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Developed in the spirit of originality, from design to manufacturing and sales, we take a totalistic approach. Heat treatment only of black sheet discs and black sheet blades, and manufacture of other plate substrates. The sheet metal plates we provide have advanced durability thanks to the combination of our heat treatment technology, our grinding technology, and our tensioning technology.

We have developed the technology for perfect non-oxidation, eliminating decarburized layers and oxidation of the steel which lead to distortion and burn off. Constructed with ultra high grade carbon steel tips, these blades come in material specific tooth patterns for longest blade life and best cut quality.
Our heat treatment process for plates, using our own special techniques, results in plates without distortion; they are a pleasant surprise compared to those of other manufacturers. Metal to metal contact made by ordinary guide blocks creates heat, friction and premature blade wear and breakage.

Evolution TCT saw blades are designed for Evolution Steel cutting saws, but can also be fitted to other brands.

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