2Air Tool Sales maintains a large inventory of stock parts that allow for rapid turn-around times on repairs. Back If you have any questions about any of our products, please call our sales team on 01733 564875. Quality European made 2 tonne Trolley Jack with unique lifting arm locking device which prevents accidental lowering of lifting arm.
Air Powered Services not only service and repair compressors, but also have a well trusted Tool Repair Department! The Tool Technicians at Air Powered Services are fully trained and qualified to repair a broad range of air  powered tools and equipment. The AC-Safe Air Conditioner Fin Repair Tool is designed to straighten evaporator and condenser fins.
Slide the bar around the tines up and down until the spacing of the tines match your condenser then starting a couple of inches beyond the damaged area move the comb through the bent fins, severely bent fins will need to be bent upwards a bit one by one with a small nail or toothpick, just think of all the money you're saving compared to replacing the condenser coil. Once I figured out how to use the tool, it allowed me to straighten the fins, some being severely bent from my dogs running into the unit for 10'years. Th tines are large in my case they would barely be small enough to get in to the spaces they how ever were far more likely to tear the fins than repair it. Fast Shipping Directly From Wisconsin to the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK & More!
NOTE: A heat gun or hair dryer will also be required to soften the adhesive securing the glass.

Once inside your iPad Air, there are small phillips screws that will need to be removed in order to access various areas and remove certain parts, such as the LCD screen.
The suction cup can be used to handle the replacement screen and help to avoid getting finger prints on the inside of the new glass. The small flathead is not particularly used in the dis-assembly of the iPad Air but can come in handy in certain instances or with future repairs.
Use the non-conductive pry tools and picks when unplugging cables, unlatching connectors and unplugging antennas that are attached to your iPad Air logic board. If you have a question or concern regarding what issues are covered please contact us prior to placing an order. We are highly qualified and equipped to restore and recondition your tools back to working condition. Add that to the best testing lab in New York City and you have a combination that can’t be beat. The tool also cleans scum and dust to clear plugged drains and pans and help prevent overflows.
It is adjustable, the strap around the tines is adjustable, it slides up and down to vary the spacing of the tines. You have to take care that you line the teeth of the comb with the part of the fins that aren't bent then pull the tool up or down through them.

I will be returning this for a radiator comb style that has nylon teeth that are set to various fin spacing. We offer a wide range of stock that you can buy or rent if the work calls for it, our sales representatives are always available to help you with what you need. This is a better tool to carry in your tool box than the other fin straighteners I have, they are pro tools and each one fits a different spacing of condenser fins so you need carry several sizes to do the jobs this one tool can do. Then I found if I rake across the flattened fins, the tool would lift up the bent over fins. Be sure and use the slide to vary the distance between fingers of this tool and you should get decent results.
Be sure and also use a discarded tooth brush to also clean out dust bunnies and trash which all condensers accumulate during time.
Now I can see light thru the openings and there is no question the airflow thru it has greatly improved.

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