You don’t have to be a carpenter or a wood shop teacher to be in the search for a good miter saw. The Bosch CM12 12-Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw is currently being used by multiple carpenters, construction workers, wood shop enthusiasts and do-it-yourself teams around the globe. This compound miter saw comes with an all-around cutting capacity, providing the user with clean cuts and angles with every project. The saw features a one-handed carrying ability for quick and easy worksite portability, attributed to a convenient rear carry handle. The integrated expanding base extensions of the Bosch CM12 12-Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw allow it to handle longer or larger materials.
Overall, the Bosch CM12 12-Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw works well, works quickly and is safe to use.
The overall weight of the Bosch CM12 12-Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw, 58lbs, has received considerable amounts of praise.
The saw offers precise and clean cuts as well, while the square-lock quick release fence has been deemed well-functioning.
Unlike some other miter saws on the market nowadays, the Bosch CM12 12-Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw does not come with a laser system. The Bosch CM12 12-Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw has yet to receive negative reviews.
One thing that users may not enjoy is the saw’s lack of a laser system, which some people may find necessary in order to correctly cut a straight piece of wood. If you are looking for a lightweight miter saw that is user-friendly and provides clean cuts with every turn.then the Bosch CM12 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw is a practical buy.
This entry was posted in 12 Inch Miter Saw, Bosch Miter Saw and tagged Bosch CM12, Bosch CM12 12-Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw by Mike. The Makita LS0714 sliding compound miter saw is the perfect size for a wide range of jobs, and has plenty of power to get the job done. Larger saws usually run on 15 amps, and you’re wondering if this Makita LS0714, with a 10-amp motor, really has enough juice to get the job done. The Makita LS0714 really ought to come with a carrying case because the first thing you’re going to want to do with when you take it out of the box is run around with it, just because you can. As you might imagine, the Makita LS0714 isn’t the most popular saw because of its blade size. The Makita LS0714 is one of those rare tools that sells for pretty much the same price across the board, so don’t pay more than $450 anywhere.
DW715 compound miter saw is a must have for all budding carpenters, dynamic constructors, and creative architects. This type has no bevel options, so the variety of cuts you will be able to make with it is limited.
According to the vast majority of user reviews, DW715 is a highly durable and reliable tool. The durability of the tool is increased due to the fact that the user can easily access and replace carbon brush. Studying miter saw reviews will definitely give you some very interesting ideas about the applications of this particular tool. Many DIY home repairs and maintenance works will require the use of planks, pipes, and other things that will need to be cut at a specific angle.
One of the things you need to remember when shopping for a miter saw is the fact that its type isn’t the only important factor that you need to take into account.
If you plant to work with multiple blades, you should focus on searching for the best miter saw that offers an easy blade replacement feature. There are several types of laser guides used in miter saws, so you’ll need to do some research to pick which is best. Note that miter saw work stands vary quite a bit and you’ll need to consider which the best for your particular working station is in order to choose the perfect tool. An electric brake is a feature you definitely should look for in a saw, especially if you aren’t a professional. In a perfect case scenario, you should hold the saw for a few minutes to see how it feels in your hand as the designs of handles vary greatly. The most important rule you need to remember when using a miter saw is to be careful at all times.
A miter saw is a tool that you definitely should have on hand as you never know when exactly you will need it.
When the cutting takes too much time or if the cutting edges have unusual kerfs then it is time to change the blades.
The blades have to be selected as per the nature of the job for what the blades are going to use.  For example, you cannot use a soft wood cutter blade for hardwood cutting due to lack of satisfactory results and damaging the blade and motor.
We cannot advise any particular frequency for checking.  Since these are power tools running on electricity and include lots of safety risks, it is advised to check every time before you start working on the day and to make sure all the vital sections are in working condition. But if you would like to understand why the DeWalt brand is more expensive as opposed to the one you chose then we will inform you. The 10” DeWalt you are referring to comes with many features and specifications that warrant the pricing. This means that it is built with lesser quality parts and therefore may wear down over time. Now not only are DeWalt’s made from premium material, they also operate at a high efficiency and have done so for years. These saws get high ratings, and with features like those, they enhance your cutting abilities to versatilities other saws may not be able to maintain. We hope this answers your question better, and if you need anymore assistance or would like to return the saw that you previously purchased for a DeWalt we would be more than happy to accommodate that! The tall sliding fence has a machined support that promises nothing but the ultimate long-term accuracy. There are absolutely no complaints from this motor no matter what you’re cross-cutting, as it’s drawing 15 beefy amps and has a max rpm of 3,600, slicing through 2-by oak like it’s paper.
