Porsablade diamond tile saw blade for cutting holes into very hard 365-drills porcelain tiles. Now its simple to cut out shapes and holes in very hard porcelain tiles using a standard jigsaw. Obviously we have no control over the jigsaw you own but our recomendation is that you do the work outside because to get the best out of the blade you need a constant stream of water.
Cutting the tile with the PORSABLADE jigsaw blade is no different to cutting with any other blade except for one critical item. You need to JET cold water to the blade to cool it down and to remove debris. All you need to cut great shapes and large holes is access to a standard jigsaw plus a source of constant water. A water feed can be as basic as an old washing up bottle or something like this. One advantage of jetting water is that it clears the path for you so that you can see the line for drilling.
One the hole is cut then you can use solvent or other to remove the marker lines. 1: Use the 8mm diamond drill (Provided in your pack) to create a start hole.
4: BEFORE you turn on the power you must start a jet or stream of water directed to the blade for example we have used a water bottle. It certainly gives installers more choice than ever when it comes to drilling perfect holes into very hard porcelain tiles.
Anyway bottom line is drop an email over with either the sizes you DO want or the sizes you want removed and we will work a price out.
At the moment these sets are selling very well but we need proper testimonial feedback from installers.
The weird thing is most of our sales are exports and at 4KG weight the PP is about ?30 quid Fedex per set sold so we need some UK buyers to give important FB. Often when tiling a floor you will find the tail pipes and valves for standard radiators sticking up. As you can see on the photo above 2x30mm holes side by side into a elliptical pattern make it wide enough to pass the valve through. The best way to bore a hole into a tile of ceramic or porcelain with the express purpose of bringing through a standard radiator valve and 15mm copper supply pipe is to use a 40mm drill and to cap off with a 45mm cover plate. In addition to the extra time and effort of drilling the 30mm also makes the hole look ugly. Above is the perfect finished result… AND YOU CAN ACHIEVE THIS AS WELL This picture shows two 8mm holes drilled with mm perfection into very hard porcelain tiles which have even been grouted. If left to drill freehand all core drills (example above) will wander, slip and cause damage to your lovely and expensive stone tiles.
So once you have set our your drilling pattern on the tiles with tape then its time to use the anti-slip guide plate to get started.
At this stage you only want to drill for a few seconds to get a small pit into the tile… Once the pit is formed quickly dip the drill bit into cold water.
TIP 2 (Actually Note to self) If you are going to plunge the still running drill bit into cold water – remove the yellow sponge first.
If you follow our advice in this article you will get many many perfect holes into hard stone tiles.
We also use a bimetal holesaw specially designed by us to grind the cast iron metal and finish the hole. The harest part about drilling a bath is grinding or removing the enamel without splitting it away from them metal and yet with our kit it becomes the easiest part !
We are based at EN11 so think Junction 25 of the M25 and we will service most of the South of England. In the project the customer was concerned about chipping and splitting the enamel so he called us in. When we examined the bath this is the overflow hole and you can see how poor the finish is.

