When forensically reliable scientific evidence of psychophore phenomena is not commonly accepted the persons raised in a religious or respectful folk culture (such as in Turkey, Nigeria, Tibet, Germany, Israel, Scotland or Austria) can help common persons understand how, when, and if to interact with other persons or creatures. This is the foundation of religious thought, folk traditions, and culture based laws that have evolved into common law, military and Noble codes of conduct, and religious doctrines.The religious usually are able to think from the perspective of others and help negotiate unorthodox solutions to complex situations, without altering their personal lifestyles. The university's and law school's goal is to educate persons about the differences between Italy as an independent state, its forms of government, its European Union status and relevant laws, its relations with the African continent, and the presence of a foreign state, the Vatican, in the city of Rome, and the differences between the Italian and Vatican states. This education will assist future lawyers, law enforcement, politicians, economists, and military in performing their work at an international level in compliance with EU, United Nations, and Vatican guidelines while tending to U.S. Appointed officers of the military with their immediate family and staff will need to oversee Monarchical functions and application of Italian, EU and duty free laws on Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. The Sisters are very strict in maintaining high standards yet practice simplcity and offer good femminist perspectives to counter-balance male narcissism.In this manner the Monarchy has a corporate presence within the continental US in preparation for the opening of world trade by rail through Spokane, WA, USA while relying on the presence of the Sisters of Saint Francis of Assisi and Jesuits to insure quality control and renegotiation of existing contracts binding the university to federal (FBI) contracts which are in conflict of the division of church and state operations, particularly afffecting the efficiency of Executive Monarchical rule in Italy and her international territories and networks.
Due to the rail passing through from the Bering Strait Spokane will require Italian and other international consular offices by-passing the Seattle and California west coast consular offices and protocol.?This has precedence in Germany's annexation of German diaspora and in Russia's use of former soviet born persons as liable to Russian oversight as the former capital of the Soviet Union.
Any violation of a woman's or girl's right over her natural procreation processes (such as extracting her ovarian eggs for charitable or profitable activities, sterilization, rape, forced breeding, etc.) is punishable by death and of course fined for the profits gained and for the pain and suffering inflicted directly or indorectly on the girl or woman.
Thus Italian women who lost temporarily their Italian citizenship due to marriage or who took another citizenship loosing their Italian citizenship are de facto Italian citizens and retro-actively jus sangue their children and eggs are Italian citizens immediately and punitively enforced with compensatory actions taken against all interests that marketed or donated their ovarian eggs.Under this law Arline Kercher is protected and so is her daughter in lieu of Italian citizenship in recognition of their daughter's valor against Anglican and foreign activities on Italian soil targeting Meredith Kercher, which by Anglican or Catholic patriarchal interpretations of religious jurisprudence may have a legitimate action, but by a Matriarchal Church that venerates the Virgin Mary, or Italian and EU law violated the criminal codes against promoting delinquency, fascism, human trafficking, feminicide, and murder.
This is accomplished by restoring the Palazzo Pitti, Forte Belvedere, and other edifices for Monarchical occupation immediately with proper collaboration from the Sisters of Saint Francis of Assisi and Jesuits and other religious orders so that Vatican governance and non-Vatican issues do not clash.
The Monarchy will not dictate to the Sisters of Saint Francis of Assisi nor Jesuits nor other orders what needs to be performed, we negotiate and help one another recognizing that Houses of Nobility and religious orders share similar character traits and value quality. This sector, along with the Afrika Korps (whose white or gold fox hats resemble North Korea's border guards, see section VIII) and the Pontifical Swiss Guards will oversee and work the Bering-Strait air-rail travel. In this manner middle eastern concerns are not interruptive of streamlined world trade through the Italic peninsula to Russia. From Italy north east across Kyiv, Helsinki, or Crimea to Russia, making Italy a military trade land-air-sea global power, to the American continent.
Our primary profitable and innovative enterprise is the monopoly on identifying and restoring Cases of Reincarnation Type under the Monarchy's hold of the Pitti Palace as a national Monarchical site.
From childhood citizens will have to develop a scientistic appreciation of the mystical existence as well as appreciation for diverse cultures.
Thus no foreign company, such as "Google" nor cult can steal or copy the Italian Monarchy's labor, writings, photography and research initiated by Royal Princess Silvia, chief curator and Honorary General of the Eurogendfor (EGF) and Corpo Forestale. Italy's executive Monarchy will delegate the rationale for capital punishments and verify the outcome of CORT's as a profitable national enterprise to sustain the Monarchy and its duty to enforce the European Rights of Italians, particularly women, orphans and homosexuals. The goal of a executive Monarchy is to fulfill Principality and Parliamentary needs and provide a profitable income to contribute to support Italian households which might require utilizing current mafia households, yet focus on mafia women's leadership in decision making, particularly out lesbians for moral guidance.
This change in direction from one extreme, false paternalism, to femminism is easy since Italian law allows for men to hide behind the household's Matriarch, particularly if she owns property, or if the property is in her name, thus the men are not vulnerable to law suits.
This is how Renata Fraschetti, for example, protects her husband vice-director of Alitalia responsible for an air crash killing thirty some passengers and other crimes against humanity. We will perform this while respecting the Monarchical precedence and survivors of the House of Savoy and their Associates and help 'sell' the Monarchy as a pro-USA pro-Africa European Union entity, much as England has sustained itself. Proper recognition, of family networks' (effeminate mafia) labours and belief in Honor and the Value of one's word and handshake, will be provided through the assignment of new Houses of Nobility, without negating where we evolved from, the ancient Houses of Nobility, and a reverence for our collective Heritage, will reflect Italy's Monarchy and Nobility as the strength that defeated Austria in World War I.The Italian Monarchy, under the curator of Pitti Princess Royal Silvia with the mystics in association with the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints, Orthodox religions, and the Vatican and others oversee this executive power of communication censorship and collaboration of media oversight.

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