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Since it wasn’t the “usual” question and we always want to provide safe guidelines for product usage, we consulted our crack team of lawyers, quality assurance personnel, two independent engineering consulting firms, seven private investigators, Steven Hawking and Odin. Disclaimer: Actual product, product question, customer and customer city of origin have been changed to protect the innocent. A recent scientific study involving scientific research conducted by scientists revealed that the “dog” is not man’s best friend. The 10 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter is sure to become your reliable, loyal, nonjudgmental best friend. It was a close one this year but the surveillance system was a customer favorite and an unbeatable value!
Resembling a modern art sculpture, the Throatless Shear edged out the other worthy competitors with its shear performance! A photogenic tool doesn’t necessarily mean it works better than a less photogenic or downright ugly-looking tool but like the Statue of David or the Mona Lisa, it’s hard not to imbibe the sensory bliss of visual artistry. Whether you live to cook, cook to live or in the case of Iron Chef Thunderdome cook to survive, you’re always going to want good kitchen equipment, like the 2 Piece Cutting Board Set (item #: 69459) from Harbor Freight Tools!
When we think of the Beatnik era, iconic figures like Alan Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac come to mind. What we do know is that Slim, along with many other Beatniks, suffered from extreme foot fatigue during extended poetry readings—which explains why the Anti-Fatigue Foam Mat Set 4 Pc (item #: 94635) from Harbor Freight became the official anti-fatigue mat set of the Beatnik generation. February 6, 2015 by Biff Not all jacks are created equal… and that’s the way it should be because different jacks are designed for different applications.
The pitcrew style and lightweight design of this aluminum racing is a favorite among auto enthusiasts!
This heavy duty low-lift transmission jack is designed for transmission work while the vehicle is on jack stands. This trailer jack is great for stabilizing and leveling RVs and travel trailers when parked at the campsite! This convenient boat trailer jack is easy to turn and has greater stability thanks to its dual wheels which swivel 360 degrees with loads up to 1,500 lbs. Few are familiar with the Encryptian Empire or Ancient Encrypt, not to be confused with Ancient Egypt though they existed during the same time period. Whether you’re fixing a damaged wall, finishing off a new room addition or looking to bump up your civilization to empire status, start with a visit to one of Harbor Freight’s 500+ stores and get the Drywall Panel Hoist. The final straw came when Jasper almost agreed to allowing an Arbor Skate Stools store to be built in the center of town. Featuring an impact resistant housing, this nifty device delivers clear, crisp sound at your desired volume level without disturbing others. Guy made his money as an auto body technician working right out of a detached garage on his property. If you have a metal shop and boast opposable thumbs, you owe it to yourself to visit one of Harbor Freight’s 500+ stores and acquire the Pneumatic Planishing Hammer (item #: 94847).
After much debate, analysis and ritual sacrifice, we were finally able to give this anonymous customer (Beverly Smith of Burndt Corn, Alabama) an answer: Yes, you can also use it to measure the inside of a walnut shell. Manually, operated, you won’t have to fuss with batteries, gasoline or extension cords to power it. You will have to clean up after it, but we guarantee cleaning up after the 10 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter will be a lot more pleasant than cleaning up after man’s second best friend.
They rolled out the red concrete as nominees and their guests dazzled onlookers with designer hardware before entering the Phil Petunknik Handyman Theater for the 2015 Harby Awards ceremony on Sunday, February 22. Along with Harbor Freight’s phenomenal jacks, it’s no surprise that these stalwarts were in the spotlight yet again! What’s much more exciting is the Academy Awards of Harbor Freight Tools of which winners take home the coveted “Harby”!
Sometimes, the primary tool simply couldn’t function without a strong supporting cast—or supporting cast iron depending on the tool. While every tool is beautiful in its own way, these nominees were captured at their very best… A picture says a thousand words—which one says “Winner” this year?

