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You can quickly edit this content via Admin->Tools->Define Pages Editor, and select define_main_page from the pulldown. Industrial quality grinders at a competitive price and support them with complete parts and repair. Tool Accessories : Ajax Chisels, Ajax rivet cutters, Couplers air line, Screwdriver bits, Rivet Sets, Brazier Sets, Abrasive Resin Fiber Discs, Jet Abrasives, Abrasive Grinding Wheels, Pearl Abrasives, Falcon Cut-off Wheels, Milwaukee Hole Saws, Sawzall Blades, Jacobs Chucks. Fast Shipping Directly From Wisconsin to the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK & More!

NOTE: A heat gun or hair dryer will also be required to soften the adhesive securing the glass. Once inside your iPad Air, there are small phillips screws that will need to be removed in order to access various areas and remove certain parts, such as the LCD screen.
The suction cup can be used to handle the replacement screen and help to avoid getting finger prints on the inside of the new glass. The small flathead is not particularly used in the dis-assembly of the iPad Air but can come in handy in certain instances or with future repairs. Use the non-conductive pry tools and picks when unplugging cables, unlatching connectors and unplugging antennas that are attached to your iPad Air logic board.

If you have a question or concern regarding what issues are covered please contact us prior to placing an order. Click the part reference numbers in this schematic to choose your partsor scroll down to choose your parts from the parts list.

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