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Air Canada's enRoute, in partnership with Rickarda€™s, is on the hunt for Canada's favourite bar. Get the free Air Canada enRoute Eats app, now available from the iTunes Store and Google Play! Rainbow-coloured sands, Melanesian art installations and cabbage pancakes await in Queensland. After 25 years with Fairmont Hotels & Resorts during which he served Queen Elizabeth II and Susan Sarandon, butler Clarence McLeod has settled in Priddis, Alberta, as the general manager of the Azuridge Estate Hotel. From a documentary film festival to the latest Cirque du Soleil show, Canada's biggest cities have a lot to offer this month. Check out this yeara€™s Top 10 restaurants, and follow #enRouteTop10 for more news and commentary.

Flights have been delayed and cancelled to protect employees and flight equipment from the below freezing temperatures the GTA is currently experiencing. The flash freeze earlier this week resulted in massive delays involving most airlines flying in and out of Pearson. Instead, they split Economy into a couple of levels (they are one of the airlines that has Premium Economy), and their upper class level of service is different depending on whether you are flying internationally or within North America.
Keep in mind, however, that the differences are slight with other aircraft in the Air Canada fleet (a 4-degree difference in how far the seat reclines, 1-inch difference in seat width, etc.). 9 warning all passengers to check the statuses of their flight before leaving for the airport.
If a passengers’ flights have been affected,  they can reschedule without monetary penalty. A ground stop was declared on Tuesday, which prevented North American flights from landing for over eight hours.

This warning has also affected airports in Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, New York, Philadelphia and Washington. I love to write and have recently aquired and defined my skills as a videographer, editor and producer. I received an honours BA from Wilfrid Laurier University in print journalism and public relations, and then continued my education with a post graduate degree in journalism new media at Sheridan College.
It was while in my post grad that I discovered my love of new media and using these tools to tell stories.

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