Much fun was had recently as I headed down to Mobile, Alabama, to shoot with Danny and the gang. Sign up for Danny's Monthly Newsletter and stay up to date on tips and tricks for the home. Allen, our producer and co-host, had everything ready to go while Scott, our fearless director kept us all on pace to bang out four BNP (Best New Products) segments before lunch, and then the remaining four after lunch. Then it was off to the studio where Allen had me set up to build the prefect little garden or utility room bench made from simple dimensional lumber.

Heading back to a very cold Atlanta, I was struck by the wonderful feeling I get when I head to Mobile.
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It was a jam-packed day filled with some truly great products we are highlighting this season on the show. It was a snap and I can’t wait for it to air so you can see just how easy this woodworking project is to make.

While the shoots are fast-paced and a whirlwind while we’re working, there’s always that warm feeling a being at home surrounded by good people who love what they are doing just as much as I do .

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