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There are a few Ridgid deals running at The Home Depot right now that are worth taking a look at. Ridgid’s Mobile Miter Saw Stand fits most sliding and compound miter saws on the market. This 2-speed compact drill from Ridgid delivers a maximum of 1650 RPM and 535 inch pound of torque. This just happens to be the impact driver that I personally carry (although I do prefer the 4.0 amp hour batteries). An avid endurance athlete, Kenny has competed in triathlons (he's an Ironman) and various other fitness activities.
If you want precision and accuracy when cutting woods for your home improvement projects, you definitely need a miter saw. Compound Miter Saw is ideal for cutting woods that requires angled cuts in two planes such as for crown molding corners and picture frames.
Sliding Compound Miter Saw with horizontal sliding arms is ideal for cutting much wider boards.
If you will use it to cut metal, use only the appropriate metal blade for the right type of metal.
Besides choosing the most appropriate type for the job, you should also consider a lot of important factors before buying one. Dust management – Some models have their own dust bags, while others have a port where you can easily connect a vacuum cleaner. Some manufacturers added special features for safety purposes, user convenience, and to produce better results. Blade guard – A curved piece of metal to cover the teeth, keeping you safe during the cutting process. Electric brakes – Reverses the flow of electricity of the saw motor once you release the trigger, which quickly stops the blade, much faster than those without this feature. Digital display – Digital LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) provide easy-to-read bevel and miter setting data.
First of all, this factory-reconditioned (or refurbish) Ryobi ZRTS1142L sliding compound miter saw might have some cosmetic blemishes.
But then, you will be surprised to know that it has a lot of amazing features that you can also find in expensive brands. The Repeat-A-Cut marking surface that allows you to mark fence for repetitive cuts is also a great feature, while the tool-free Blade Depth Adjustment always stays set unless you release it.
Compound miter saws under the magnifying glass – best selling compound miter saws reviewed! In this article I will try to provide you as wide picture about compound miter saws as possible.
On the picture above you can see the Hitachi C10FCE2 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw, the lightest and most portable compound miter saw in its class. Miter saw by definition is a saw that is suspended on rollers in a metal guide with the addition to the miter box that will allow you to make really accurate miter cuts or crosscuts.
The basic miter saw (or the standard saw with no bevel and no slide) – it has fixed vertical pilot with rotating cutting table that allows horizontally angled (mitered!) cuts while the blade remains vertical. The compound miter saw (can be single- or dual- bevel) – vertical pilot is rotating here which allows the cutter head and blade to be tilted (beveled!) sideways in addition to the horizontally rotating table. The sliding compound miter saw (can single- or dual-bevel, plus slide) – this type of miter saw has horizontal sliding arms for the cutter head that allows cuts on wider boards.
The dual compound miter saw – the only difference to the sliding compound miter saw is that it can tilt its blade and motor both left and right and therefore provide more flexibility for cutting the complicated angles. Well, first of all, if you think that you can just plug it in the power cord and start with it, you are wrong. Some of the components are the turning base that gives you the first miter, the handle for the pulling (with a trigger on it) and the blade guard. Since you are buying this power tool for some time, make sure that you will buy one that won’t break soon. When buying a compound miter saw, you should ask yourself how much you are willing to pay for it and more importantly, what do you need this power tool for? 10 inch compound miter saw is the lightest and easiest to carry around (the cheapest as well). 10 inch sliding compound miter saw can crosscut up to 2 by 12 and 3 by 8 at the 45 degree miter. 12 inch sliding compound miter was is the largest of them all and will probably take two people to move around.
When the portability is your main concern, you should consider buying the cordless miter saw, because it will allow you to go anywhere.
DeWalt is an established brand for power tool and therefore it is not a surprise that I decided to put it in my list. DeWalt DWS780 is a 12 inch double bevel sliding compound miter saw and just by knowing that you should realize that it will cost you much more than previous model.
DeWalt DW717 is a 10 inch double-bevel sliding compound miter saw that comes with the exclusive bevel detect system. This 12 inch dual bevel sliding compound miter saw is in the price range between $500 and $600. This Hitachi miter saw is currently on great discount, since you can have it under $500 mark (its regular price is cca $1200!!). Bosch 5312 is the 12 inch dual bevel slide compound miter saw with the price tag below $560.
This 10 inch compound miter saw is really solid made, the only thing that might bother you is the handle, that is made of somewhat cheap plastic.

Makita LS1221 is the 12 inch compound miter saw with 15 amp motor that will deliver 4000 RPM. The powerful JET® B3NCH 12" dual bevel compound miter saw has been designed to make easy work of your toughest jobs.
