David Perron and Matt Duchene are two of Reebok’s young stars known for wearing the white Reebok skates.
Vestes (Jackets), Pantalons, Bodys, Jupes, tous pour entrainement ou echauffement sur glace de patinage artistique. The final conclusion: there is extra space within the floor plans but the extra space is not necessarily wasted space. While this might be a very dry and uber scientific study, it has shown to be very influential in how we will move forward with our model.
All SuperGlide hitches feature fully articulating dual pivot head, and Super 5th's unique rotary latch that locks automatically when hooking up to the trailer.
The 20K SuperGlide moves up to 14" while making a turn - 50% farther than manually adjusted "slider" designs - and works AUTOMATICALLY, while you drive and make short turns. Whether you need a hitch for a full-size pickup, short bed truck or SUV -- PullRite has a SAFER, STRONGER, and BETTER designed hitch for you! They may remind you of Sergei Fedorov from back in the day with his white Nike skates, but Reebok is all over the white skate trend now.

I bought the past 2 Reebok models in white… and the fact that they are going to be lazy this year and only make the ugly black model is ridiculous. For the non-Europeans in the audience, here in America you might have seen Architectural Graphic Standards before.
SuperGlide automatically moves the trailer away from the cab while making turns - allowing up to 90° turning without stopping, slowing down, or even thinking about the space between the truck and trailer - and then automatically returns the hitch & trailer to the safe towing position over the truck axle when the turn is completed - going forward or backing up. The gear driven latch design minimizes "bump" while towing by allowing only .030" clearance between king pin and latch. Available with a choice of mounting styles - fixed base rails with universal mounting brackets for lower cost, or totally removable SuperRails with stronger, more stable custom designed mounting brackets for specific vehicles. Unfortunately, according to the 2012 Reebok catalog, the 20k will only be available for retail purchase in one color – black. With Duchene’s skates, also seen below, you can see a few more custom modifications that were made to the skates. They will be coming out with a White K skate which I’ll feature on the site later this week, but it will not be top end like the 20k.

These new 20k custom skates have enough white to stand out but are not over the top flashy . When you’re an NHL star, however, you receive all sorts of custom gear, and in this case, its a unique pair of the all white Reebok 20k skates to keep that style fresh. I was planning of getting a pair of white 20ks but if they are only available in black i will probably switch to bauer or somewhere else.
It also would appear as though Duchene is using Rocket Runners on his white Reebok 20k skates.

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