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Given these dramatic changes in the pharma sector, there is a need to change the way day-to-day operations are conducted in the sector and that includes training. There are many companies that have already adopted new technologies for training their workforce. E-learning is central to all these initiatives and has become the most essential and important part of the training curriculum to ensure that employees are trained regularly as and when required.
Employee-centric training: Just as the pharma sector has moved away from being product-centric to customer-centric, so also organizations need to become employee-centric in the sense – they need to understand the varied needs of employees at various levels and provide customized training. Use of digital technologies: Blended learning has to be adopted to include a seamless integration of classroom training, webinars, virtual classrooms, eLearning and mLearning that uses of digital technologies and gadgets.

Managing big data: Finally, companies need to have a powerful Learning Management System (LMS) that is able to coordinate multiple training efforts from a central location. The online medium is used extensively by companies in the healthcare sector to equip their staff members with the needed knowledge and skills. It should also be able to provide big data that analyzes the success of a training initiative and generate reports that help plan future training programs.
It is no longer sufficient to have traditional classroom sessions, workshops or on-the-job trainings as done traditionally. Given the numerous challenges facing the pharma sector, effective training is one ways to equip employees to successfully sail through the challenges.

David Rowley of OPEN Health lists three factors that are influencing the pharma sector and the way the business is done. These have to be smartly integrated with technology to provide more hands-on training that is ongoing and available just when needed.

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