At Able Restoration, we specialize in high-quality air duct cleaning services for homeowners in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.
Air ducts contain a number of indoor air contaminants, including fiberglass particles, mold, dust mites, bacteria, and other potentially unhealthy debris. Air duct cleaning is a great way to improve the overall indoor air quality of your home, while significantly improving the energy efficiency of your ventilation utilities. Just like every other surface in your home, your air ducts experience buildups of the dust and debris that turns up in your home over the years.
At Able Restoration, we have the training, experience, and certification to clean your air ducts properly to increase your home's IAQ and energy efficiency.
From there the air movement sends the debris to a vacuum collection system, which picks up the debris for removal. Air whips combine the traditional air washing technique with "air whips", which beat at the edges of the vent to agitate the debris loose. This technique is superior to air cleaning alone, as the whips will dislodge debris that may be impossible for the air nozzle to blast away. The ABLE Ultrasonic Vaporiser uses a metal diaphragm, silently vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency to create fine water droplets that evaporate into the air as a cool fog. Unlike traditional steam vaporisers, it does not use a heat element, making it a far safer option for the family.
To see the new drawing tool in action, take a look at the screencast we’ve made showing how it works below. As well as being able to print out the Activities and fill them out by hand students can also type directly into the screen and then print off their completed worksheet to be handed in or glued into their exercise book.

And a brand new feature of the Activities is the draw and erase tool which allows students to use the mouse to draw straight onto the Activity and erase any of their mistakes with the eraser tool. To access drawing mode all you have to do is click the pencil at the bottom left of the activity then draw onto the page with the mouse. Because activities can be printed ahead of time students can fill them out as they interact with the movie too. This activity could be completed as a whole class but would probably work best in small groups or as homework.
We also have blank graphic organisers available on the site which are great for you to use in a variety of lessons, BrainPOP and otherwise. In addition to integrating BrainPOP into lesson plans, remember that it only takes a few minutes to show a movie and take advantage of those in-between – unplanned – times by transforming them into teaching moments. As ever, if you have any classroom tips for how to use activities in lessons, we’d love to hear from you!
To learn more about air duct cleaning in your home, contact us today by phone or e-mail, and we'll schedule a free, no-obligation inspection and written quote.
Often, more than one cleaning technique will be used to ensure your ducts are as clean as they should be. We serve Worcester, Boston, Providence and many nearby areas, including Springfield, Manchester, Cambridge, Lowell, Lynn, Quincy, Nashua and other parts of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. And in the same way that it's important to routinely clean out the visible dust in your home, you should clean out your air ducts as well.

More now than ever, there are a wide selection of techniques and technologies that can be used to clean an air duct system. The nozzle directs streams of condensed air, blasting dirt and debris off the vents and ducts. During the brushing stage, the physical contact with the ductwork is maximized, knocking off more debris than with other techniques.
This also means there is no condensation on windows or damp walls and furnishings where mould can grow. Remember to pause so students have time to write down definitions. Helpfully, words are listed in the order in which they appear in the movie. Our class discussion page provides helpful tips on how to easily fit a lesson based on a news event into the curriculum you follow but you can also rely on activities to fill a quiet five minutes before lunch. Air brushing afterwards helps to clean residual dust and small particles not cleaned away by the brush cleaning. If you want to switch back to text mode then all you have to do is click on the capital T and click where you want to type as usual.
Take advantage of our collection of teaching resources and activities all to do with earth awareness.

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