You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Dewalt has already shown interest in entering the automotive tools arena, and came out with wrenches and ratcheting wrenches, and ratchets and socket sets last year.
It looks like Lowes is Dewalt’s launch partner for these air tools, and some locations near me are already showing in-stock inventory.
Dewalt’s new DWMT70773L impact wrench has a non-marring shock resistant housing, one-handed directional trigger switch,bottom exhaust, and a rather comfortable-looking ergonomic handle.
To me, it looks like Dewalt’s new impact wrench is based heavily off of the Mac Tools AWP050 form factor, but without the titanium housing and $450 price point.
The new DWMT70776L aluminum-bodied air ratchet has an aluminum housing and touch-control trigger that is said to allow for greater control of speed and power.
The new DWMT70781L features a composite lightweight body, touch control trigger, and stick-on sanding pad.
The new DWMT70782L features a touch control trigger switch, rear exhaust, and an ergonomic cushioned body.
I always look for CFM as rated at 90 PSI, but for some reason Dewalt only offers these specs for their nailers but not their automotive air tools. It all looks nice but I already have an IR 2132G and an old IR air socket, the other tools I can’t imagine buying outside of a production environment. Dewalt does engage in unpredictable rebranding, such as how the TwinTec wrench was Stanley-branded at some distributors and Dewalt at others. You might be underestimating how many projects Dewalt and other brands are capable of undertaking simultaneously.
To my information the MAC Tools engineering team is entirely responsible for both their cordless and air tools. The Mac Tools cordless power tools are definitely tailored towards automotive applications.
Dewalt needs to stop playing around with stuff like this and focus on bringing out some cordless competition against milwaukee.

The novel Vacuum Suction Fixing Base of GPD-231 can quickly suction on any flat rough surface without any other auxiliary tools and drilling it.
GPW-M2 is a portable multifunction working platform machine, which does not require extra fixture clamps. Ideal for truck springs, diesel engine work, off-road equipment, farm implement and bus maintenance. Unique sourcing and procurement opportunities at the center of Taiwan's largest hardware cluster. The novel vacuum suction of GP-SA50 can pick up & place quickly for any wet,oil and rough flat surface object.
The novel vacuum suction of GP-SA40 can pick up & place quickly for any wet,oil and rough flat surface object. Before I opened the email, I jumped to the conclusion that Dewalt was announcing some new nailers to join their cordless brushless framing nailer.
They are also supporting Mac Tools’ new line of cordless automotive tools with Dewalt co-branded battery packs and similar tool styles. I agree – manufacturers should disclose noise and vibration ratings for all power tools. As mentioned, it looks to me like the impact wrench is almost a branch off Mac Tools’ design tree. There’s no reason why Dewalt engineers would have started working on air tools from the ground up when Mac Tools engineers have more experience in this area.
Maybe it was a joint project, or the Mac team simply spring-boarded from Dewalt designs to simplify production.
The GPD-231 Air Drilling Machine can replace the Magnetic Drilling Machine, the Magnetic Drilling Machine can be only used on iron material.
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Even so, I am surprised that they have come out with a new line of air tools directly aimed at mechanics, techs, and other such users.

To convert to CFM (SCFM) levels you might be used to, calculate the SCFM using the CFM values Dewalt published and both the pressure and temperature at which you’ll use the tools. Remember, Stanley Black & Decker has a lot of brands in their umbrella, including Mac Tools and Proto, which make pro- and industrial-quality tools. Since 1973, in the Air Tools, Pneumatic Tools and accessory industries market, GISON has been offering our customers high quality 1" Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrench (1800 production service. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). One of the mechanics in the shop scoffed at it and didnt think it would come even close to his IR that cost 4X more and is rated at the same ft lbs.
With both advanced technology and 40 years experience, GISON always make sure to meet each customer's demand.
The IR did the same but struggled a little more and took a little longer to break it loose. The people that have problems with the earthquake impacts are running on way too small of compressors. You must have a compressor that runs at least twice the CFM of the tool to get the full effect and is 30 plus gallon. I repair snow plows, salt spreaders and the trucks they are attached to at all hours of the day and night. They lay in water, melted snow and ice loaded with salt and get kicked, stepped on and even driven over once and keep going.

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