This web site uses own and third party cookies in order to optimize navigation, adjust to your preferences and aid analysis. The IDEAL insulated tool line creates a perfect blend of safety, comfort and precision functionality. In addition to the ergonomic qualities found in our tools, the insulated coating process acts as an ‘at-a-glance’ safety check.
Every effort is made to have correct specifications and pricing online, however, prices and specs are subject to change.
Specialized Products offers the top quality insulated tools and materials for telecom and electrical industries. Specialized Products offers insulated wire strippers and crimpers from Klein Tools and Cementex. Our selection of insulated Cable Cutters includes tools from the leading brands, such as Klein tools, Cementex and Wiha tools.
Our selection of insulated nut drivers covers angled and standard, as well as extra-long nutdrivers, nut starters and nutdriver sets from leading brands, such as Cementex, Klein tools, and Wiha tools.

Specialized Products offers insulated screwdrivers from Klein Tools, Cementex, Jonard, Quick-Wedge and Wiha Tools. Specialized Products provides a variety of insulated sockets and insulated socket wrench sets from leading tool brands. Our selection of insulated torque tools covers insulated torque wrenches, insulated torque screwdrivers, and also screwdriver sets, from the leading brands such as Cementex and Wiha tools. Our selection of insulated wrenches covers torque, ratchet and adjustable wrenches as well as wrench sets, and box end wrench sets from leading brands, such as Cementex and Wiha tools. Each tool features double insulated Santoprene® handles with a soft, easy-to-grip outer surface. If the orange outer coating reveals any of the inner yellow surface, an electrician will know that this tool needs to be replaced. As an industrial automation distributor, we are happy to offer recommendations based on information provided to us; however, we are not an electrical engineering or design firm. We offer a wide selection of tools and protective equipment from the leading brands to meet the needs of any job.

Our selection of high voltage protection includes insulated gloves, insulated rubber blankets, 1000V tools, as well as arc flash kits that feature all the clothing and accessories needed while working with high voltages. These tools consist of diagonal cutters and pliers, ratchet cable cutters, and cable cutters that are insulated to provide protection from electrical charges.
Cementex is a leader in double insulated tools rated for exposure up to 1000VAC and tested at 10,000VAC, electrical safety products and arc flash clothing.
Our selection of high voltage tools includes: wire strippers and crimpers, scoring tools, cutting crimp pliers, terminal crimpers, wire cable strippers and network cable crimpers. Our selection of screwdrivers includes: Philips, bit loaded, torque, slotted, square, magnetic and offset insulated screwdrivers as well as screwdriver sets and screw starters.

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