As you can see the edges are perfect with no major chipping of the enamel protective bath coating. Large chips at this stage are a disaster so we use diamond crowns to wear down the paint with a fine grinding action. As you can see we went slightly inside the 40mm diameter choosing to play safe and drill a 38mm ring. The drilling now Doesn’t have to be perfect and can chip because its within the perimeter wall of the predrilled hole.
This is the back of the bath (or the underneath) you can see some sharp metal which must be removed by pliers and filed down. To prevent this we drilled from the underside for 2mm but you cant stop it all from jagging. Drilling holes into porcelain tiles is now even easier with drills from 365-Drills tiling solutions for hard stone. As a direct result of the piece being send out in the post to 10,000 installers the online response (sales!) have increased enough to repay the cost of the advert. The boxsets (as show in the ad) have proved popular which was expected.  However there has been an increased movement of the entire range of 38 sizes.
365Drills are the ONLY factory to produce such a diverse range of sizes for drilling holes into tiles.
Solving the drilling issues for all installers by providing access to a full size range rather than a limited and focus few sizes has allowed for the fitting of more off beat items like LED lighting.
For retailers the choice of simple clam packs for individual sizes of diamond cores is very useful. Not every retailer can or wants to provide the full range.  So 365-Drills provide a next day service to deliver.
The UK factory is dedicated to the producing diamond cores, solutions, box sets and solo sizes.
Here are some early snap shots of what to expect.  Note these are early prototypes so may change! FFX toolshow at 365-Drills will be attending the event to show diamond core tile drills and drilling holes into porcelain tiles.
With the volume of journies we make all over the UK it’s time to refresh the vehicle. So if you are a retailer, or know a retailer who could benefit from a respected brand of diamond core tile drills from a UK manufacturer then contact us today.
You can see the ten diamond core drills.  We have laid out the small 6mm and 8mm cores in a fan shape.
The whole PORSADRILL tile drilling range will be on show to installers tilers and plumbers. The newly launched UK Construction Week (6-11 October 2015), spans five halls of the NEC and will include nine shows specific to the UK construction industry. The important thing is that you are going to need six drills to install the holes for this unit. And plan on about 2 hours of work plus any travel time if you are paying to have the holes drilled. We take the centre line which actually offsets the Bette Logo and mark the places for the taps. Hmmm yes before we have even drilled a hole in this bath we can see that the item is damaged.
We have now drilled an outer protection ring deep into the enamel so that the hole will not splinter or chip the bath enamel.
We now turn the diamond core to 45 degrees and grind out the hole so that all the metal is exposed. Remember its important to JET the water to the front of the blade so that it is bathed in coolant.
We suggest that if you are marking out the tile you opt for a water resistant marker so that it does not easily wash away during the tile drilling process.
Note this may not be suitable for some tiles so please check first that guide markings can be removed from the tiles.

Make sure its INSIDE the drawn line so that you do not end up with a little lump sticking out. Note although this label says de-ionised water there is no need for this it can be any old source of water. Keep jetting the water over the blade so that it cools the diamonds on the blade and also clears a path for you to see the line. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
If for any reason in the future the cover plate comes off or is lost etc then the 40mm looks elegant. Your bathroom tiles are on the wall and looking lovely… So how do you fix your items into hard porcelain tiles without cracking the tile and having to replace expensive stone tiles? This anti-slip device will prevent the core from skidding and will control its application to the tile. When you hit eight draw back the drill into the wet sponge and give it a chance to cool down.
We used a 38mm drill because there is plenty of room under the tap ring to hide the bath hole. And the images may not match those on the website.   But Long term the renaming makes sense to identify the range. Organised by Media 10, The UK’s biggest design and build event company, UK Construction Week promises to be the strongest trade event the building and construction industry has ever seen. The tank cutter is smaller than the diamond core drill so the hole will be inside the ring. This protection ring gives us the chance to drill at high speed without turning the metal blue with excess heat.
But you don’t want it so big that the enamel is removed and the steel on show when the taps put on. The best method is to plunge into the hole for 5 seconds, then draw back on the drill and get it wet.
Use this Allen key to poke out the core via the little ejection slots we place inside every diamond drill bit.
That’s why the factory put seven coats of enamel on your bath and gave you a warranty. If you can remove the valve from the pipe then you can drill a hole into the tile and fit the pipes. Use the yellow plate and the diamond drill to make small little pits into the multiple holes around the bathroom.
Don’t think you can count nine and ten because although you are getting results the head of the drill is being to boil. You see we are so nice to you that we cut slots into the cores so you can get these little bits out ! So when you drill the hole and the perimeter then the tap hides all that with its cover plate or cap.
If you count out loud to five and pull the drill out then its better for the life of the drill but it slows the job down.
There is a danger of pulling the file out of the just drilled hole in the bath and then whacking the paint. Next we need to give you a diamond core tile drill slightly bigger than the hole you are drilling. You will find to your surprise that it really has only taken three minutes but it just felt longer because of all installation jobs this one is just not that interesting. It makes a lot of mess as it rips into the metal shredding it quickly, The disadvantage is as you drill the hole in the bath if it goes blunt it will stop working and your metal will go blue and hot. Remember most things have two holes so you are really only going to get them done in about ten minutes when you take time out to stop, change holes and clean up.

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