Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. This long barrel hammer will deliver the punch you need to get the job done fast and comfortably! Use 'Request a Quote' if the 'Buy Now' option is not available in your area, the model you're seeking is not listed, or you wish to consult a local distributor. Great for exhaust and front-end jobs, general bolt cutting, pin driving and body shearing work. We have news concerning new vehicles, conversion kits, technological breakthroughs and more. But professional compressed air systems are also becoming more common in workshops that install gas supply systems in vehicles.
That’s why special lubricators are used with air intake slots, that dose suitable amount of oil to each receiver. But if we choose tools manufactured by recognized brands, the price difference between power tools and air-powered tools is negligibly small. Maintenance of power tools is much more expensive due to the fact that they break down more often.

Statistically, power tools break down 5 times more often than air-powered ones because of a much more complex structure. Its air-powered counterpart manufactured by Atlas Copco weighs much less than 2 kg (depending on a specific model)Using power tools is sometimes much more convenient, especially those powered by batteries.
Cordless screwdrivers, often used also as drills, are particularly useful in all sorts of assembly work carried out inside vehicles. They provide a much greater freedom of movement and the ability to work in confined spaces. But these types of tools are quite heavy (over 1 kilogram, half of which is taken by a battery). This is very important because compressed air is one of the most expensive energy carriers. During the compression process, about 50% of energy produced by the compressor’s engine is converted into heat.
Assessing the need for compressed air should be carried out based on performance of devices and tools. Both too low and too high compressor’s capacity in relation to the requirements is not justified economically.

But it always has to be a little bigger than needed, due to the fact that several devices might need to work simultaneously.
It allows for continuous adjustment of the compressor’s output, depending on the number of receivers connected to the system. This is due to the need of ensuring proper air quality in the system (air compressed by a piston compressor contains large quantities of oil, which requires the use of oil separators). But experience shows that the differences are slight, especially concerning purchase costs. Higher costs can only arise from the need to build a compressed air system, but savings generated from lower operating costs are significant.

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