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What is a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?A FSA (Flexible Spending Account) allows use of the funds an individual has designated to be set aside pre-tax for medical expenses, typically with their employer, when selecting healthcare programs during the previous year. Note: Although the IRS sets guidelines for FSA programs, individual employers have the final determination of which expenses are covered by their FSA programs. Picking up the drill, it has one of the most comfortable grips and reminds me of the Dewalt style grip which is great. Bottom line, the concept is great and really hope they hit a home run with this technology. Nice review Eric, I had seen this tool advertised on another site and when I went to look at the page, the designer was essentially obtaining funds to make the drill driver a reality. Love the posts , Depends if you have wheels on your car that are simply round, or if you like hot wheels.
We reviewed the 909 12v drill last year and while we liked the grip and the durability we didn’t like the price or the touch trigger.
A Sparkfun a small little electronics company got in trouble against Fluke regarding intellectual property. The Touch drill also features a side-positioned gearbox speed range switch for easier one-hand mode selection. The Touch drill seems to be very well designed and well built, and I look forward to spending some more time putting it through a battery of performance tests. A 12V Max 4.0Ah battery, compact universal charger, and full complement of bells and whistles round out the package. A Touch impact driver is also available, and while a sample is sitting here on my test bench for a couple of hours now, I haven’t yet taken it out of the box. The tool’s inventor is seeking to raise funds via the indiegogo fund raising platform. While I would love to give the Touch drill a glowing First Impression review, the fact is I need more time to make up my mind. Speed control sensitivity is one aspect I am looking at closely, but there might be other considerations that are not quite as obvious to me. Not every unique and innovative tool design is going to be the spearhead for industry-wide changes. Similarly, although I am quite impressed and optimistic about the new line of 909 Touch power tools, I am somewhat hesitant that new and different will equate to better.

In the meantime, please let me know if you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns about the new Touch drill and driver.
My other concern would be with the size of the battery; it looks too square (and small) to support the drill upright when you set it down.
I assume this design is brushless, so that would be a good thing; it does use lithium battery technology as well.
Just imagine going back in time and seeing that hole you mistakenly drilled gradually being filled in with sawdust until the workpiece appears as it was before the drilling began. I saw something on this in Tooguyd and the information presented by the designer was pretty nifty.
There was no real reviews of the tool and you are quite right, 2 bones is a lot of cash to buy into a limited tool line. It just comes down to how good is the support going to be when things go wrong, or even if they will still be around in 2-3 years. Fluke felt the color Sparkfun was too close to the yellow Fluke uses and they were forced to destroy $2,000 worth of brand new multimeter. The new TOUCH drill does away with the electro-mechanical switch found in most modern cordless drills, and replaces it with touch-sensitive controls.
Its unconventional trigger takes a bit of time to get used to, but does feel more intuitive with each use.
My intent for this Review in Progress post is to draw out any questions or concerns you might have while testing is still underway.
Dewalt’s gyroscopic screwdriver (recently reviewed here) is an excellent example of this. The i-drill from a few years back is one of the products designed and produced by the same team. That way when I find myself leaping through time trying to put right what once went wrong, I can bring a drill with me.
Basically, the more pressure you exert on it, the less resistance it has, so the harder you press it, the more electricity it lets through. The operation of the tool seems to be pretty nifty though and if it was not so expensive it would be really cool to try it out.
It’s a cool gift for the guy what has every thing already, but if your buying for some one that really needs it buy from a major brand they will thank you for it.
The trademark in the link you supplied refers to a specific pattern design not to any use of any black and yellow colour scheme.

You have to be kind of an asshole some times accuse your has to protect it’s trademark being genericized. Good points on all that have commented on trademarks, but only a fool would even think of buying these as DeWalt or a Hitachi. I have a feeling that the reverse switch will take me a little more time to get the hang of. As well engineered as the new Dewalt driver might be, I don’t think it has the potential to be game changing. The handle and battery design seem like they were borrowed from dewalt which looks comfortable.
Some years ago, one of my guys asked that we buy a Panasonic cordless drill based on his positive experience with one. Basically when I knew other people were going to be using my saw, I would bring my 909 along so they would beat on that saw instead of my other saw. The size of the tool is really appealing too, my new M12 Fuel drill is actually quite large and these seem to be pretty compact. DeWalt could argue that the 909 drill was trying to pass itself off as a DeWalt product but I suspect the huge prominent 909 logo would negate that argument.
That’s why xerox wants you to say photocopy over Xeroxing a paper so they are protected.
Yes, we do associate certain things visually, like my double take on the black & yellow drill. I am eager to read your review to see if their claims about a much stronger and longer run time it has over current 12v drills is true.
With such claims I thought maybe it was brushless, who knows it could be but it didn’t say on the site. If I only had one hand I could see the need for moving that switch but most of the time if I need to change gears using my other hand is not a issue(Actually I can never ever think of a time I was troubled by a 2 handed gear change).
I’m sure they would who would want to try to go up against the Stanley Black and Decker legal team. Lawyers use threat letters to maintain their revenue stream but if you ignore them they will rarely actually follow through with court action as they would then have to actually prove an infringement and if they lost they lose money and credibility.

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