If portability is a factor, understand that the slide function adds a little weight, so this saw tips the scales at 53 pounds, nine pounds more than the next model down from this.
10" Compound Miter Saw Cuts with Perfect PrecisionExpect precise, extra-clean cuts every time with the Craftsman 10" Miter Saw. Craftsman 12 Inch Compound Miter Saw Delivers Fast and Accurate CutsWith a smooth gliding double rail system, the Craftsman Single Bevel Miter Saw reaches out with precision to cut through boards up to 12 inches wide.

The ball-bearing 15-amp, 3,800-rpm motor allows this saw to power through the toughest wood, including oak and maple. If you have experience with one of the miter saws listed on this site, please create an account and make a review of the saw or saws that you have used. When speaking of good miter saws, the name Bosch CM12 12-Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw can never be too far behind.
Weighing 58lbs, this unit is reasonably lightweight compared to similar miter saws on the market nowadays.
The compact nature of the saw makes the unit sturdy and durable, so you can cut away without having to think twice if the device can take it or not. It’s extremely light – under 30 pounds and a little over two feet wide – and perfect for projects where portability is a plus. Even if you have a larger miter saw, don’t be surprised if this becomes your primary saw.
That 104-degree swivel and 50-degree tilt are all brought to you by a tiny, 28.9-pound machine. A lot of people worry that it doesn’t have the capacity they need to cut larger stock. It allows you to make perfectly accurate crosscuts (90 degrees) as well as miter cuts angled to your exact specifications. However, miter saws are definitely the best among them because they provide an extremely high level of precision.
These tools have all the compound features, but they also have an extra in the form of a sliding arm. A cordless miter saw is very convenient for those who need to use the tool outside of their workshop. It offers a 15 amp power motor, which is more than enough to handle any kind of home renovation or repair job you can throw at it. It is perfect for non-professionals because it can make all the basic cuts, provides you with a high level of accuracy, and can withstand almost any form of abuse. Using this saw won’t be a challenge even to non-professionals as it has a very well-designed handle that reduces vibration and allows you to grip the tool tightly.
Hitachi is a renowned manufacturer that has proved its proficiency over the years, so you can be sure in the quality of C10FCE2. It allows for precise angle cutting and can be operated by both pros and non-professionals.
You definitely should buy one of these saws if your work or hobby requires cutting various things at different angles. Therefore, having a miter saw can save you some money in the long run as you will be able to do a better job with your DIY repairs.
In order to be sure that you are buying the right product, you will need to consider all of its features in detail as well as study various miter saw reviews. This is necessary when you work with varied materials which require the use of different compound blades. In general, this particular feature isn’t necessary, but it does make using the tool much easier. You also need to take into account the average length of the materials you will be working with as some stands are equipped with specialized extensions to accommodate long pieces. Not only does it help you keep your work station clean, but it also protects the tool itself.
This is an extremely dangerous tool, so be sure to double-check everything before you turn it on.
Some of the dust and debris will get inside the machine, so you need to remove them in order to extend the life of your device.
The variety of these devices available on the market is huge, and many of them differ greatly.
Therefore, the first thing you should do when shopping for this product is to think about how exactly you are going to use it in the future. It will not work on a miter saw but could be work on a table saw provided if there is enough clearance between the motor carriage and table.  But it is recommended not to use an oversize saw blade as this will be potentially dangerous. You can use a wire brush blade cleaner.  After cleaning the blades, make sure to keep it in dry condition. If you need a 12-inch miter saw, then DEWALT DW715 or DEWALT DWS780 Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw will be the best choice.
I already had a circular saw, so I’m really getting into woodworking and looking forward to new projects (and buying a table saw in the future).
What we found extremely impressive is the saw’s ability to crosscut a 2 x 16 just by adding an auxiliary base to bring the stock up to level with the back fence. This 15-amp electric miter saw features a 40-tooth carbide tip saw blade that stays sharp, and cutting boards up to 2"x6" and 4"x4" will be quick and easy. Whether you work with wood professionally or as a hobby, this saw will make impressively-accurate crosscuts, miter, bevel and compound cuts. And featuring a wide, clearly visible laser guide line, this saw helps you make every cut right on mark. Whether you're working crown molding, railing or basic miters, you get the job done perfectly the first time. Use Craftsman's innovative Angle Finder system to measure the wall, it works on an outside or inside corner, then use the measuring tool to set the saw's adjustable V-fence. This saw provides users with clean, smooth cuts in a manner that is accurate, quick and safe.