The powerful JET® B3NCH 12" dual bevel compound miter saw has been designed to make easy work of your toughest jobs. Customers who bought this product also commonly purchased the following combination of items. My saw (which was bought at the orange big-box store) came with a powder-coated stamped steel stand. I’ve used this for all kinds of projects and a few times I needed to adjust the bevel angle and found it does not have detents. Still, his passions lie with his faith, family, friends, and now—his growing love for well-designed power tools.
But because the name “miter” means “angled,” they are ideal for both straight cuts and angled cuts. Although much better than a handsaw in terms of making precise straight crosscuts, it does not offer any bevel option. For safety and health purposes, it should have an efficient and reliable dust collector system, especially if you are working in a confined area. Horizontal handles are best for making long, straight cuts, while the vertical type is easier to maneuver. This includes having Laser Trac guide system that provides a laser beam, allowing you to check where the slice will go before you do the cutting. Equipped with a 15-amp heavy duty motor with a no-load speed of 4,000 RPM, it can go from 0 to 61 degrees for miter cuts and from 0 to 4 degrees for dual bevel cuts.
The work clamp can easily be tightened and is also a great safety feature when cutting small pieces of wood. I will talk about what actually is this type of miter saw (also called mitre saw), what is the difference to other types (basic miter saw, sliding compound miter saw etc) how to use it, what are key benefits of it, which are established brands that make them and a quick tutorial on how to buy it. I will focus on following items: DeWalt compound miter saws, Hitachi compound miter saws, Bosch compound miter saws, Makita compound miter saws. It really is an indispensable woodworking tool in any workshop either you are a DIY or a professional.
At the beginning you had a simple saw which evolved into portable power miter saw for 2 by 4s. Note: they are all single-bevel (they tilt only one way) and can crosscut up to 2 by 6 across and 2 by 4 at a 45 degrees. This miter saw weight in the range of the 12 inch compound miter saw and will require a deeper workbench.
It is very simple – the single bevel compound miter saw can tilt to one side, but dual bevel saws can tilt from left and right which allows you to make bevel cuts in both directions without flipping the lumber.
Some of the buyers are saying that this miter saw model is a wonderful, well engineered, very powerful and above all easy to use.
It comes equipped with the 15 Amps motor that will deliver all the power that you will need.
People that bought this DeWalt saw are saying that it is really quality build with great adjustments and accuracy and specially they like the pre-sets on the bevel that is a great time saving feature.
I chose 5 models that all come with the 15 Amp motor and in price range between $150 and $600. It has included the carbide blade and can do bevel angle from 0 to 45 degrees and the miter range from 0 to 52 degrees. Buyers are saying that it cuts with no visible tear outs and with a smooth finish and not to mention that laser is adjustable.
For its price tag under $160 it is really sturdy and well build with some great features like the laser, extension bars and the material clamp.
It is a 12 inch sliding compound miter saw with laser and perfect for either your average DIYer or the professional woodworker.
If you are doing anything in your garage, then you probably have a tool with this brand name written on it. In the package you get the dual bevel slide miter saw, 60 tooth carbide blade, the dust bag, the tool free vertical work clamp and a wrench set. People that bought this miter saw are loving the higher fence, that is longer and thicker in the comparison to other miter saws.
These saws are ideal whether you are the professional woodworker, a cabinet installer, a general contractor or a DIYer. The feature that distinguishes it from the other is the laser, which unlike other brands is built in and can be switched on and off and unlike others it operates throughout the cut.
The quick cam miter lock table makes it a breeze to change miter settings, the Innovative Green XACTA Laser™, the high performance laser system Exclusively from JET® that projects an accurate, high-visibility guide line for precision cuts, even outdoors, and a powerful 15A ball bearing motor with electric brake makes short work of your toughest jobs.
If one of our tools needs service or repair, one of our Authorized Service Centers located throughout the United States can give you quick service. If we create a link to a product in a review, sometimes we may get paid a commission if a visitor to our site purchases the product. One of the things that we love about Ridgid tools, beyond their quality and performance, is that you get a Lifetime Service Agreement as long as you register.
The 12 inch Compound Saw bevels up 47 degrees and is capable of miter cuts up to 60 degrees both left and right. You'll often find Kenny chatting up engineers at media events to better understand the chemistry and physics behind tool technology. Therefore, you can only use this type for simple woodcutting applications that require angled horizontal cut. Single-bevel compound miter saw tilts in one direction only, while the dual-bevel type saves you time because you don’t need to reposition your work for cutting in the opposite direction.
On the other hand, cordless ones provide convenience if you frequently travel with the tool.
Nonetheless, some special compound ones are designed to cut wood, metal, and aluminum using the same blade.
Obviously, one with higher RPM can finish a job faster than that of a lower RPM, and the longer it will last.