Whether it’s a Parking Lot Sale purchase, using a 20% off coupon or just cashing in on Harbor Freight’s everyday low prices, these three contenders are running neck and neck for this year’s Best Score Harby!
The chefs are incredibly talented, the energy is frenetic and the culinary creations are divine. Rarely do we think of Slim Whitehead, one of the greatest Beatnik poets of all time… well, at least one of the greatest Beatnik poets of his home town of Toad Suck, Arkansas. Fortunately, one of Slim’s poems survived the onslaught of rain, car exhaust and general decay. The Rapid Pump® high performance aluminum racing jack has a dual parallel pump system that lifts most workloads in just 3 pumps! The multifunction jack is designed for lifting tractors, heavy trucks, pulling posts and poles and even serves as an all-purpose hoist or winch. Harbor Freight offers over 90 different kinds of jacks alone, not to mention all the jackcessories you’ll need to pump, lift and support your way through virtually any application. He couldn’t figure out why anyone would need a store selling stools for skaters made of trees but he couldn’t think of any reason not to approve it.
It’s ideal for theaters, plays, church, public events and especially town council meetings!
Basically, apes run the world, humans are enslaved or in hiding and bananas are worth more than their weight in gold. This ingenious tool is perfect for smoothing large areas of metal for welds and panel crowning. We would never refer to our customers as “nuts” unless actual documentation was presented and signed by a notary public. Man’s first and foremost best friend is the 10 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter (item #: 67090) from Harbor Freight Tools. It was tough for the judges not to melt at that cute frowny face of the little girl, though fear set in when thinking about what would happen to the poor fool who messed with either the father or daughter. This year’s nominees captured the movements and moments that compel led us to watch over and over again.
But like anything else that’s exciting, enjoyable and compelling, the audience will eventually get bored—unless the stakes are raised. Slim had been a soybean farmer until he read Tom Wolfe’s The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby and then traded in his chisel plow for a black turtleneck, beret and second-hand bongos. This is a great industrial quality jack for professional mechanics and hardcore automotive enthusiasts. The trailer jack also bolts to your vehicle’s frame or can be welded to your RV for permanent attachment. Featuring a rugged cast iron base, precision machined steel ram, safety spring ram retention and a twist top for additional height, this outstanding hydraulic jack is ideal for a variety of agricultural, automotive, industrial and construction applications. You can also use this versatile farm jack as a come-along to stretch fence, recover a vehicle or uproot saplings. He pulled together his entire staff of builders, inventors and cobra gods to devise great buildings of their own.
The buildings swelled like ticks at a blood bank—drai woll quickly became wett woll, which is only good if you want big piles of gypsum mush. And since we don’t have the benefit of yak power anymore, when working with drywall, it would behoove builders, contractors and do-it-yourselfers to get the Drywall Panel Hoist (item #: 69377) from Harbor Freight Tools!
Because of that, he misheard a lot of information during council meetings and ended up green-lighting projects like a hog park (was supposed to be a dog park) and a strip hall (was supposed to be a strip mall). Besides, the bingo supplies store has just gone out of business, which left a vacant space right next to the strip hall. You’ll never need to muddle your way through a conversation, important business meeting or civic proposal again! While many think the story is fiction, there was an incident back in 1945 that inspired the whole thing… Guy Spreckle had just returned from the war. With its solid steel frame, the  Pneumatic Planishing Hammer can shape steel up to 18 gauge! This versatile tool features stainless steel construction and an easy-to-read display that converts from SAE to metric quickly and easily.

The extra-long handles provide added leverage—generate up to 10 tons of splitting force—that’s Green Lantern strong—yet the compact size allows for easy storage! They’ve tried doing it with the secret ingredients—the likes of scorpionfish and snapping turtle but it just won’t be enough in the long run. They resist knife cuts better than wood which reduces the risk of salmonella—and can be used as a makeshift shield against attacking sous chefs. He wrote prolifically during his lifetime but having stored his collective works in a shallow ditch by a freeway onramp, little record is left of his literary legacy.
Now sing along with me… “Old McDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O, and on this farm he had the 42 in. The Egyptians had cornered the limestone market and it was limestone that they used to make the pyramids. Sturdy and stable, the Drywall Panel Hoist enables you to lift drywall and sheetrock without assistance. That last one really upset the parents and church goers of Homily though revenue generated from strip hall taxes pumped up the town coffers by 750%.
Fortunately, the representative from Harbor Freight Tools handed Jasper an item sold in their 500+ stores—the Personal Sound Amplifier (item #: 66863). Plus, the personal sound amplification device comes with Harbor Freight’s ridiculously low price—now that’s music to cure steers! It’s ideal for getting exact measurements of width and thickness up to 6″ of your project. Visit one of Harbor Freight’s 500+ stores to get your 2 Piece Cutting Board Set—your culinary life may depend on it! They were actually the first civilization to invent primitive computers and more importantly, they developed protocols on how to protect the stored information, hence encryption.
It’s a great addition to any metal workshop for working on auto body parts, sheet metal casing and hobbies! One particularly cleaver Encryptian, Phil Handymantep, made plaster out of gypsum and sandwiched it between two pieces of papyrus. When it dried in the hot desert sun, the material became strong, durable and sheets of it were easy to maneuver—with the help of yaks. The drywall panel lift features an automatic load holding brake for safety, an extendable tripod base for stability and smooth-rolling non-marring rubber casters that easily lock in place. You wouldn’t expect a question like “Can I use it to measure the inside of a walnut shell?” Without mentioning names, (Beverly Smith of Burndt Corn, Alabama), someone asked that question. While preparing the 4-5 dishes utilizing the secret ingredient in an hour, they also have to endure booby traps (e.g.
Polka Dot were rather smart and could perform basic human tasks like eating with utensils and playing ping pong.
Coincidentally, the grocery stores all around Sopchoppy were selling out of bananas almost daily. Hidden behind a hay bail, he watched how the two chimps expertly worked out the dents, reattached the bumper and then took 10 bananas as payment from Mr. Long story short, Guy went bankrupt and moved his family to Dead Horse, Alaska, to work at his sister’s boutique glue shop. Only problem is if some wood shavings block the laser, but cant say that's a real problem what saw doesn't have shavings block something sometime?
However, after some shady dealings with a Columbian fruit cartel known as El Platano Grande, Ed and Mr. By the way, it looked like his laser was turned 90 degrees around so those lines faced sideways instead of up and down..

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