This makes the saw not only easy to carry around, but easier to use and easier to store away as well.
For the rest of us, though, especially those of us who do cabinetry and furniture-making, and maybe a little crown for our friend’s dining room We fit right into that little niche between over-the-top and bare bones.
It has standard miter stops and a decent one-way bevel range, and a 12″ slide ensure that we can flat-cut any crown we want.
Instead of using this one for the portable jobs, you’ll just use the other one for the really big jobs.
If you’re used to a saw that has preset stops at all the crown angles, you might have a little trouble switching to a flat system.
However, shopping for this particular tool can be quite tricky as there is a great variety of saws available on the market.

The blade of the device is fixed in such a way that you can fine-tune the cut until you manage to get the perfect result. It can make all four basic kinds of cuts that a miter saw is capable of – crosscut, miter cut, bevel cut, miter+bevel cut (compound). In essence, this is more of a feature than a type because there are basic, compound, and sliding compound cordless miter saws.
With 4000 RPM speed, you will be able to make any kind of cut quickly and without any trouble. Its adjustable miter dented plate has 11 positive stops that make using the tool much easier.
The handle design on this particular miter saw is very good and makes it easy to use even for beginners. It can be used by both, people who need to cut lumber for a hobby and professional contractors. In fact, it’s good to have a miter saw at home even if your job has nothing to do with these things.
The latter will allow you to understand whether the tool you are interested in can be trusted. Study miter saw reviews carefully before buying the tool as some laser guides aren’t very accurate.
Note that the best miter saw handle will not only be easy to hold but it will also absorb a large amount of vibration. You also should hold the saw for a while in order to get used to the weight and adjust your grip on the tool properly.
Follow the maintenance instructions from the manual and seek assistance immediately if you notice that the saw doesn’t work as it should.
You will need to do a thorough research and study many miter saw reviews in order to pick the best tool for you. For starters, don’t assume that you don’t know any better, the miter saw that you chose to purchase is a fine machine made by Tool-Shop. If its going to be used for household projects here and there, then you chose the perfect miter saw! It slices through wood perfectly regardless of the position it's in and will make sure it stays steady while you're working. Handy to have at home and tough and accurate enough for the job, this saw lets you work precisely and fast. The saw works with a wide variety of materials including hard board, plywood, soft fiberboard and decorative panelling.
Not only does it reach the standard speeds for a 12″ blade, but the Makita LS0714 runs at 6,000 rpm under no load. However, with a little patience, a protractor, and a big angle chart printed out and taped up behind your saw, you’ll be a pro in no time, uh, flat.
You’ll need to study quite a few miter saw reviews in order to choose the one that will really meet your needs best. Stability of the arm is one of the defining features of the tool’s quality, so you will need to consider this characteristic first when looking for the best miter saw. Another advantage of this particular miter saw is the fact that it weighs only 42 pounds, so you should be able to move it with little problem. DWS780 features a 15 amp, 3800 RPM motor that allows you to easily cut through any kind of material.
Studying the list of the product’s features will help you determine which of the many options available on the market meets your needs perfectly. However, make sure that the saw does not only offer several positive stops but also offers you a chance to make incremental adjustments.
However, if you plan to run the equipment on a regular basis, you should go for the highest level of power. You also should do some experimenting in order to learn how all the features work so that you can use them most efficiently. Overheating, increased vibration, and strange sounds emitted by the device are the signs you need to look out for.
Consider your needs and the quality of the tool before the price as buying a substandard miter saw is not only a waste of your money but also a great risk to your health. But if you are going to be frequently using it over a long period, then you need to be ready for some required maintenance on lesser known brands.
The fence slides neatly out of the way for bevels, anywhere from 0 to 48 degrees both left and right. Plus the dust collection works quite well, so you can use it in the house without making your family evacuate.
Although, there are some tricks you can use to increase the cutting reach, such as sliding arms. The cost of such a miter saw is relatively low, so it’s the best option if you aren’t planning to use the tool often. You should get it if you are a professional who needs to work with wider stock on a regular basis. It is equipped with a stainless steel miter dented plate, which has 10 positive stops and a highly efficient dust collection system. If you notice anything like this, turn the saw off immediately and get it checked up by a qualified technician.
The latter efficiently captures over 75% of dust and increases the safety level of the tool.
You can swivel the miter from 47 degrees left to 57 degrees, right, and there are 9 preset stops at 0, and 15, 22.5, 30, and 45 on both sides. Note that this is a compound miter, not a dual compound miter, and your bevels can go up to 45 degrees on the left only (and 5 degrees on the right).

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