On the other hand, some of them even have adjustable handles, which is better because you can easily move repeatedly anytime. Although the small size can be an advantage, this single-bevel saw might be too small for some cutting works such as crown molding. Equipped with a 9-amp motor that can generate up to 5,000 rpm, the molded handle is effortless to hold and control, while the motor brushes are easy to clean or replaced. Not to mention its dependable dust collector system, slip-resistant rubber feet, and a project ruler. The 12-inch blade is being guided by adjustable laser system, making sure that you will have a perfect cut.
It basically works in a way when saw is mounted to a stand, you clamp the wood to the miter saw’s table, set the miter angle, which can rotate the blade and make the cut. Sliding compound saws are important when you want to pull the blade forward through the wider materials. On general, smaller blade will allow you to make more precise cut when working on a smaller workpieces, but if you are about to cut the hip rafters for example, you will need that extra capacity and power that a 12 inch compound miter saw can provide. Don’t be 100% positive that your saw will make through the whole day even with the 24V battery, so be sure to bring some extra batteries along. The DW715 miter saw runs on 15 Amp motor and comes with a 12-inch carbide blade which spins at 4,000 rpm.
On other hand, this model has the same issue than the rest of them – the dust collecting is not great. If you are doing some trim work, then you don’t need to buy a saw with all the extra features and rest a sure, with this compound miter saw, you will get the higher quality than you expected you will! Its weight is ust 26.3 pounds, which makes this compound miter saw the lightest tool in its class and probably the most portable 10-inch compound miter saw on the market. On other hand, this compound miter saw comes with the 32 tooth blade that is more suitable for rough and medium cuts.
It has some short backs, like the not so accurate out of the box laser (you need to align it!), the small table area and the dust evacuation.
I compiled the list of five Bosch compound miter saws that are in the price range between $300 and $700 and will satisfy any need you might have when considering of buying a compound miter saw. One of the things you should know is that this miter saw is really big (it weights just under 77 pounds). Their latest miter saws have the innovative direct drive gearbox and patented(!) rectractable guard system which was specially engineered for large vertical cuts.
Some buyers are pointing to the fact that the lever for locking the bevel gage should be in the front of the saw. You will be able to accommodate on it the 2-by-12-inch lumber at 90 degrees and 2-by-8-inch at 45 degrees. In your shop or on the go, this compound miter saw has the power, precision, and performance you expect from JET®.
In your shop or on the go, this compound miter saw has the power, precision, and performance you expect from JET®. In most cases, any of these Walter Meier Authorized Service Centers can authorize warranty repair, assist you in obtaining parts, or perform routine maintenance and major repair on your JET or Wilton tools.
You can find tons of miter saw reviews online but you might still end up buying the wrong one. Dual compound one is heavier and more expensive than the single-bevel, but add convenience and produce faster results, and therefore is more practical to use if you are a frequent user.
But because the additional sliding feature narrows the range of the pivot mechanism, this limits the ability to cut thicker wood. You can be sure that the adjustable laser guide can perfectly help you follow cut marks, with the help of the 7.25-in diameter blade. You can either set the machine to 45 degrees or simple select from any of the nine miter stops.
Today you can angle the blade in the relation both to the table and the fence and you can cut the compound angles which are needed for example at hip roofs. Since compound miter saw is rather big power tool, you must take some safety measures like having safety glasses for the protection of your eyes and some hearing protection because this tool can be quite loud.
You can add to this with dial in the back (compound miter!), where in addition to the forty-five, you will be also cutting it as twenty degrees.
I would look into the following brands (I also mentioned some of their models below in the comparison tables of compound miter saws): DeWalt, Hitachi, Bosch and Makita.
On other hand the rails that are built into the sliding miter saw give a quite large footprint and therefore sliding miter saws tend to be quite heavy and since there are a lot more of the moving parts involved, also less sturdy.
The unique feature on this miter saw is the XPS cross cut positioning system, which will actually shadow the teeth of the saw blade and make it perfect when working with darker furniture.
If you are a professional and you need the saw for the long haul, this is the tool for you.
Very easy to use, lightweight and well build would be the three factors that reviewers have in common! This compound miter saw is perfect for the smaller jobs, when you don’t need to use the 12 inch saws.
So before you waste your money, we strongly suggest you first read our own buying guide below. With Laser and Stand Hitachi C12RSH 15 Amp 12-Inch with Laser4.4$$$Have carbon brushes and a dust bag.
The horizontal handle provides added comfort, besides the fact that it is lightweight at 19 pounds. In addition, the expanded table is huge enough and provides excellent support for the wood during cutting.
On other hand, people had some problems with the laser and the digital display that can read only to .5 degree. You won’t have to manually check the angles, since they are really dead accurate here.

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