You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This angle grinder has a powerful ball-bearing motor that provides smooth-running power to tackle the hardest metal cutting, shaping and slag removal jobs! The novel Vacuum Suction Fixing Base of GPD-231 can quickly suction on any flat rough surface without any other auxiliary tools and drilling it. GPW-M2 is a portable multifunction working platform machine, which does not require extra fixture clamps. Lever throttle with safety trigger ensures safety while stop operating, positive speed control. Ideal for cleaning casting, foundries, smoothing welds in forge shops, and smoothing applications in fabrication shops. Unique sourcing and procurement opportunities at the center of Taiwan's largest hardware cluster. The novel vacuum suction of GP-SA50 can pick up & place quickly for any wet,oil and rough flat surface object. The novel vacuum suction of GP-SA40 can pick up & place quickly for any wet,oil and rough flat surface object. The Atomex four inch pneumatic angle grinder was designed for fast removal of metal in confined spaces.

AA Spray Online store selling all brands of airless sprayers including Wagner Airless Sprayers, Titan Airless Sprayers, Graco Airless Sprayers, Atomex Airless Sprayers and Airlessco Airless Sprayers.
Air Angle Grinder 4 inch Industrial air tools, View angle grinder, ROTAKE Product Details from Hangzhou Rotake Tools Co., Ltd. Features include a tough aluminum construction for durability, a recessed spindle lock and a two-position auxiliary handle for comfort and control along with carbon brushes. The GPD-231 Air Drilling Machine can replace the Magnetic Drilling Machine, the Magnetic Drilling Machine can be only used on iron material.
We specialise in airless paint sprayers, airless sprayer accessories, airless sprayer tips and airless sprayer parts.
Images on this web site are for illustration purposes only and do not represent the exact specifications or standard inclusions of the products advertised. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Since 1973, in the Air Tools, Pneumatic Tools and accessory industries market, GISON has been offering our customers high quality 4" Air Angle Grinder (Safety Lever,11000rpm) production service. The spiral bevel gearing in angle head provides extended angle head life and smooth low vibration. We also sell most brands of air spray guns such as Iwata, Star and Atomex in HVLP, LVLP, Pressure Feed and Conventional Spray.

With both advanced technology and 40 years experience, GISON always make sure to meet each customer's demand.
The auxiliary side handle allows for increased control and the adjustable wheel guard permits higher accessibility. It's frequently been used from sun-up to sun-down (always with frequent breaks of a couple seconds to a couple of minutes to inspect my work and adjust my plans) and it has never bogged down, overheated, or even needed a change of brushes.
It may cut slower than higher amp grinders, but if you're working on art, tools, or any piece of steel that needs to stay hard, that's a good thing. From personal experience, i can tell you even professional welders often don't know how to use a grinder properly, so that's no surprise. If your angle grinder burns out within the warranty (and if it's a lemon, it should), send it back, and they'll always send you a new one.
They've got great customer service, and an outstanding leniency with what they'll take back in returns. Political and economical considerations notwithstanding, that makes replacement parts take forever to get shipped, and almost impossible to find.

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